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from the editor

A better place Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived—that is to have succeeded.” This previous spring a few of the Garden Gate team and others from our Des Moines office volunteered to cut and remove invasive woody species from the edge of an overgrown pond in one of our city parks. At the end of a very tiring day, with blisters, scrapes and lots of sore muscles, I think everyone agreed it was worthwhile and amazing to begin the process of a much larger park renovation that will impact tens of thousands of people in years to come. On page 56…

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garden gate online

It’s Butterfly Season! Find out which plants will bring in the most butterflies (and hummingbirds!) GardenGateMagazine.com/articles /flowers-plants/ Garden Gate® Notes Get timely garden tips, see special offers and enter drawings gardeners love. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER GardenGateNotes.com JOIN OUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY @GARDENGATEMAGAZINE Like Comment Share Follow Us On Facebook! Our Facebook community is growing every day — join us! Follow what we’re doing and see what other gardeners think when you like us on Facebook. GGMAGEXTRA.COM Keep an eye out for this icon throughout the issue and check out GGMagExtra.com for expanded articles online.…

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{meet} jennifer howell

WHAT I’VE LEARNED... Pearl Glam® beautyberry is beautiful in fall. This shrub’s dark foliage and bright purple berries have been so pretty at our test garden! I’ll definitely be planting it at home. You can help your Christmas tree last longer. Here are some tips I offer customers at my family’s Christmas tree farm: Give it a fresh cut before you set it up, water with lukewarm water (rather than cold) and display it away from a window or a heat vent. Don’t give up on perennials. I’ve waited four years for my little mukdenia (Mukdenia rossii) to shine, and this year it’s finally large and bloomed beautifully. Try not to overwater your houseplants. As “The Plant Lady,” I also take care of houseplants for local businesses. When I finally discovered and vacuumed the…

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reader tips

The curved handle of a fingernail brush allows you to slip it over your hand and scrub freshly harvested vegetables with vigor and control. Plus, these brushes are more readily available and affordable than most vegetable scrubbers.Carlisle Hansen, IA Floriferous bird bath Cynthia Rodrigue, ME Here’s a pretty DIY bird bath idea that you will get to enjoy as much as the birds. Cynthia filled a hanging basket with a liner and potting mix, but instead of planting inside, she planted trailing annuals on the outside of the basket by cutting openings into the liner. In the photo above, you can see how she placed a plastic plant saucer on top of the potting mix and filled it with water for the birds. The basket hangs from a tree limb where the birds…

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pest watch

Raspberry horntail Hartigia cressonii Adults are small, mostly black wasps with a few yellow markings and a spine at the tip of the tail. They lay pearlike eggs and their larvae, with white bodies and light brown heads, have a spine at the tip as well. Damage Adults themselves don’t cause any damage. But they lay their eggs in the canes of raspberries, blackberries and roses. Larvae hatch inside the canes and burrow in the pith, causing stems to girdle and new growth to wilt. Eventually they cause canes to die back. There may be one to two generations per year, with larvae overwintering in the canes. Control These pests are relatively easy to control, and the sooner the problem is identified, the quicker they can be eliminated. You may be able to spot…

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easy-to-make gabions

If you’ve liked the look of gabion retaining walls or fencing but wondered how in the world to get something so big in your garden, these projects might just be the solution. They’re sized to fit in any space and easily go together in an afternoon. A trip to the home improvement store and a local flea market will supply you with everything you need. However, both projects are heavy—so it’s a good idea to take all the materials to the place you want it and build on site. MILK CRATE MAKEOVER Old wire frame milk crates like those at left make a sturdy table for your favorite beverage. Depending on your furniture, you might want to make it one or two crates tall. For a stacked table, set one on…