Deals On Wheels Australia Issue 471

For more than two decades Deals On Wheels has been Australia’s biggest-selling truck magazine. At a whopping 500+ pages per month, it is widely recognised as the ‘bible’ for those looking to buy and sell new and used trucks, trailers, parts and accessories and much more. Deals On Wheels for Zinio delivers the power of the printed page with the immediacy and convenience that comes from delivery on Zinio. Featuring all the same great content, deals and reviews as the print magazine, it is an essential tool for anyone looking to search, compare and buy or sell trucks, trailers and all things transport related.

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truck sales shrug seasonal dip

Commercial vehicle sales looked to be building again in August after easing off at the start of the financial year. Having hit the year’s high-water mark in June of 4,741, then slipping as they traditionally do, to 3,296, figures pushed upwards to 3,520, Truck Industry Council (TIC) T-Mark figures showed. The year to date was 26,736, monstering 2020’s Covid uncertainty-hit 21,955 and up on still bullish 2019’s 25,380 but below 2018’s boom-time 27,159. Market leader Isuzu did what market leaders should, heading the charge after hitting four figures in June with 1,085, rising to 889 from 756 in July. Hino followed the trend, scoring 521 from 464 and 761 the month before that. Fuso’s rebound was shallower, recording 410 on 398 and 568, counting back. Heavy-duty August’s heavy-duty figure of 1,092 was up marginally on July’s 1,021…

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top condition

Kenworth engine cooling systems are built and designed in Australia to meet Australian conditions The truck engine cooling system is a critical system within a truck’s operation and has a significant impact on fuel economy, horsepower, emissions, driver comfort and, most importantly, ‘uptime’ – maximising your time on the road. The cooling system comprises the radiator, water pump, coolant expansion tank, thermostat, engine control unit, control sensors, fan clutch and fan. It serves two purposes: to prevent engine failure due to overheating and to keep the engine running efficiently. Engine cooling is particularly important in Australia with excessive heat, dust and long distances travelled. To ensure the truck engine cooling system, fan clutch and fan are maintained in optimum condition, scheduled preventative maintenance is critical. PACCAR Parts and Norman G Clark have collaborated…

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balancing the scales

The scales are suitable for rigid trucks up to 30,000kg GVM The business developed its own range of on-board scales for systems for the medium to light rigid truck market. The need arose when the UK supplier closed its doors due to the sudden ill health of the owner. It had the immediate impact of changing the way Loadmass Pty Ltd thought about its products and how they were sourced. Loadmass had previously locally designed, developed and sourced its LMA 530 range of deflection transducers for measuring the weight on the front steer axle, so it was a natural progression to develop a replacement product. Loadmass had already become a leader in the supplier of scales in the rigid truck market and through its own recent product development has been able to maintain…

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get compliance smart

You are legally liable under COR regulations From moving sensitive, critical goods and equipment such as food and medical supplies, to getting household items and other consumables to house-bound customers, the national transport supply chain has never been busier. With many industries operating under extraordinary pressures and challenges, Isuzu Trucks knows that operators can easily be distracted from their compliance responsibilities… which have not changed. Such obligations include adhering to Chain of Responsibility (COR) regulations—whether you’re running a smaller business or a large corporation. According to Isuzu’s Future of Trucking research report, many small- and medium-sized fleet owners and managers either have no COR plans or processes in place, or remain unaware that COR obligations apply to them. In fact, 35% of small truck fleets are completely unprepared for, or are unaware of, their COR…

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stacks of power

Scan with your Smartphone camera to check out this deal! 2016 Mack Trident 535hp MP8 Auto 901,745km $125,000 Craigieburn, VIC 03 9998 4809 These days, fashion sense dictates that all-white vehicles are cool. Ditto all-black ones. Time was when they were shunned and, even today, white vans are yet to make the grade. Not that many care. There are two ways of seeing a white truck – as opposed to a White truck – especially when it’s carrying so much burnished chrome. One is that, yes, couched in a veritable nest of the stuff, they do indeed look seriously cool. Or, beyond the pattern of horizontal bull-bar lines and sparkling vertical stacks, it’s a blank canvas waiting for a latter-day virtuoso to spray it up with your heart’s desire. In the end, though, this 2016 Mack Trident 6x4 day-cab is a working beast,…

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beautiful curves

Scan with your Smartphone camera to check out this deal! 2013 Kenworth T609 6x4 Cummins ISX 18sp Road Ranger 1,246,507km $176,000 Dandenong Sth, VIC 03 9998 4948 Well, this is just gorgeous! Many are used to seeing these Kenworth T609s in red but it must be said that the light blue paintwork is a classy touch. Truck designers might be able to explain why it suits so well but, at a guess, it might have something to do with the aerodynamics Kenworth put into its 2011 bonneted truck upgrades, as there is barely a straight line to point to. The idea was for ‘aero’ models – T403, T409 and T609 – to be slippery on the road while pumping as much outside air into the engine bay as possible. The payoff, of course, being fuel savings. The vibe at the…