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Deer & Deer Hunting Equipment Annual 2019

Deer & Deer Hunting is written and edited for serious, year-round hunting enthusiasts, focusing on hunting techniques, deer biology and behavior, deer management, habitat requirements, the natural history of deer and hunting ethics

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2 min.
double down on tech bets

Much of today’s high-tech deer hunting gear makes the hunt more enjoyable, but some items can lead to false hopes or expectations. Take compound bows, for example. With the sizzling new one-cam models, many beginning archers, and some seasoned veterans, too, think they’re somewhat inferior if they can’t place a dozen carbon arrows into a 3-inch circle at 40 yards. Likewise, horizontal bowhunters think the new crossbows should increase their effective range out to 70 yards. Both expectations are highly flawed. For most of us, deer hunting remains a close-encounter proposition. Although some of us are more skilled than others, bowhunting with a compound or crossbow remains a 30-yards-or-less deal for most archers because it’s all about responsible shot placement. Knowing your ability and being able to stay within your effective range…

9 min.
let your new bow choose you

If you haven’t set foot in an archery pro shop in more than five years, you’re in for a shock. The quality of the compound bows from a plethora of manufacturers is so much better than it was back then it’s staggering. All of the major bow makers hype their products, and unless you are a hands-on bow freak who shoots new bows every year it’s hard to fully comprehend how good they all are. That makes shopping for a new bow somewhat daunting. Where and how do you start? I’m sure that someplace you have read the usual advice on how to choose a new hunting compound bow. Rest assured the following is not the same old advice you’ve read before. Before getting started, here are some common mistakes you can…

1 min.
accessorize your bow

When you buy a new bow, it’s possible that some accessories from your old bow can be transferred over. A stabilizer and bow sight immediately come to mind. However, some will not. If you like a bow-attached quiver, you’ll need one specifically designed for your new model. You’ll need a new arrow rest, peep sight and string loop, too. Personally, when I walk out of a pro shop I want to be ready to rock. When you buy a bow from a pro shop, part of the deal should be to have the bow technician set the bow up for you, installing the arrow rest, string loop and bow and peep sights, then paper tune it so your hunting arrows are flying like laser beams. I also want to shoot my…

10 min.
hot picks

1 Mathews Vertix www.MathewsInc.com Measuring 30 inches between the axles and capable of speeds up to 343 fps, the Mathews Vertix boasts the torque-reducing Engage Grip and features patentpending SwitchWeight Technology. This innovative feature allows the shooter to adjust peak draw weight with the simple change of a module. The 6-inch brace height Vertix is powered by Mathews’ legendary Crosscentric Cam system, and 3D Damping Technology dramatically reduces post-shot noise and vibration. The Vertix has a fighting weight of 4.67 pounds and a draw-length range of 26 to 30. inches, and it’s offered in peak draw weights of 60, 65, 70 and 75 pounds. MSRP: $1,099. 2 Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-3 www.Hoyt.com Sporting a new grip that adjusts laterally to ensure picture-perfect hand placement, Hoyt’s Carbon RX-3 weighs 3.9 pounds, measures 30. inches between the…

5 min.
flagship crossbows

My first crossbow is about 20 years old now. It hasn’t been in a treestand in years and rests in deserved retirement in a spare room with other relics from the past. Perhaps the word “relic” is a bit harsh. But after a close look at it the other day, it really is a dinosaur compared to today’s models. Its noticeably wide split limbs are equipped with small wheels made of plastic or some other material. The rather generous cast aluminum riser and foot stirrup is attached to a molded plastic stock that never fit my frame. I recall how heavy the bow was while hunting — out of balance on the front end and cumbersome to tote and shoot. Due to their inherent design, crossbows have always been heavy to carry…

7 min.
15 top-end crossbows for 2019

1 TenPoint Nitro XRT Streamlined, compact and designed to kill, TenPoint’s 470-fps Nitro XRT is fueled by all-new RX7 cams, Dual Flex limbs and the innovative Vector Quad cable system. The rig’s center-mounted riser means a smooth shot and eliminates the nose-heavy feel many crossbow shooters despise. Fitted with the new-for-2019 T5 Trigger — TenPoint’s smoothest ever — the crossbow delivers a clean, crisp and consistent break thanks to reduced friction. The Nitro XRT boasts a 7-inch axle-to-axle measurement when cocked, tips the scales at 7.4 pounds and has a 16.-inch power stroke. MSRP: $2,499.99. Info: www.TenPointCrossbows.com 2 Ravin R26 Ravin bills its new R26 as the world’s most accurate, powerful and compact crossbow. Measuring 26 inches long and just 5. inches wide when cocked, this horizontal rig spits bolts at 400 fps, and…