FineScale Modeler April 2021

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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building kits and stashes

Maybe I’m fickle when it comes to modeling. Or perhaps I’m easily influenced by the work of others. Every build we get into the magazine makes me want to build that subject or try that technique. Because of that inspiration, I’ve acquired a lot of kits and detail sets. Take the issue you are holding right now as an example. As a Star Wars fan since 1977, I love Kyle Williams’ Y-wing, especially the imagination demonstrated in the battle damage and scratchbuilt base. Fortunately, I already have Bandai’s 1/72 scale kit of the Rebel starfighter. The same can’t be said for Nick Amburgey’s fabulous rat rod. These radical custom cars are not a subject that typically would have made my to-do list, but now I’m thinking about it. The trouble is I…

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scale talk

Stretcher? Spacer? Try Javelin The “spacers” on Chuck Davis’ Stearman PT-17 (November 2020 Workbench Reviews) are properly called javelins. They do keep flying and landing wires separated, but they serve more to break up the harmonic vibration that would occur in flight if the rigging lines were long uninterrupted runs. The wires are under tension, but that is a pretty long stretch from the N strut to the fuselage on a PT-17 Biplanes like the Stearman usually use a simple wood dowel for the javelin, and it is tied to the wires with leather or waxed cord. My Christen Eagle aerobatic biplane uses fancy, machined, telescoping metal javelins. I have only seen the javelins on airplanes with rolled stainless steel streamlined wires. The wires themselves have left-hand threads on one end and right-hand…

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Scale cameras? Q I’ve been a subscriber for a while and always enjoy the articles and information in each issue. I was wondering if any manufacturer out there might consider doing a 1/35 scale kit of camera and recording gear. Maybe a war correspondent set or gear only. I think this could really add to diorama builders’ range of subject matter. Thanks, and keep it going. – Neil Murray Pittsburgh, Pa. A There are a few cameras on tripods around and MiniArt includes small cameras in each of its 1/35 scale World War II infantry weapons and equipment sets. Amongst Reed Oak’s ( range of 1/35 scale 3D-printed figures are modern photographers with various styles of equipment, one of which is shown at right.…

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new products

AIRCRAFT 1/72 SCALE Focke Wulf Fw 189B-0/B-1 Luftwaffe Trainer from Special Hobby, No. SH72430, $24.30. EoN Eton TX.I/SG-38 over Western Europe from Special Hobby, No. SH72442, $9.80. A-20A/B/DB-7C Havoc/Boston Early Gunships from Special Hobby, No. SH72423, $32.40. PZL P.24G in Turkish Service from IBG Models, No. 72525, $13.50. ARMOR 1/35 SCALE King Tiger from Airfix, No. A1369, $54.99. M3 Grant from Airfix, No. A1370, $37.99. M12 GMC from Airfix, No. A1372, $49.99. PzBeobWg IV Ausf J Late/Last Prod. 2 in 1 with crew from MiniArt, No. 35344, $TBA. PzKpfw IV Ausf H Vomag Early Prod. June 1943 from MiniArt, No. 35302, $TBA. PzKpfw IV Ausf J Nibelungenwerk Late Prod. (Jan - Feb 1945) Interior kit from MiniArt, No. 35342, $TBA. 1/72 SCALE Bedford QL refueller from IBG Models, No. 72082, $13.50. T-55A MBT from Italeri, No. 7081, $27.99. FIGURES 1/48 SCALE Bf 109G German pilot, seated (for Eduard) from…

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re-marking a lend-lease airacobra

The most numerous foreign fighter in Soviet service during World War II was the P-39. Among the initial group supplied were more than 200 Airacobra Mk.Is originally destined for the Royal Air Force. Bill Von Staden of Germantown, Tennessee, modified a Hasegawa P-39 to reproduce one of these with RAF markings painted out using medium blue wood primer before the Soviet insignia was added. For the camouflage and patches, Bill mixed Tamiya acrylics with 50-60% Tamiya lacquer thinner, then added a drop of Mr. Hobby Mr. Retarder to the airbrush cup. Powering his airbrushes with a cylinder of pressurized nitrogen, he sprayed covering coats at about 18 psi On the Airacobra, he started with a base coat of medium sea gray (XF-83) applied using an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS fitted with a .5mm…

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dressing a highlander

To show how one goes about spacing and placing the fine lines that make up a tartan, I chose the resin 75mm Scottish Clansman from the Battle of Culloden figure from Michael Kontraros Collectibles. The kit was sculpted by Christos Panagiotopoulos and he did an amazing job with the details. The socks are another project all on their own, but taking the time with them produces outstanding results. Unless otherwise noted, I used Scale 75 acrylics. No. 2 and No. 2/0 brushes from RedgrassGames worked well because the bristles come to a sharp point and are long enough to hold the amount of paint needed to achieve continuous lines.…