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everyone deserves a door to be opened for them...

AT SOME POINT IN MOST PEOPLE’S LIVES, a door of opportunity is opened. Who opens that door – a teacher, a family friend, a stranger you stumble across on social media – doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you walk through it. A magazine, now long departed, threw me an opportunity back in the late 199Os when it launched a writing competition. I was a studious teenager back then, my horizons no larger than Manchester, the city in which I grew up. My career options, as dictated to me by an ambitious immigrant father were: doctor, engineer, lawyer… or failure. A magazine editor? Forget it. That happened to other people. To cut a circuitous story short, the competition (won by my sister) opened a crucial door: it gave me access…

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elle’s class of 2020

ALEXANDRA PALADE, 16 Ipswich Creating art has kept Alex going through lockdown: ‘I’m more creative and now I appreciate fashion in a new light.’ After English, sociology, and performing arts A levels, Alex hopes to step into the world of theatre. ‘I’d love to act or direct,’ she says. ESTHER SIMUENE,17 Enfield,London Esther may study economics, politics and psychology, but she’s always wanted to start a fashion brand. ‘Clothes allow me to express myself,’ she says. ‘With my own company, I could be as adventurous, creative and unique as I want.’ ANYA KIDDEHANSEN,16 Norwich Growing up, Anya spent her time collaging outfits cut out from magazines. Currently studying geography, chemistry and biology, Anya’s role model is her mother: ‘As a Black woman, she’s faced a lot of discrimination, but she taught me I can achieve anything.’ KELSEY HENDRICKS,18 Hounslow, London Kelsey…

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the kindness of strangers

at the height of the pandemic, while others were growing sourdough starters, I found I had the space and time to both nourish old resentments, and percolate new tenderness. I’d be in bed, at 2pm, wearing old pyjamas and new feelings – say about that one guy I dated who everyone described as a sweetheart who was actually, now I thought about it, a manipulative misogynist. But, more than anything, I found myself examining memories of people who’d been kind, especially strangers, or people I’d not known well and had lost track of over the years. It’s funny what ends up rolling in before you lower the drawbridge on the past. There was the boy who worked in the skateboard shop Slam City Skates. We went on one date and he…

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designer focus... francesca amfitheatrof

WHEN I SPEAK TO FRANCESCA AMFITHEATROF, a third of the world’s population is in lockdown. But for the artistic director of jewellery and watches at Louis Vuitton, isolation is business as usual. Tucked away at her home in Connecticut, in an immense white-walled studio flooded with light, she has been hiding out in a creative idyll long before it was mandatory. ‘There’s even a bed, should I need a nap,’ she laughs. Amfitheatrof admits that the luxurious pace of fine jewellery design (the team is working on collections that will debut at the end of 2O21) has been relatively undisturbed by the pandemic. ‘Jewellery moves at a slow pace because it is so detailed,’ she explains. ‘It’s lovely to work in an industry where the techniques are the same as…

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go see... wanderlust follows


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in the arts... deck the walls

”MAKE YOUR COLLECTION REFLECT WHO YOU ARE AND SURROUND YOURSELF WITH WORK THAT YOU LOVE” ‘Never buy art to be in fashion; make your collection a reflection of who you are,’ says Katy Hessel, curator and founder of Instagram-account-turned-podcast @TheGreat WomenArtists. Thanks to the explosion of online platforms, art has never been more accessible – you can get work you’ll treasure for a lifetime for the price of an Ikea chair. Find emerging UK-based artists at Partnership Editions, which sells limited-edition works such as Venetia Berry’s oil-painted nudes. For commitment-phobes, Modern Art Hire rents everything from John Booth illustrations to Karina Smagulova’s ceramics on a short- or long-term basis. If you want to feel good about your purchase, Hessel suggests searching #ArtistsSupportPledge on Instagram ‘to find incredible art under £2OO’ and…