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a note from us.

A whole year already? As we walk (or sashay) into 2019, reflecting on the last 12 months for our community seems an almost impossible task. It has, for the most part, been a year of great progress and heightened visibility, one that has seen stories, not too dissimilar to the lived experience of you or I, crafted for a new and wider audience. Movies like Love, Simon and Call Me By Your Name brought the coming-of-age and coming out experience to the mainstream, while The Miseducation of Cameron Post and soon-to-be blockbuster sensation Boy Erased explored the unfortunate reality of gay ‘conversion’ therapy. Newly-out pop sensation Janelle Monáe snatched herself a Grammy nomination, while LGBTQ stars like Kim Petras and Troye Sivan continued to dominate our playlists. India and Trinidad and…

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love list.

It all starts now. Dollar Shave Club originally provided us all with affordable, quality razors to men across Britain, and they’ve now launched another 20 shower essentials for beard, hair and skin, all of which have completely transformed our daily routine. The one standout, however, is their Wanderer range, which consists of Daily Face Cleanser, Awakening Body Cleanser, Calming Body Bars, all of which are formulated with vitamins and premium extracts. Need your mind, body and soul cleansed? Well here you go… Wanderer is now available at dollarshaveclub.com, prices start at £3.50. Anyone for a game of drag queen card race? We thought you might be. Created by Greg Bailey and illustrated by Daniela Henríquez, find out who is the most outrageous between Trixie Mattel or RuPaul, and even who is the funniest between…

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FILM. Boy Erased Words William J Connolly Based on the memoir of Garrard Conley, Boy Erased follows Jared (Lucas Hedges) as he meets the reality of being outed to his heavily religious parents (played impeccably by Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe) and is sent to a ‘conversion’ therapy camp to rid him of his homosexual urges or face a life without his family, friends or faith. There, he meets a host of other young people, including Gary – played by queer pop star Troye Sivan. It’s uncomfortably difficult to watch a movie like Boy Erased and not be as moved as you are disturbed by the events that occur – a reminder that these are real memoirs from one young man and a hard reality thousands of young queer people each year. Perhaps here, unlike…

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desire, love, identity: exploring lgbtq histories.

Lost, edited and hidden LGBTQ stories are explored in the acclaimed touring exhibition Desire, love, identity: exploring LGBTQ histories which opens at the National Justice Museum, Nottingham, on 14 December. The exhibition is based on Professor Richard Parkinson’s award-winning book, A Little Gay History and offers glimpses into LGBTQ+ experiences through the ‘lens’ of objects from the British Museum’s collection. It is presented in partnership with the British Museum. “Same-sex love and desire and gender diversity are integral to human experience. How they’ve been expressed culturally has varied widely globally, and over time,” explains Bev Baker the National Justice Museum’s Curator and Archivist. “This exhibition tells of the experiences and lives of those whose names are lost to us, what the novelist E.M. Forster memorably described as a ‘…great unrecorded history’.” The exhibition…

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wash westmoreland.

“Period dramas for a long time have been seen as a very safe genre,” says Wash Westmoreland, perched on a sofa in a plush west London hotel. “It’s sort of like, ‘Oh the demographic possibly skews older, and it’s going to be based on a nice novel from the 19th Century.’ A lot of which are incredibly brilliant works – I’m not putting them down – but there’s a certain sense of it being a safe genre.” We’ve caught up with the British director to talk about his latest film Colette, based on the life of the French novelist and performer the movie is named after. Portrayed by Keira Knightley for this big-screen outing, Colette made her name working against everything that was expected of her as a female of high…

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colette: jake graf.

Why was Colette a film you wanted to be part of? I’m half French and I used to study Colette when I was at school. I grew up reading her books and when I got a message about maybe two years ago now from a casting agent about the new Wash Westmoreland film and if I wanted to come in for a audition. I read the scene a couple of times and knew that Keira and Dominic (West) was attached. I read the scene a couple of times, director Wash said, ‘That was a perfect take.’ Afterwards, I sat there and I asked, ‘Would I have seen anything you’ve done?’ He said, ‘Well I directed a little film called Still Alice.’ Oh my God, I’d actually watched it a couple of…