FineScale Modeler May 2019

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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d-day was our defining moment

Of few things am I certain anymore, but one certainty is that D-Day defined a generation while also reinforcing what the United States and its allies stand for. It is a moment in time we all can see clearly in our minds and agree upon as a necessary (although brutal and costly) action. As we’ve said before, we aren’t here to condone or glorify war or the violence it entails. But we are here to honor the men and women who sacrificed for our freedom. Mostly we are here to celebrate the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the aircraft, armor, ships, and all that were a part of the various conflicts. The machinery of warfare is fascinating and building it brings us closer to the history it represents. All that is a long-winded…

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off the sprue: what’s your favorite wwii movie, why?

Editor Mark Savage Have loved The Longest Day since I was a kid, because of the action, the black and white film, and those drums for the theme song. That sticks with you. Also interesting, it shows the actions both sides were taking and how arrogance and inattention sunk the German effort. Thankfully! P.S. Hope and Glory is great, too. Senior Editor Aaron Skinner Casablanca is a classic movie by any measure (it’s hard to beat Bogart and Bergman!) so it tops my list. It also includes Enemy at the Gates, for its depiction of Stalingrad; Twelve O’Clock High, because B-17s; Das Boot, because claustrophobia; and The Dirty Dozen, just because! Digital Editor Elizabeth Nash I’ll pick two opposites: The Pianist (2002) and The Producers (2005). They’ll both make you cry, just for very different reasons. But, they do have one commonality: music — and I’m…

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scale talk

D-Day diorama focuses on Omaha beach Perfect timing for this issue, Pat Gallagher of Eden Prairie, Minn., sent us a variety of pictures focusing on his large D-Day beach diorama, including not only the invading forces, but German strongholds and bunkers on the bluffs overlooking Normandy’s Omaha beach. Pat is retired U.S. Army Special Forces and builds large-scale dioramas for museums and toy soldier collectors around the world. This is a 50-square-foot depiction of Omaha beach as it appeared in the movie Saving Private Ryan. It was built for a friend. Pat tells us the 1/30 scale diorama contains six landing ships, several bunkers, a dozen vehicles and artillery pieces, and more than 200 German and American troops, all from King and Country Toy Soldiers. He also sculpted and painted dead and…

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new products

AIRCRAFT 1/48 SCALE B-52H U.S. Stratofortress strategic bomber from Model Collect, No. UA72200, $119.99. WBR Tempest Mk. V series 2 from Eduard, No. 8122, $59.95. WBR Mirage III C from Eduard, No. 8103, $59.95. 1/72 SCALE F6F-5 from Eduard, No. 7450, $14.95. Weekend Edition. ARMOR 1/35 SCALE 3Ro Italian truck with 100mm 100/17 howitzer from IBG Models, No. 35053, $74.95. WBR 3Ro Italian truck troop carrier from IBG Models, No. 35055, $68.95. Bergepanther Ausf.G German armored recovery vehicle SdKfz.179 from Takom, No. 2107, $TBA. Full interior. Jagdpanther G2 German tank destroyer SdKfz.173 from Takom, No. 2118, $TBA. Full interior. WBR FIGURES 1/24 SCALE Holy Roller Jordan Jesus Jamerson from Master Box Ltd., No. MB24060, $14.95. Trucker Series No. 7. 1/32 SCALE Pilot Tempest from Plus Model, No. AL3001, $23.90. 1/35 SCALE German tank commander from Djitis Production, No. 35088, $10.25. Syrian SDA fighter from Djitis Production, No. 35089, $10.25. 1/48 SCALE RAF…

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fit for a king

Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Australia-based Demented Games has released Twisted: A Steampunk Skirmish Game. As a big fan of Sebastian Archer’s sculpting, I had to pick up some of his figures, including the collector’s resin edition of the Monkey King. In the game, this character serves as a special agent for the Guild of Harmony. He is stubborn, unruly, and quick to act; but also capable and fast. My monkey reference is the bonnet macaque species, with their smooth faces surrounded by fur. I’ll also use both the box art and the card art to help me along the way. As a challenge to myself, I chose to use a limited color palette for the skin and clothing. Six paints are all that I allowed myself: red 1 from Andrea’s Red…

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painting a u-boat with a colorful past

In 2013, Revell released a 1/72 scale model of German submarine U-505, a Kriegsmarine Type IXc U-boat famously captured by the U.S Navy in June 1944. Commissioned in August 1941, the submarine went through multiple modifications, including repairs after being seriously damaged in late 1942, as well as several camouflage schemes. I decided to model U-505 as it appeared on its final patrol a couple of months before being captured. Revell’s kit sports fantastic details and great fits. I built it mostly out of the box so I could focus on painting a weather-worn finish. So, attention all hands, as we angle down the forward planes and dive (into this model) for a satisfying adventure. The basic colors of U-505 Upper hull colors for late-war U-boats called for in a Kriegsmarine order issued…