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Fortean Times chronicles the stranger side of life, delivering a heady mix of weird world news, up-to-date reports and features on every aspect of the unexplained: myths, monsters, ghosts and UFOs rub shoulders with ancient wonders and future science, while expert columnists bring you the latest on everything from cryptozoology to conspiracy theory. Open-minded, well informed and maintaining a healthy sense of humour, Fortean Times is the only place to go for a sensible look at our mad planet – it will change the way you see the world.

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indexing the world of weird

Welcome to another issue of FT, and a snapshot of our mad planet from the vantage point of mid-January 2021. Thus far, anyone hoping that the year ahead would be a bit less weird than the one that preceded it is likely to be feeling disappointed. It is important that we can put new manifestations of strangeness into some sort of context; so as the team digs in, ready to chronicle another 12 months of strangeness, FT founder Bob Rickard updates us on the evolving project to index over 45 years of Fortean Times. INDEXING UPDATE 2021 It is with some astonishment that I remember us starting on the indexing test of FT67 in 2014. The scanning of back issues had been going on for some years before that, but six years…

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who is the q shaman?

By the time this issue hits the newsstands, we will know whether President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20January was marked by violent protest similar to that seen on 6 January in Washington DC, when thousands of Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the United States Capitol building while Congress was certifying Biden’s election victory. Scenes of the violent protest/riot, which led to the deaths of five people, were captured on film, often by the rioters themselves. Among the more surreal images that appeared were those depicting the so-called ‘Q Shaman’ (aka Jake Angeli, aka Jacob Chansley), currently in federal custody and refusing food because it is not organic. He is a well-known presence at protests supporting Trump’s claims of a rigged election or opposing Covid-19 lockdowns. He is also a familiar figure at…

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disclosure: trump is an alien

The year 2020, of course, saw all manner of fringe ‘conspiracy’ or ‘alternate reality’ theories that challenge the mainstream media’s (MSM) narrative. What with QAnon, the Plandemic, the Great Reset – with George Soros and Bill Gates apparently playing major roles, especially with regard to a SARS-2-CoV vaccine – it was a bumper year. One of the most far-out theories to date was that advanced by Richard Van Steenberg, who, when prompted by the news that then-President Trump had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, tweeted: “Earthlings, prepare to be attacked…” Three years ago, Steenberg started an online petition called ‘Disclose: Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us’, which garnered over 10,000 signatures. With 30,000 Twitter followers, Steenberg is by no means a lone crank (although it could be argued that the…

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covid corner

LONDON’S COVID DREAMS A collaborative project between the Museum of London and the Museum of Dreams at Western University in Canada is curating peoples’ dreams during the coronavirus pandemic, collected recordings of conversations between volunteers and psychoanalysts in which they discuss their dreams and their possible meanings. The Guardians of Sleep project (its name inspired by Freud’s description of dreams as the ‘guardians of sleep’, wherein dreams are seen as night watchmen who help to preserve the integrity of the mind) seeks to record the powerful, bizarre and sometimes unsettling thoughts and images engendered by the pandemic. Across the globe, vivid dreams have been a feature of 2020, attributed variously to the fact of many people working from home and therefore staying asleep for longer, or to a lack of external stimuli during…

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MASKSCAM A conman stole over $100,000 from customers at casinos in Michigan and Kansas using a prosthetic mask. John Colletti, 55, disguised himself as an elderly man to evade suspicion, targeting his victims by illegally obtaining personal information and using counterfeit driver’s licences to withdraw funds from their personal bank accounts via self-service kiosks at the casinos. edition.cnn.com, 25 July 2020. DEMANDINGGUESTS A survey of hotel chain Travelodge’s 575 UK and 10 Irish hotels has revealed various bizarre requests made by guests, including wanting a spare bed for a child’s imaginary friend and a spare room to store 200 butterflies for a wedding. Other customers asked for a bag of soil from Liverpool’s Anfield stadium, enquired how to get an honorary degree from Oxford University for a grandmother, and insisted staff stop seagulls…

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beat the devil

STATUE TOPPLED AND SITE EXORCISED On 17 October, the Archbishop of San Francisco performed a short exorcism ceremony outside a church in San Rafael, California, where protesters had earlier toppled a statue of Father Junipero Serra, an 18th-century Spanish Franciscan missionary priest. Serra established missions in Mexico in the 1750s and 1760s and converted many indigenous Mexican people, later travelling north to what is now California, where he established nine missions, spending the rest of his life attempting to convert local Native Americans. Critics say Serra forced them to abandon their culture or face imprisonment, corporal punishment and torture. He was canonised in 2015 by Pope Francis. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone performed the ritual before 150 supporters before holding a special Mass inside St Raphael Catholic Church. He said the ceremony was intended…