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There is a saying that my first boss, who I admired greatly, used to live by: ‘The harder the day, the higher the heel.’ She grew up in the ’70s when women were starting to own the workplace, but in doing so, had to be strong and fierce. A killer heel was a physical manifestation of their power and success; it gave them confidence and control to face those male-only boardrooms. I may be working in different times, but I live by a similar adage. For me, it’s: ‘The harder the day, the bigger the blow-dry.’ Three times a week I wash and straighten my hair at home. It’s a skill I learned very young from my Iranian-born mother, who would blow my thick, wavy, mixed-heritage hair into a sleek, glamorous…

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the glamifesto

Phones down, eyes forward, take a deep, Goop-level breath… Your Glamifesto for the summer is here. Inspired by the honesty of our fabulous cover star, queen of the clapback and down-toearth LOLz, Chrissy Teigen, we’re dedicating our new decade attitude to keeping it real. And by real, we mean IRL. Tear your eyes away from that Insta screen, compare yourself to the best you, not the best them and soak up some culture – whether that’s in the stalls of the theatre or knee-deep in mud at a festival. Intense, or in tents, be social beyond social media. Get inspired by the fictional super-women lighting up our screens. Read books that make your heart soar and your brain whirl. Take time off TikTok and tap into the issues you really care about. Our guide to…

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the greatest show - offs

Crystal gaze How mojor is this 3D foce jewellery? Toke beauty into a new expressive realm with maxi-embellishment. Adorn your foce with metallic crystals, feathers and flowers - more is never enough Lightning lids Neon eye make-up in volatile, acidic tones dominated the shows. The new way to wear it? Smudged and thumb-smeared with imperfect soft-focus edges, and worn-in like you’ve been up all night raving. A-grade liner Doodles shift from notepads to lids and lashlines, with scribbles and graphic lines in school-uniform shades. Pencil cases at the ready: the beauty pen is mightier than all. Clear points Negative-space nails with undressed tip zones bring the kind of beautiful weirdness that feels so right, right now. Rave head Gwen Stefani called: she wants her '90s No Doubt spacebuns ruling the streets again - the catwalk answered. Keep them soft…

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hey, it’s ok…

…if you think Kanye might be forming a cult – and to kinda want to join it …to steal your friend’s phone and replace their awful ex’s number with yours. Help them help themselves …if you can name more winners of Drag Race than UK Prime Ministers. You’re only human, babe …to stage a faux night out Insta photoshoot just to get back at your ex #Shameful #Successful …if someone in the office sees your tampon on your way to the loo. Guess what? 50% of us menstruate …to think dating apps should allow us to leave reviews after dates: ‘did not meet expectations’, ‘would recommend to a friend’, ‘didn’t turn up’ …if you have a sex dream about your boss and now find them fit AF. Cue blushing in meetings when you have a flashback …to…

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have we been brain-jacked by instagram?

Put your phone down and pay attention to what I’m about to say. Because trust me, by the time I’m through, you may not ever want to pick it up again. That might be hard though; on average, we check our smartphones between 85 and 101 times a day. In 2019, we spent a global average of two hours 23 minutes every day on social media – 53 minutes of which was taken up solely by Instagram. This seemingly innocuous photo-sharing app is so ingrained in our lives, 39% of us say we use it just “to fill up spare time”. That’s time you could be using to cook a meal, read a book, talk to your family, have a long bath. But let’s face it, you’d probably take your phone with…

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“people are always going to doubt how i got here”

Having a famous father has its challenges, not least when the dad in question is the Terminator. Patrick Schwarzenegger, 26 – actor, model, entrepreneur, budding motivational speaker, excellent wearer of cowboy hats and, yes, son of Arnie – gets refreshingly real about learning to be himself. The first thing people say to me when we meet is: you’re rich, your dad is wealthy, you have no work ethic – you don’t have to work. That’s hard to hear, because it’s not true – I have to just live with that assumption. But I’ve always been a super motivated person. I started my first business, a fashion brand, when I was a teenager. I’ve always just wanted to do things on my own terms and known I was capable of that. That…