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GP Racing UK April 2020

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2 min.
uncertain future for f1's 2020 season

I expected to write with some thoughts reflecting on the early races of the new season. By rights, you should be reading this with F1 having just held its first Vietnam Grand Prix. Instead, the first eight grands prix of 2020 have been called off, 2021’s new rules delayed for a year and F1 has brought forward its traditional summer shutdown as the coronavirus crisis takes hold. This F1 season potentially won’t start until June’s Canadian GP, at the earliest. Of course, this is a rapidly escalating situation, so by the time you digest this dispatch from my own isolation bunker – I haven’t (to my knowledge) yet contracted COVID-19 but am working from home following a company directive to stay away from the office – there might well have been even more…

1 min.

LUKE SMITH He’s Autosport and Motorsport.com’s new F1 reporter. See p42 for Luke’s investigation into the effects of Netflix’s presence in the paddock MATT YOUSON Well-connected in the Red Bull world, Matt tried to make sense of what’s going on with Scuderia AlphaTauri's two drivers (see p70) JAMES MANN Always on the hunt for unusual cars to photograph, James found a quirky double grand prix winner for us this month (p80) DAMIEN SMITH Aston Martin’s Valkyrie (p30) brings F1’s no-compromise approach to the road. No space for our former editor-in-chief’s kids, though……

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a memory of happier times

Over the course of 24 hours or so in Melbourne everything changed, and the kind of cheery optimism you see in this picture fell into very short supply. Every year fans gather on the ‘Melbourne Walk’ outside the Formula 1 paddock to greet the drivers, but even on the Thursday there was a slightly peculiar atmosphere because the drivers had been advised to avoid physical contact with people. These fans just wanted to talk to someone and I thought it was interesting – and very much in the spirit of F1 fandom – that they were hanging out together even though they all supported different teams and drivers. Photographer Steven Tee Where Melbourne, Australia When 11.23am, Thursday 12 March 2020 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 70mm lens, 1/640th @ F5.6…

1 min.
ocon ensures reality hits home

As I was hanging around by the ‘Melbourne Walk’ it was interesting to see the drivers sticking to the footpath rather than walking down the road, keeping the maximum distance between themselves and the spectators. That’s fair enough because they’d been told to keep their distance. Then Esteban Ocon arrived sporting this enormous face mask which made him look like Darth Vader. The photographers had all been chatting and speculating about who, if any, would come in wearing a mask, given the medical advice that they weren’t much use for prophylactic purposes anyway. In the event, only Ocon did so. It had a huge impact on the mood. Photographer Steven Tee Where Melbourne, Australia When 11.27am, Thursday 12 March 2020 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 70-200mm lens, 1/640th @ F3.5…

1 min.
formula 1 bigwigs take the rap

I’ve attended lots of press conferences over the years, but I’m there to take pictures rather than pay much attention to what’s being said. This time I wanted to hear every word because I knew it would be the kind of moment you wanted to remember. FIA race director Michael Masi, Australian GP Corporation CEO Andrew Westacott and chairmain Paul Little, and F1 executive chairman Chase Carey held an al fresco press conference to explain their decision to cancel the grand prix. We had three photographers there shooting different angles of what will go down as a pivotal moment in F1 history. Photographer Steven Tee Where Melbourne, Australia When 11.50am, Friday 13 March 2020 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII, 16-35mm lens, 1/500th @ F5.6…

1 min.
lights out – and away they’ve gone

Most of my team were able to leave on Saturday, but my flight wasn’t until Sunday night so I thought I’d return to the track and record the scene at the time the race had been due to start. You never know whether you’re going to get in or not around here, given how stringent security is. Having a pass is no guarantee. But it turned out to be fine – the public were staying away. I wanted some shots at the time the grid and the grandstands were going to be full. In this image the crowd would have been on their feet, singing Advance Australia Fair while the drivers stood in front of a grid full of cars. Photographer Steven Tee Where Melbourne, Australia When 3.59pm, Sunday 15 March 2020 Details Canon EOS-1DX MkII,…