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sound bites

“I don’t understand why calling that gay man a butt munch was such a scandal. That’s what gays do: munch butts and celebrate Halloween.”Dusty (Jessica Lange), failing to understand a controversy, on The Politician“Water guns are every child’s Second Amendment right.”Harrison (Gary Cole), standing up for his grandkids’ right to have fun, on mixed-ish“LISTEN TO YOUR SPEAKING VOICE—IT’S LIKE DARTH VADER ATE MUFASA.”Arthur (Bradley Whitford), coaching a deep-voiced choir student, on Perfect Harmony“ALL I DO IS LIE TO MY KIDS—DRIVE ’EM PLACES AND LIE!”Ben (Omar Benson Miller), commenting on his parenting, on The Unicorn“I’m afraid pills alone will not fix what is wrong with us.”“If you take enough they will.”Malcolm (Tom Payne) and his mom Jessica (Bellamy Young), discussing his mental health, on Prodigal Son“This terminal is for women returning…

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editor’s note

A New Golden Age EVERY TV ADDICT HAS A LOVE STORY. Here’s part of mine. TV, when I was wee, was not a “distribution platform,” but an actual box, which adults banished to its proscribed space, where it could be watched after dinner. The box brought you the family hour, the buddy-cop hour, and the Nolan Miller hour, when heiresses fell down staircases to induce miscarriage. Most everybody believed the box turned kids into idiots. So, naturally, I fell hard for TV. Not for the sliver of it that passed muster with my parents (Masterpiece Theatre), but for the loud, jiggly, brought-to-you-by-Aaron-Spelling kind. It seduced me, surely as it did Heather O’Rourke in Poltergeist, and swept me off to corrupting places. Now all that seems quaint. Sophisticated adults today (let’s start with you) love…

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the must list

MOVIES NO 1 JUDY LONG BEFORE SHE STEPPED INTO the ruby slippers of the Hollywood icon, Renée Zellweger had a special connection to Judy Garland. “My parents were sort of selective about who was celebrated in our house, and she was always there,” the Texas native, 50, says of her childhood. “We watched her films and there she was on the turntable and I was always aware when they were doing a rerun of one of her shows. We’d gather around and watch. I didn’t know about any of the challenges that she was grappling with later in her life.” Those dark days are depicted in Judy (out Sept. 27), directed by theater veteran Rupert Goold. In a staggering performance certain to catapult her into the Oscar race, Zellweger plays the Wizard of…

5 min.
carrie fisher: a life on the edge

@PATRICKGOMEZLA AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF YOUR NEXT OBSESSIONS → Speaking to some of those who knew Carrie Fisher best, author Sheila Weller crafted Carrie Fisher: A Life on the Edge (out Nov. 12), an anecdote-filled journey chronicling the actress and writer’s incredible life—including a fly-on-the-wall view of her wild celeb-filled house parties. WITH MONEY NOW FROM Star Wars, Carrie wanted an outpost in her hometown, so she bought a house next door to her friend Teri Garr’s log cabin in Laurel Canyon. It was a tiny house, and Carrie decorated it felicitously: she put a big statue of a foot on the front lawn and had cutouts of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on the stairs. When she and Paul [Simon] were in L.A., she gave parties there, where a gourmet cook…

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stream queens

REESE WITHERSPOON ISN’T ABOUT TO CAUSE A SCENE. BUT SHE IS FREAKING out a little bit. “Diane Sawyer came to visit and oh my God, it was amazing!” Sitting in a Los Angeles restaurant on a balmy August evening, the Academy Award winner throws her hands over her face to muffle her excitement. (There will be no Elle Woods-esque squeal here.) She’s recalling the day that the legendary broadcast journalist stopped by the set of her upcoming series with Jennifer Aniston, The Morning Show (Nov. 1). Her face still in her hands, Witherspoon continues in disbelief: “She sat at the monitor and watched me and Jen read the news!” The pair have come a long way since trading barbs at Central Perk. The Morning Show—which marks Aniston’s major return to TV…

6 min.
it list

PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE NO ONE PLUCKED PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE FROM obscurity. She did it her own damn self by sheer creative force. Crafting Fleabag (with all its many iterations) and spearheading a modern revolution for Sandra Oh on BBC America’s Killing Eve, she’s not just writing more meaty, complex roles for women, she’s writing more meaty, complex roles, period. Searingly sharp and endlessly inventive, Waller-Bridge—who is currently nominated for four Emmys (three for Amazon Prime Video’s Fleabag and one for Killing Eve)—is pushing the era of “prestige television” into its next evolution, one that definitely includes a “hot priest.” Now, let’s see what the 34-year-old can do for James Bond as she reworks the script for the 25th 007 film, No Time to Die. —NICK ROMANO Steven Canals Visibility is everything when it comes to social…