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hello & welcome!

Looking for some décor inspiration? Welcome to a magazine jam-packed with upcycling projects for your home. Upstyled Home will help you transform household items and furniture you thought fit only for the tip into home furnishings you can really be proud of. And, best of all, our ideas (compiled by the team at Craftseller magazine) are inexpensive and one-of-a-kind! We have easy-to-do projects for every room to give your home real character. And don’t worry about needing any complicated craft skills – our projects are perfect for beginners as we walk you through every step with clear instructions. So roll up your sleeves and get stuck into your first upcycling project! What a corker! Make your own notice board – page 62…

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the domino effect

INFORMATION Materials * Sheet of MDF at least 35 x 35cm (13› x 13 ¾ in) (3mm thick) * Stanley knife * Cutting mat * Drill with 8mm bit * Wood effect wallpaper * An old set of dominoes * Clock mechanism with medium spindle and 86mm minute hand * PVA glue and extra-strong glue Size: 35 x 35cm (13› x 13 ¾ in) Rating: Easy Mundane objects often make the best upcycles and this cool clock is no exception, as it uses an old box of children’s dominoes to great effect. This project is also a great example of an upcycling make that’s as quirky as it is practical – it’ll be a real talking point in your living room. The background ‘wood’ is in fact wallpaper, and although a roll is quite expensive, you might be able to get a…

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take a map!

INFORMATION Materials * Chest of drawers * Old maps * Sandpaper or electric sander * PVA glue * Furniture paint (we used Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch in Heirloom White) * Clear satin varnish * Paintbrushes * Craft knife Size: 74.5 x 66.5 x 45.5cm (29½ x 26¼ x 18in) Skill level: Moderate Map prints are always popular, so why not think big and use vintage maps to turn boring brown furniture into something stylish? Boot sales are great for old OS maps or A-Zs, and you can pick them up pretty cheaply too. Look for a variety of colours to add interest, or alternatively use street maps – they tend to be smaller, so this will give more of a collage effect. The technique here is easy but take your time, especially if you’ve set your heart on using a specific map. How to…

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picture perfect

INFORMATION Materials * 3 frames of various sizes and shapes * 3 paint tester pots in colours of your choice * 3 picture hooks * Mini pegs * Wire (thin enough to be able to manipulate and turn into knots) * Drill and 3mm drill bit * Sandpaper Size: Varies Rating: Easy Peg picture frames are fantastic for creating a unique place to keep reminders, photos, birthday cards and other keepsakes. They are super-quick to make and, better still, these frames can easily be revamped to suit every season with just a simple lick of paint! Pastel shades are perfect for spring and summer, but if you fancy a change come autumn, a mix of red, orange and other earthy tones will give these frames an entirely different feel. You could even create a set of festive frames in red, green…

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sew pretty

INFORMATION Materials * Sewing box (or appropriate alternative) * Victorian paper downloads from fringeart and EdwardianScrapbook on Etsy * Sandpaper or electric sander * PVA glue * Dulux Made by Me Furniture paint in Duck Egg Blue * Clear satin varnish * Paint brushes * Craft knife Size: Varies Rating: Moderate The living room is where clutter can easily accumulate, particularly if you’re a crafter who likes to sew, knit or crochet in front of the TV. Now you can keep that mess in check with a unique upcycled chest. Decoupage is back in fashion, and sewing boxes can be found in junk shops and car boot sales. Here we’ve used printable sheets from a couple of Etsy shops, but original vintage books could also be used. Try a combination of full sheets and cut-out elements to add variety and layering. How to…

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om the tiles

INFORMATION Materials * Old tiles * Patterned paper * Pencil * Scissors * PVA glue * Rustoleum Crystal Clear Semi Gloss Finish Spray * Felt * Tailor’s chalk Size: 8 x 8cm (3 x 3in) Skill level: Easy Bring a new lease of life to a coffee table with our colourful coasters. They’re quick and easy to make, and with very little outlay they’re perfect for the novice upcycler on a budget. If you want to keep costs down further, sample tiles are a great way to try out a shape or colour before you commit to buying a box. We used bright origami papers to add a blast of colour to our coasters, but you can use wallpaper or wrapping paper – just choose something smooth for a neater finish. Once you’re in the swing of it, you could even make…