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GP Racing UK September 2020

Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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it's once, twice, three times alonso

When Fernando Alonso gave us an exclusive interview last winter, to discuss his ‘unfinished business’ with Formula 1 and his plans to return to the championship he left, frustrated, at the end of 2018, he spoke of how this break from nearly two decades of racing year in, year out in F1 – “you need to eat, sleep, train – everything for F1” – finally allowed him some space to “breathe”. He used his time off productively, discussing F1’s forthcoming (but now delayed) rules revolution in detail with Ross Brawn. Convinced F1 is shortly to become a better, more equitable category, Alonso opened talks with Renault at last year’s Abu Dhabi GP. Seven months or so later, they announced they were getting back together – for a third time. When rumours began…

1 min.

ANDREW BENSON Andrew, BBC Sport's chief F1 writer, analyses why Renault has once again signed Fernando Alonso and if the move will be a success (p32) DAMIEN SMITH The BMW years, from 2000-2005, come under the spotlight as Damien continues his superb history of Williams F1 (p60) ROBERTO CHINCHERO As Formula 1 prepares to travel to Mugello for a GP for the first time, Roberto tell us what to expect from the Tuscan track (p40) JAMES MANN James is the image man for our sumptuous Now That Was A Car feature. This month's beauty is the open-wheel Mercedes W196 (p70)…

3 min.
f1 parade

No crowds, but plenty of clouds Having done the grid of the British Grand Prix – from the outside, of course – I headed off in our minibus to Luffield for the beginning of the race. Normally the big draw here on race day is the huge crowd in the background; they really give a lift to what can be quite a flat circuit to photograph. I was very pleased to get here and find that while the crowd was sadly in absentia, the Silverstone sky was all present and correct: big, rolling clouds give a nice graphic effect. The way the light fell, you can’t see inside the grandstands so you aren’t struck by all the empty seats. A simple shot but one that’s made by the clouds. Where Silverstone, UK When 2.27pm,…

9 min.
f1 insider

01 DEATH OF A PARTY FIA TAKES AIM AT ENGINE MODES 02 FERRARI TEAM RESTRUCTURE 03 TEAMS ALL SIGN UP TO CONCORDE AGREEMENT 01 FIA PLANS NEW TECH CLAMPDOWN While discord continued to simmer in the Formula 1 paddock regarding the FIA’s handling of the Racing Point ‘car cloning’ affair, the governing body informed teams ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix that it plans to restrict the scope of engine modes used in qualifying. An official technical directive was expected shortly after this issue of GP Racing closed for press. Throughout the hybrid engine era, manufacturers have sought to find an advantage by accessing extra power for short bursts during qualifying. It was Mercedes which coined the term ‘party mode’ in its internal parlance to describe the special engine map; others have struggled to replicate…

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f1 mastermind

Q1 Which is the only GP that Nico Rosberg managed to win three times? Q2 Who is the only driver to have led over 60 GPs but not won the world championship? Q3 How many races did Kimi Räikkönen win when driving for Ferrari: eight, nine or 10? Q4 What did Jack Brabham do in 1960 that didn’t happen again until Alain Prost did it in 1986? Q5 Who has made the third most number of F1 starts by a Dutchman, behind Max and Jos Verstappen? Q6 Which driver raced in F1 for 11 years but scored all 11 of his wins in his first two seasons? Q7 The top 10 constructors in the all-time list of F1 wins includes six current manufacturers, Lotus, Brabham and which other two defunct makes? Q8 Who was the last world…

4 min.
the f1 analyst

Pre COVID-19, McLaren would have celebrated the opening two races of the season in Austria with a well-deserved social gathering. Amazing last laps from Lando Norris delivered a podium and a fifth place; a superb wet qualifying from Carlos Sainz and points in both races put the team second in the constructors’ championship – a performance worthy of a shindig. I can see it now: Zak Brown, CEO, brings the pecan pie, Lando the jelly and ice cream, and Carlos the churros. But what does team principal Andreas Seidl bring to the party? According to a man who has known him for 15 years, it would be something substantial, congratulatory and absolutely spot-on. Mark Webber first met Seidl when driving for Williams in 2005. “Andreas was my engine technician,” says the nine-time…