Garden Gate Jan/Feb 2018

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from the editor

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2018 is now here. This means it’s time for our New Plants issue. We had a sneak peek at these plants last summer, and it’s exciting to say the least. Some of my favorites? The colors of ‘Passion Fruit’ dahlia and ‘Pink Lemonade’ false indigo flowers and the little Wee White smooth hydrangea shrub. However all of the annuals, perennials and shrubs we’ll show you have interesting features that we thought you should know about. And, as always, some of the plants may be in limited supply this year. Be sure to sign up for our free weekly eNote at www.GardenGateNotes.com or follow us on social media, where we’ll introduce you to even more great new plants in coming weeks. But new plants aren’t…

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stop the squirrels

Romelia De Baran, California Are your squirrels desperate for your suet, and are you desperate for a way to keep them out? Romelia realized an easy solution to keeping her suet feeders secure. She attached one end of an S-shaped carabiner to a chain that hung around her tree’s branch and the other end to the suet holder, being sure to hook where the door of the feeder clasped to the rest of the feeder. The carabiner secures the door closed and keeps the suet holder from being easily knocked open by a squirrel.…

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great ideas from smart gardenrs

Vacation for house plants Geraldine Zilinsky, Illinois Because going on a vacation meant asking someone to water her indoor plants, Geraldine found a different solution. When vacationing for three weeks or less, she placed all of her houseplants in the bathtub and filled the tub with an inch or two of water. Making sure the drainage holes weren’t clogged, she left the plants in the water, where they stayed hydrated—without anyone needing to check on them. Now when she returns from a vacation, she isn’t the only one in her home feeling refreshed! Home after the holidays Kristine Martin, Pennsylvania After Christmas, Kristine went to a local tree farm and bought three precut Christmas trees on discount to repurpose them into temporary shelter for the birds. The trees had holes drilled into their trunks, so…

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pest watch

Thrips Thrips are small insects that hide within developing leaves and tight buds of a variety of crops and ornamental flowers, where they can cause damage before being detected. There are many different species of thrips but they all share similarities. LIFE CYCLE AND DAMAGE Adults are less than 2 mm in size and can be white, yellow, brown or black. Thrips eggs are laid within the layers of leaves. The larvae feed on the fluid of cells in leaves, causing streaking, spotting and silvery discoloration, and can stunt growth or cause premature loss of leaves. Some thrips transmit harmful viruses like tomato spotted wilt virus and impatiens necrotic spot virus. MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL While thrips have developed resistance to many pesticides, insecticidal soap and neem oil work well to control them. In…

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see something old in a new way

Almost anything can be a container—as long as it holds soil and lets water drain, plants will probably grow there. A glass lamp shade can be just the right size and has drainage already built in. Check out these two glass lamp shade container ideas from our test garden! Colorful basket Firecracker flower is a tropical plant that likes the heat. If the pansies start to fade in hot weather, you could replace them with purple verbenas (Verbena hybrids). Give these plants full to part sun. Learn how to make the hanging basket in the photo below. Tabletop charm Having a party and want to dress up your patio? Put together a tray of these charming little single-plant containers. To keep the tray clean, remove the containers to water and let them drain before…

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how to choose and set stones

Stone, whether you have a single big one, small groups, or a large collection, adds a beautiful hard contrast in a sea of soft plants. Where and how you place stones is somewhat in the eye of the beholder, but that’s part of the fun! If adding rocks in your garden is new to you, Joseph Tychonievich has some great tips to get you started. Having worked as the nursery manager at Arrowhead Alpines, a premier rock garden nursery in Michigan, he knows how to choose the right rocks and offers some useful tips for working them into any garden artfully. PICK OUT THE RIGHT STONE Maybe you’re lucky and happen to have a selection of rocks in your yard because of the natural topography. If you don’t, visit a local…