FineScale Modeler October 2019

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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expanded how-to + great photo galleries

Sometimes one of our how-to stories commands a bit more attention as the detail is so fine and the information so good that we simply must pump up the page count. That’s the case with James Green’s story this issue where he finishes and drastically improves a classic old Monogram Wildcat kit. Originally, this kit was released in 1961 and is woefully short on detail while also featuring major raised panel lines. James corrects a number of inaccuracies, while adding missing panel lines, enhancing cockpit detail and he does it all in creating a handsome wheels-up version of this popular U.S. Navy fighter. We hope you get some useful tips from James’ Wildcat build. Speaking of detail, we also wrap up Ron Poniatowski’s great how-to series on building America’s first tank. Part 2 delves…

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off the sprue: the furthest you’ve been from home?

Editor Mark Savage Went to the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany years ago and spent a couple extra days exploring gorgeous castles and cathedrals near Munich, plus a few car museums. Travel, I feel, is as vital to the soul as eating is to the body! Senior Editor Aaron Skinner Depends on what I call home. If I say Australia, where I grew up, then I would say Milwaukee is pretty far. If I say Milwaukee, then maybe Iraq. If I say Earth, then nowhere at all. Digital Editor Elizabeth Nash 4,779 miles from Kalmbach Media is Budapest, Hungary, which I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice. No tourists, history on every corner, amazing street food, centuries old bathhouses, and insane nightlife. Highly recommend for any traveler wanting to visit a less well-known city. Editorial Associate Monica Freitag Acapulco Mexico.…

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scale talk

Damaged Phantom diorama You asked for diorama build photos: This is my decades-old 1/48 scale Iranian F-4E diorama. Using the news photo (left) I started building this in early 1981 using Monogram’s Phantom II (No. 5800). It wasn’t until progress had been made that the (center) news photo of the nose appeared. I removed the nose from an Esci F-4E Phantom II (No. C-4041U) for my diorama. The figure comes from a Monogram Devastator; I reworked it with putty. The fuselage edges were thinned and I used foil from wine bottles for the crumpled aircraft skin. I created concrete panels with a hobby knife cutting into artist mat board, then airbrushed the color and stains. – Joe Nottingham, Beaumont, Calif. Learning at shows I recently went to a local model show, and brought along several…

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reader tips

Decant spray paint Sometimes there are only certain colors of paint available in spray cans, so how do you transfer the contents of the rattle can, so that it can be used in an airbrush, with little to no mess? I found a technique that seems to solve this issue. Parts needed: Can of spray paint, transfer straw (from WD40, compressed air, etc.), paint pipette, and paint catch bottle. Here are my steps: 1. Remove the spray valve (red) assembly from the paint can. 2. Remove the spray nozzle (white) from the valve. 3. Insert a transfer straw (from WD40, compressed air, etc.) into nozzle opening. Super glue in place, if needed. 4. Cut round end off pipette, and insert straw into narrow end of pipette. Next it’s time to transfer the paint. 1. Shake rattle can for the…

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new products

AIRCRAFT 1/24 SCALE 1/32 SCALE 1/48 SCALE 1/72 SCALE ARMOR 1/35 SCALE 1/72 SCALE FIGURES 1/700 SCALE SPACECRAFT 1/48 SCALE AUTOS 1/12 SCALE 1/25 SCALE 1/35 SCALE AIRCRAFT DETAILS 1/32 SCALE 1/48 SCALE 1/72 SCALE ARMOR DETAILS 1/35 SCALE BOOKS WWII in the Desert (Painting Wargaming Figures), $22.95, by Andy Singleton, soft cover, 157 pages, all color photos, ISBN: 1526716313. From Pen & Sword Books Limited. StuG III & IV —German Army, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe Western Front, 1944-1945,$22.95, by Dennis Oliver, soft cover, 64 pages, color photos and renderings, few B/W photos, ISBN: 1526755866 Tank Craft. From Pen & Sword Books Sand & Steel — The D-Day Invasion and the Liberation of France,$34.95, by Peter Caddick-Adams, hard cover, 1072 pages, few B/W photos, ISBN: 978-0-19-060189-8. From Pen & Sword Books Limited. Scale Model Handbook Ancient Warriors,$28.11, soft cover, 82 pages, all color photos, ISSN: 2653-8636. From Mr. Black Publications. Electronic Aggressors: Part One 1949-1977 (Navy Electronic Threat…

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the doctor will see you now

This month is the perfect time to break out your creepiest of figures. In my case, it was this hideously beautiful bust of the Joker at about 1/20 scale or 50mm tall. It comes in four parts: the body with the head, two arms, and the hands that are molded together. All are cast in crisp gray resin. To paint him, I used my new brushes from ZEM Brush ( They are well constructed and affordable — highly recommend. I primed with my usual Tamiya sky gray (XF-19). The face’s base is Vallejo deck tan (70.986) mixed with Nocturna purple shadow (74.011). More at Go online to see how Joe prepped the figure and painted his outfit:…