Garden Gate March/April 2019

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from the editor

Change is in the air and in the pages of Garden Gate. If you’ve been part of our family, you probably noticed this issue is a little bigger, both in size and number of pages. We’ve been hard at work creating even more great content and giving the look a little refresh as well. Even with these updates, it’s still the same great type of information you’ve come to know and that won’t change. Our devotion to you and gardening continues to be our mission in everything we do. Through the years we’ve been able to visit many of the gardens we showcase in the magazine and we meet amazing gardeners along the way, as well as wonderful, furry characters like Hannah and Amanda above, from Dean and Cam Williams’ Virginia…

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garden gate online

Design Like a Pro Find inspiration, solutions for tough spots and design secrets from the pros — including this gorgeous spring makeover. GardenGateMagazine.com/articles/design-ideas/ Best Plants For... If you’re ready to add some new plants this year, find out which ones are best for bees, which ones deer avoid, which ones thrive in clay soil and more in our plant guides. GardenGateMagazine.com/articles/flowers-plants/ Garden Gate® Notes Get timely garden tips, see special offers and enter contests gardeners love. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER GardenGateNotes.com LOOKING FOR GARDEN INSPIRATION? @GARDENGATEMAG Follow Us On Pinterest! See what plants and projects we’re loving right now on our Spring Gardening board. WEB EXTRA GGMAGEXTRA.COM Keep an eye out for this icon throughout the issue and check out GGMagExtra.com for expanded articles online.…

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{meet} jack coyier

WHAT I’VE LEARNED... Avoid the middle of the day. If you take a photo of a flower you really like, revisit it at different times of the day. In morning and evening, shadows aren’t as deep, and there’s a nice direction to the light. Move around. It’s easy to focus a photo on a beautiful flower and forget the background. Look at it from several angles to be sure the background sets it off well. Instagram has been a great way to share images from our travels and connect us to gardeners we wouldn’t have known otherwise. Be sure to check out our feed and say hello @gardengatemagazine. Buffalo, New York, gardeners are the most passionate group of gardeners that I’ve met. I don’t know if it’s because of the harsh winters and short…

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great ideas from smart gardeners

Use old cookie and candy tins to hold small garden tools out of the elements. Tuck the tins under shrubs, hide them behind tree trunks and nestle them into perennial beds so you can tidy up the garden at a moment’s notice. Charlotte Cross, IL Turn it upside down Lita Mathy, CA A plant stand works great when placed on the firm surface of a patio or entryway. But say you want some extra height and interest in your garden bed. The uneven ground would be too wobbly to support a plant stand and a container. So Lita turned the stand upside down. For extra security, you can see she added rocks in the bottom. One of her pots fit perfectly in the opening so she doesn’t need to worry about it tipping…

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pest watch

Asparagus beetle Crioceris asparagi What it looks like Adult asparagus beetles are ¼ inch long, oval-shaped and black and brown with six cream spots on their backs. Their eggs are small, dark brown and oval-shaped as well, and larvae are small and gray with black heads. Where to find it Asparagus beetles overwinter in debris near the asparagus patch. They emerge as asparagus sprouts in spring and begin laying eggs on the spears. Larvae hatch, feed on the foliage and then drop to the ground to become adults. This whole process is about one month long. Some adults will feed on the spears themselves, causing spears to bend over and brown. But most larvae and adults feed on the foliage, which weakens the plant. This decreases the crop the following year and makes…

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sensational spring containers

Sometimes unpredictable weather—early thaws, late frosts, snow that won’t melt—can throw off an entire spring garden. But container gardens offer a little more flexibility. For one, you don’t have to fret if a plant didn’t make it through the winter; instead, stroll through the store until you find something blooming just as you’d like. Grab every budding and flowering plant that tickles your fancy, and don’t be shy. Spring doesn’t last long, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack in the plants! MAKE IT COUNT Fill big containers, such as the one here, with a mix of small shrubs, perennials, long-blooming annuals and brief spring beauties for a longer-lasting display. But if you want something small, sweet and exclusively spring, turn the page. Fire Up the Flowers The trick to a big, enchanting…