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Summer 2019

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this month at empire

Peter Jackson gives Empire’s Ian Nathan a turn around his archive collection in Wellington, New Zealand. Team Empire assemble! A tad over-excited in the queue for Endgame at Leicester Square IMAX. Orlando Arocena — aka Mexifunk — at work on this issue’s exclusive Spider-Man subscriber cover. Chris Hewitt meets the Russo Brothers in LA. Turn to p51 for our Avengers Spoiler Special... I WRITE THIS nine days after seeing Avengers: Endgame for the first time. Tomorrow, I’m off for my third viewing. And from everything I’ve heard from you lot, the last week-and-a-half of your lives hasn’t been much different. Love it or hate it (and we love it, right?), what a joyous, beautiful event it has been! What a coming together of film fans: girls, boys, nanas, grandads,…

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comment of the month

JOURNEY TO THE ENDGAME It’s four days until Endgame in our house, and as we count down the seconds, I can’t help but think we are witnessing movie history that will never be repeated in our lifetime so successfully. To thread multiple stories through 22 films of only slightly varying quality (for my money Iron Man 2 ranks pretty high) is a modern-day miracle of the arts. I’ve loved every second of this journey that I’ve shared with my family, and come Thursday night I’ll walk into our local Odeon knowing we’ll gasp, laugh, cry and, most importantly, come out of the screen bouncing off the ground. Thank you, Marvel!STU IN EASTHAM, VIA EMAIL ON 21 APRIL Just like Thanos rips universes apart, Marvel movies bring people together.…

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is the emperor really still alive?

AFTER WHAT FELT like an eternity of silence, director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy finally unveiled Episode IX last month, revealing title and trailer at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and Empire was on hand to witness it. As you might expect with Abrams, every answer prompted a dozen more questions. Here are the most pressing… 1 IS THE EMPEROR REALLY STILL ALIVE?“No-one’s ever really gone,” intones Luke, before a final, familiar cackle heralds the end of the trailer. After all these years, could Darth Sidious (right) be back to finish what he started?“It’s amazing that he got to walk out here today and no one knew,” Abrams told Empire after the panel. “The reaction that people had to him only made me grateful that all [those]…

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introducing jannah

A new member of the line-up in The Rise Of Skywalker is British actor Naomi Ackie. Officially introduced as part of the Star Wars family at Celebration, Ackie best known for her performances in a 2015 episode of Doctor Who, and opposite Florence Pugh as ill-fated housemaid Anna in William Oldroyd’s Lady Macbeth (pictured below). She’ll also be appearing in the upcoming Game Of Thrones prequel. Ackie joins the saga as Jannah, a space rogue who she will only say “crosses paths” with the core characters at some point in the film. However, with her penchant for natty capes and yellow attire that closely matches that of a certain smooth-talking scoundrel, speculation is rife that Jannah’s family name might rhyme with Falrissian. “Listen, Lando is a very charming man,”…

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“he raised an entire generation”

Singleton “challenged a distorted narrative” RICK, IT’S THE ’90s. Can’t afford to be afraid of our own people anymore, man. I was 19 years old when I watched John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood. Laurence Fishburne played one of the most iconic characters in black cinema, Furious Styles. A father in South Central Los Angeles who was all too familiar with the destructive effect of crime on young boys’ lives, Styles instilled values of compassion and respect in his son in order to raise a responsible young man. For those (like me) who had grown up without a father for most of their childhood, John Singleton raised an entire generation.John Singleton was only four years older than me, but had already become the first African-American filmmaker (and the youngest…