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the unexpected gift of ageing

I was 14-years-old the first time I saw Claudia Schiffer. Her face peered down at me from a poster on my brother’s bedroom wall: a towering juggernaut of blonde hair, Bambi legs and youth. Schiffer was 23 when that photograph was taken, and was, she now admits, painfully aware her career would be over by the time she hit 3O. Because that’s how things were back then: youth was the secret sauce of aspiration; ageing the ingredient that soured the broth. Culturally, we have always had a peculiar relationship with ageing, despite ‘old’ being the destination we are all heading for. For many years, ‘old’ has been absent from our screens, our billboards and our conversations. Think about it: when was the last you asked an old person for their view on…

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guest list

The photographer SEBASTIAN KIM When Sebastian was 16, his older brother gave him a Nikon film camera. He is now one of the industry’s most in-demand fashion photographers, having assisted Richard Avedon and Steven Meisel for four and seven years, respectively, before branching out alone. He has shot the likes of Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Gwyneth Paltrow and now our cover star, Claudia Schiffer (page 1OO). WHICH ITEM OF CLOTHING BEST SUMS YOU UP? ‘A grey T-shirt. I wear one with jeans every day to match my ever-greying hair.’ WHAT’S THE MOST VALUABLE FASHION LESSON YOU’VE LEARNED? ‘From experience, I know that fashion is fickle and cyclical.’ The memoiristOLIVIA LAING Award-winning novelist Olivia writes about the relationship between fashion and protest on page 31, recalling her twenties spent rallying as an environmental activist. Her…

7 min.
rebel girl

My best friend Lili recently sent me a photo of us at a festival in the mid-199Os. I’m wearing a tutu over army fatigues, a giant cardigan and a top hat crowned in silver ribbons. She’s in a turquoise ball gown and Converse. We both have dreadlocks. We look ridiculous. We look happy. In those days, we were part of a raggle-taggle tribe of environmental activists, fighting for a green future a decade before Greta Thunberg was even born. Lili was a hunt saboteur, I was a road protester, making my home in imperilled woodlands, in treehouses connected by walkways high above the ground. Though our clothes were tatty and reeked of wood smoke, they were a uniform, a badge of membership. The omnipresent nose rings and rainbow sweaters meant we…

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all watching...sian clifford

Sian Clifford still remembers the first time she read the script for Fleabag, the night before the first read-through of the show. ‘I laughed, I cried and then I sent Phoebe a text,’ she says. ‘I’ve still got the message on my phone. It says, “That was the best thing I’ve ever read!”’ Of course it was. This is, after all, the script that would go on to gift Clifford, who played Fleabag’s uptight sister Claire, lines such as ‘Get your hands off my miscarriage’ and ‘I look like a pencil’ (remember that haircut?). And make her a global household name, with the Obamas and Taylor Swift among the show’s fans. Clifford has just arrived back in London, her hometown. In person she’s a calmer, more confident proposition than her hilariously…

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dive in... fashion pools

1. The Albatroz Beach and Yacht Club Santa Cruz, Portugal Order a poolside champagne at this crystalline pool, cut into the cliffside. 2. Stadtbad Charlottenburg Berlin, Germany The capital’s oldest indoor pool is lavish Art Nouveau design at its best. Dive in. 3. Harazem, Morocco These circular public baths are so beautiful they deserve a starring role in a Bottega campaign. 4. Aqua Dome Tyrol, Austria The new wellness trend is healing waters, like the ones found here.…

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the look... the shock suit

When spring hits, we’re naturally inclined to swap neutrals for mood-boosting brights. However, if the catwalks of Balenciaga, Gabriela Hearst and Gucci have anything to do with it, we’ll be choosing take-no-prisoners shock suits – high-impact, head-to-toe colour tailoring. Reach for bright colour at any time of day – even if the shade strikes you as better for an acid-house rave. Because the suit is formal by its very nature, so you can get away with more powerful hues. ”FORGET THE RULES AND REACH FOR A bright colour AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY” ‘It’s more impactful,’ says Sportmax fashion director Grazia Malagoli, who styled the brand’s entire 5Oth anniversary collection as single-colour looks, adding that vivid colour is a way to ‘reinterpret styles in a contemporary way’. Malagoli also suggests you swap…