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What comes to mind when you think of bullying? The school playground, perhaps? Aged nine, I remember scrubbing my lips in the mirror in a bid to make them smaller after classmates laughed at me for having a larger than normal pout. My mum comforted me, saying I’d learn to love them with age, but in that moment, I desperately wanted to change the way I looked – because of someone else. Fast forward to now, the playground has moved online – except these days it’s grown women doing the damage, not school kids, as reported in our feature The Ugly Truth About Beauty Bullying on page 52. Of course, social media has empowered many to share their ‘imperfections’ – and to redefine and embrace their own ideals of beauty, whether…

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the new inspo flow

street smart STREET STYLE GOES FURTHER THAN JUST FASHION: BEAUTY PLAYS A STARRING ROLE, TOO. THIS SEASON, THE COLOUR CLASH IS BACK WITH STATEMENT LIPS, BRIGHT EYES AND HAIR IN EVERY SHADE OF NEON. BRIGHT EYES Even the most minimal of dressers are killing colour when it comes to creating look-at-me peepers. The low-key opt for a flick of coloured liner; the daring do the double. Who to follow: @dausell @beautyisboring_ VAMPY LIPS The more dramatic the contrast, the better. Deep plums, jet blacks and Merlot reds have taken AW street style by storm. HI-VIS HAIR Subtle grey and lilac have been swapped for bolder-than-ever ’dos in pink, blue, yellow and purple. Different hair shades are worn as block colour, or in a ‘mess-is-more’ ’80s Polaroid rinse. Who to follow: @bleachlondon music made me do it OUR LOVE FOR MADONNA AND…

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show stopper

Bold over Marc Jacobs spins us a chic AF hair colour palette of jewel tones on bowl-shaped wigs, dyed by super colourist Josh Wood. “Each colour was shade-matched to the outfit and designed to look as if it was lit by a neon club light,” he said. Seriously lit skin Shine, glow, gleam… whatever you call it, just max out on reflective skin as seen at Temperley London. Try Mixing Medium Shine, £16.50, Mac – it’s like a lipgloss for your face. Lips & lids sync Throwback to ’90s supermodels with matchy-matchy coffee, taupe and tan, updated with big brows at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. Moody metallics Emporio Armani delivers soft-goth glam with smoky sparkles and shimmer in wood, charcoal and moss. Try Moondust Eye Shadow in Zodiac and Scorpio, both £16, Urban Decay. Portrait-mode hair Hit the art…

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hey, it’s ok..

…to get loads of compliments on your hair, but know the one thing you did differently was to wash it #boom …if jumping up and down to pull up your Spanx is the only exercise you’ve done all week …to fake tan according to the outfit you’re wearing (bronzed calves + pasty thighs, anyone?) …if you down two litres of water before bed one time and wake up wondering why your skin isn’t glowing …to admit you’ve had a mini meltdown on realising you’ve accidentally clicked FaceTime sitting naked on the loo …if you lose your sh*t every time you see a huge spider fake eyelash lying on your bedside table …to feel like a mega hun for running 5K – even if everyone else on your Instagram is casually bossing marathons …if you did your make-up…

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the ugly truth about beauty bullying

“They knew how to kick me when I was down,” says Anna Saccone Joly (@annasaccone), a 30-year-old lifestyle vlogger from Surrey. In 2016, after miscarrying her baby at 11 weeks, Anna posted some fitness videos on YouTube. “I was trying to keep positive and put on a brave face,” she says. But a pack of online bullies ripped into her like wolves. Beneath each video appeared a torrent of fat-shaming abuse; she was tagged in unflattering screenshots on Instagram and bullies set up a hashtag #SaveObeseAnna. “Obviously I hadn’t lost weight from when I’d been pregnant, but after I announced that I had miscarried, the bullying actually got worse. I was in one of my lowest places ever mentally – and they jumped on it. I struggled to cope because…

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platform protection

Instagram A ‘bully filter’ uses AI software to identify and hide comments that attack appearance, threaten or incite divisive behaviour. You can also block users, and report bullying via an online form. Facebook Facebook reviews all reported bullying and removes anything that doesn’t fit its standards. You can also block someone, and report a threatening message in Messenger by tapping ‘something’s wrong’. YouTube You can report or block a user and flag inappropriate content. YouTube has a helpfully broad definition of ‘harassment’ – abusive videos, hurtful and negative comments, humiliation and revealing someone’s personal info. Twitter You can block a user and anyone found in breach of Twitter’s hateful conduct policy can be suspended. The ‘show more replies’ function was introduced in June to hide comments from accounts displaying troll-like behaviour. Snapchat Flag an abusive story or snap by…