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we need to talk about…

Pubic hair. I never imagined I’d start an editor’s letter with those two words. Who knew that something so natural could divide opinion so much? Whether you wax, laser or let it all grow, just the mention of it in our office inspired a half-hour of raucous debate, screaming and laughter. It got us asking: what is influencing our views on this, and why is pubic hair still such a prominent feminist issue? Our hair, from our head to our toes, is where we direct much of our beauty time and money, with the average woman spending £23,000 on waxing and £47,000 on (head) hair maintenance in her lifetime. From haircuts to eyebrow threading, bleaching upper lips and lasering everything else in sight, it’s exhausting just thinking about it. But the…

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welcome to the glamifesto

Here at GLAMOUR, we think that it’s time to be honest. Yes, we care about climate change, but sometimes we care about the Kardashian/Jenners more – and #NoJudgement, thank you very much. Because here’s the thing: life today is full on. There’s all the worrying about Brexit and making sure we’ve put our recycling in the right bin, while also feeling like we should be giving our time to charity and binge watching the new Netflix drops. So, how do we balance the must-see with the must-do? Welcome to our every-base-covered guide to plugging in, going out, Netflix and actual chilling, and a whole lot of life inspo all rolled into one. Call it the Glamifesto. Call it whatever the hell you want (no judgement, remember). Just read it, and thank us…

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pretty, powerful

Hard as nails These aren’t nails, they’re nailz: fierce talons, loaded with colour and studded with gems for a look that gives zero fucks about being dainty or ladylike. Born to reign Regal centre partings cascade with jewels in rainbow shades for AW19. Finally, a hair look worthy of the queens that we are. Giving lip Revamping red from old-school seduction cliche into badass beauty statement. Paired with bleached brows, it’s punk-rock perfect. Yes, eye can Say no to restrictions: on your individuality or on your make-up. Get ready to put up a flight, go beyond the crease and push shadow outside it's comfort zone with power brights. Big hair, don’t care Sleek, tamed up-dos are making way for huge hair that takes up space with no apologies. It’s our turn, manspreading. Lash mob Untamed, undone and unconcerned with convention, these…

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hey, it’s ok…

…to Marie Kondo your toxic friends. Do they spark joy? No? Out they go… if you borrow your boyfriend’s beard trimmer for your own grooming to think FOMO should be officially recognised as an anxiety disorder if you still use your ex’s Netflix account #ExFlix to hang a ‘CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE’ sign on the office toilet door, so you can poo in peace if you tell all your mates you’re doing Couch To 5K. Downloading the app three weeks ago counts as killing it, right? to use foundation to cover up your bikini-line shaving rash. That’s what we call full coverage if you’re so single, half your bed is used purely for storing snacks to wear a bikini when you run out of clean undies. Always beach-ready if ‘I have plans with myself’ is your go-to excuse for not…

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the instagram call-out for revolution

We’re living in a new age of activism. Where once the fight was brash, physical protest, a subtler – but no less impactful – wave of Insta activism has risen to the top of our feeds, and it’s finally coming for fashion and beauty. Its name? Cancel culture. The ability to bring a person, brand or entire industry to its knees by the sheer power of internet fury. Think Johnny Depp after the Amber Heard abuse allegations. It’s simple: you’re called out. You’re cancelled. Bye, bye. At the heart of this are two trailblazing Insta accounts: Diet Prada and Estee Laundry (with a slew of upcoming others, including Yeezy Busta and Retail Slambook). Their mission is to call out the misdeeds of brands, influencers, and, yes, publications such as GLAMOUR. Our goal…

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why are pubes still a feminist issue?

“I’d been tending to my pubes like they were somebody’s else garden I’d been asked to look after” When I first sat down to write this article, I had just finished a very unsatisfying internet search. I’d procrastinated for an hour, looking for a salon in London that advertises the type of wax that I want. It shouldn’t be so hard to find, right? But as the search went on, I began to wonder if this wax is not yet advertised on the internet… because I have invented it? This wax, which I call (through no stretch of the imagination) ‘The Grace’, consists of a full bikini wax and snail trail, a wax half way down the inner thighs (because let’s just all admit that our pubes do not stop at our…