FineScale Modeler November 2019

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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ipms 2019 a winner in a big way!

Wow! This year’s IPMS/USA (International Plastic Modelers Society) national convention in Chattanooga was a blast. I’ve only been to five of these big shows, but to me, this one was a home run in every way possible. First, the Chattanooga Convention Center is gorgeous and spacious, perfectly suited to the show. Second, the Chattanooga event’s team was well organized, hosted plenty of how-to seminars, and performed flawlessly, even getting more display tables quickly delivered once they saw how monstrous the model entry count was going to be. But, it was the modelers and vendors that made this show special. First, there were nearly 3,000 entries in the contest, some comprising 20-30 models each. Then there was the Display Only area at the front of the room with nearly 1,700 models from noted builders,…

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off the sprue: what are you thankful for?

Editor Mark Savage Like most it’s my family and friends, and as I hit my 60s any day I wake up not feeling worse than the day before. In fact, just waking up is a win. But the biggest blessing is grandchildren, and the natural beauty that surrounds and inspires us each day, if only we take the time to enjoy it. Senior Editor Aaron Skinner Snow. Night. The novels of Franz Kafka. Digital Editor Elizabeth Nash I am thankful for kettle corn (a perfect trinity of sweet, salty, and crunchy), black and white movies (they just don’t make them like they used to), and the company I watch them with (I love my friends and family and try to show them how much I appreciate them by sharing my kettle corn). Editorial Associate Monica Freitag First, my health — after…

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scale talk

Enjoyed workbench story I really enjoyed reading “Setting up your workbench” in the December 2018 issue. I know how important it is for us modelers to feel comfortable and secure in our work rooms. It is not just an ordinary room. Airplanes are taking off for sorties from here, life is at risk in dive-bombing, and camaraderie with other pilots becomes stronger every day. Reloading a No. 11 blade into a hobby knife takes some guts and an accidental spill of the Micro Set could dissolve fingers right off our hands. But we always return to our seat behind the workbench unhesitatingly. I have been an avid modeller for many years. I successfully compete with my models in Vancouver (British Columbia) and Seattle (Washington). Every ribbon I receive feels like being praised for having a…

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reader tips

Coat your tweezers to avoid scratches Here’s an idea I came upon because I didn’t want to spend the money for coated tweezers. Just make your own. I have found flat acrylic paint to be prone to scratching, especially prior to clear-coating, when handling with tweezers. So instead of a paint repair job, I needed coated tweezers. But those come in a limited choice of styles, and tend to be pricey for what you get. My solution? Buy cheap tweezers (you don’t need precision tweezers if you are going to be coating them) and a can of plastic dip. I only coated three, but for $20 you could make eight or 10 soft-tip tweezers of every geometry to suit your needs. – Mike Christie Phoenixville, Pa. Erasing liquid cement errors How many times have you applied…

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new products

AIRCRAFT 1/32 SCALE 1/48 SCALE 1/72 SCALE 1/144 SCALE ARMOR ⅙ SCALE 1/9 SCALE 1/35 SCALE SHIPS 1/400 SCALE 1/700 SCALE SCIENCE FICTION 1/670 SCALE 1/2500 SCALE AUTOMOBILES 1/24 SCALE 1/25 SCALE REAL SPACE 1/72 SCALE AIRCRAFT DECALS 1/48 SCALE 1/72 SCALE 1/144 SCALE BOOKS Workbench Reviews Look for a detailed review in an upcoming issue of FSM. WBR Find us on Facebook Connect with modelers from across the globe, share ideas, have some fun! More at Check out New Product Rundown, the twice-monthly video series where FSM opens the lids on kits: Welcome New Manufacturers VOIIO…

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weather a super sabre

I just like the look of the Century Series jets,” says Tom Reese to describe his motivation for building Trumpeter’s 1/48 scale F-100C. It also gave him a chance to apply Southeast Asia camouflage for the first time and paint heat-discolored panels around the engine. After wiping the completed airframe and separate tailplanes with isopropyl alcohol, Tom sprayed them with Alclad II gray primer and microfiller. He lightly sanded that layer to a glass-smooth surface, then airbrushed the components with an overall layer of Testors Model Master gloss black enamel and put them aside to dry for a few days. Not only is gloss black necessary for the Alclad metallic colors to applied on the tail, but in this case, it serves as a black base or pre-shading layer for the…