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Cycling Weekly June 11, 2020

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Published by TI Media Limited Cycling Weekly is the UK's only weekly special interest magazine focusing on the cycling market. It is the best source of breaking international and UK news, race reportage, reliable fitness advice, trustworthy product reviews and inspirational features for British cyclists. Always a great read, Cycling Weekly inspires you to ride your bike more!

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I rode with a friend at the weekend. It was the first time I’d ridden with another human being since early March. It was wonderful. Someone to talk to, and a wheel to follow. At first there was excitement. That gave way to nervousness when the practicalities of social distancing on the move became apparent. That then gave way to a more relaxed approach by the end of the ride. I think we managed to keep two metres apart for most of it (we took it to mean that the two-metre space had to be between our heads) but there were definitely brief moments when we were closer – it was unavoidable. Now the rules have been relaxed further still to allow groups of six to ride. The question is: how on earth…

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clubs and bc shun government guidance on groups

Cyclists across England are holding back on embracing new guidelines that permit rides of up to six people, with British Cycling refusing to wholly endorse the new regulations. The government’s updated advice last Monday (1 June) sets out that cyclists can ride together with up to five other people from varying households, although they must maintain social distancing and keep two metres apart. The updated guidance only applies to England, and not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. However, the very nature of cycling makes distancing a challenge, and the national governing body has discouraged its members from taking advantage of the relaxation. “British Cycling believes that the need to maintain a two-metre distance while riding as a group of six may present practical difficulties and potential risks,” it said. “For this reason, we would…

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the upside to group rides

Despite riders and clubs waiting before riding in bigger groups, many of us are riding with a partner – advantages of which go beyond mere company. Having someone else to tour your local lanes with provides safety should an accident occur, as tragically happened in the South-West last week. Robin Snelson from Falmouth Wheelers said: “We have several older members in their 70s and 80s who are going out three or four at a time on e-bikes, and other members who feel vulnerable on their own. “We had a club member who passed away last week due to suspected heart failure while out riding. “He was riding with another club member who applied CPR, following the instructions of the paramedics on the phone. Sadly he passed away three days later in hospital. “Clearly CPR…

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fuji suspends sale of bikes to american police

Fuji Bikes has suspended its sales of bikes to North American police forces following the widespread protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd while being arrested. Footage emerged last week of a police officer in New York using his bike to push back protesters, with further reports coming in of bicycles being used by police as a mix between a riot shield and a baton. The company said its bikes have been used in “violent tactics” by police forces during the unrest across the United States, which went against the intended use of the product. In a statement, Fuji Bikes said: “In the last week, we have seen our bicycles used in violent tactics that we did not intend or design them to be used for. In an effort to…

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‘transformation’ of british cycling community needed

Dr Marlon Moncrieffe, the academic whose work has shed light on the experiences of Black-British cyclists, has called for the entire British cycling community to come together and create greater inclusion for minority-ethnic groups. His intervention comes in light of the death of George Floyd in the USA, which has seen four police officers charged with his murder. Writing in The Road Book, Moncrieffe said his work, ‘Made in Britain’, which has been displayed in public exhibitions in Brighton and at Herne Hill Velodrome in London, was a “response to the suffocation of ‘whiteness’”, and intended to give a voice to Black-British riders and the discrimination they faced. He added that his research was partly triggered by “commercial and media manipulation of British cyclists’ successes”, such as the attention given to Bradley Wiggins…

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lucinda brand

How have you stayed motivated with no racing on? We’ve always been able to ride outside in the Netherlands and the weather has been fantastic, so I’ve been really motivated to get outside and train. I’ve realised that I really like what I do! But there have also been downs where I have asked: what am I doing this for? When the new calendar was released and the team started searching for training camps, I felt so excited. Brand What have you learned during the lockdown? I tried to fix my garden but I’ve found out that I can’t stay focused on it for long. Normally I have the excuse that I’m not at home, but now when I’m there all the plants are still dying! They need so much water. What’s the longest…