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elle guest list

The supermodel CAMERON RUSSELL Signed at age 15, Cameron has walked for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada. Her 2O12 TED Talk, Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model, has had 33.8 million views to date. This month, Cameron appears in Contemporary Art on p98. WHAT ITEM IN YOUR WARDROBE BEST SUMMARISES YOU? ‘Knitted sweaters made by my mum. The future of fashion is community and care – not consumption.’ THE MOST SURPRISING THING IN YOUR BAG? ‘Melted M&Ms. There’s chocolate on everything.’ The memoirist OCTAVIA BRIGHT London-based Octavia earned a PhD in Spanish Studies before co-founding Literary Friction, a podcast where she interviews authors such as Leïla Slimani and Zadie Smith. It inspired her to write and, on p19, Octavia recalls what she’s learnt from her dad’s Alzheimer’s. STRANGEST WRITING HABIT? ‘Bowing down at…

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an unexpectedly magical summer

“A BRITISH SUMMER IS MAGICAL BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY AND utterly unique” Let’s be honest, most of us are probably not going to escape to far-off shores this summer. We’re not going to dust off the sandals and floor-length kaftan we had planned to slope around Hydra in, and we’re almost certainly not going to be posting pictures of our thighs by an azure patch of pool in some far corner of Europe. No, instead we’re going to have to lean into what’s on our doorsteps: a British summer. A British summer, you say? You need heat for a proper summer. And pools! Parasols! Boys with syncopated hips and sycophantic small talk. Beaches where the sand burns the soles of your feet and the fruit on your plate has fallen from a…

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forget me not

The first time my father forgot how to drive, we were in rush-hour traffic on London’s busy Euston Road. Taking his hands off the wheel, he laughed as he turned to me and said, ‘Octavia, I have no idea what I’m doing.’ I thought he was joking and laughed with him until it sunk in that his smile was one of fear, not playfulness. Stifling my own panic, I tried to sound confident as I, a non-driver, gently reminded him which pedal was which. I frantically tried to figure out what to do next when, as quickly as he’d forgotten, he seemed to remember and drove home without incident. Once we’d arrived safely, I asked him what had happened; he couldn’t recall forgetting anything at all. He’d been acting oddly for…

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the drama queen... lucy prebble

‘What would Shiv do?’ is the question Lucy Prebble finds herself asking multiple times a day. And it’s not because she, like the rest of us, is utterly in awe of Logan Roy’s gutsy only daughter in the (supposedly) Murdoch family-inspired hit show Succession. It’s because the 39-year-old is the writer and executive producer responsible for the series’ storylines and quick wit. ‘I’m really Shiv,’ Prebble admits. ‘I’m often the one pitching her emotional response to situations. Although everyone writes for everyone,’ she says of the 1O-strong writing team. Indeed, the epic line in season one – when Shiv’s fiancé Tom ‘swallows his own load’ on his stag do and says, ‘It’s not cheating because it’s all going back inside. It’s like a closed loop system’ – was Prebble. When we talk,…

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also... bathtime views

1. Viña Vik, Chile Check into a suite at Viña Vik and float in this carbon-fibre Vessel bathtub with a glass of wine from the hotel’s vineyard. 2. The Silo, South Africa Enjoy unparalleled views of Cape Town from a super-deep tub nestled in the curve of the huge Thomas Heatherwickdesigned windows. 3. Sonop, Namibia For the ultimate sunset soak, this luxury tented camp’s bathrooms open out onto the majestic Namibian desert. 4. The Woodsman’s Treehouse, UK The glass-walled bathroom makes the most of its magical forest setting, with a bird’seye view of the canopy.…

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at home... shells are a shore thing

From chokers at Chloé and Dior’s ladylike beads to giant statement pieces at Prada, shells ruled the SS2O runways – but it’s at home where you can really channel your inner Ariel. A decorative staple of Italian Renaissance houses, an Art Deco must-have and a hit in the 198Os (when shell-shaped toilet seats were all the rage), it’s time for seashells to go beyond the beach. Forget naff blue and white nautical designs – look to London members’ club Annabel’s, where shell-shaped sinks line the bathroom walls. Or designer Matilda Goad’s giant ceramic clams, which double as statement fruit bowls, and her pairs of silver-plated oysters for salt and pepper. Bring the look to the bedroom by adding scallop-edged sheets to bedding and pillows by Sophie Conran or Matouk’s Positano…