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love list.

Style, sound, and even more substance. Bang & Olufsen’s first true wireless Beoplay E8 headphones delivered on style, sound, and comfort, but with second iteration of the beloved earbuds comes a significant upgrade: a new redesigned charging case. You can now simply place your headphones on the charging pad in the case, and the premium leather design will hold three full charges. That means up to 16 hours of playing time. And it still comes with intuitive touch control on the earphones that gives you total control over music, calls and voice commands. Beoplay E8 2.0 wireless headphones are available from bang-olufsen.com, priced £300 Jail Hill Inn, Galena, Illinois. It’s quirky, it’s got history, it’s got mischief, it’s in one of the cutest towns in all of Illinois (yet close enough to pop into…

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Cirque du Soleil, TOTEM Words William J Connolly Anybody for a trip to the circus? Dive into the magic of Cirque du Soleil as the world’s best debut a new exclusive show at Royal Albert Hall with TOTEM – a cheeky adventure that includes more exotic animals you could wish for. From acrobatics to roller skates and flying gymnasts, this version of the circus follows a small but somewhat unimportant narrative of mankind. However it was unicyclists that steal the evening for us as five women sit on singular wheeled bikes and demonstrate a balancing act like we’ve never seen before. Each with a singular steel small bowl on their head, confusement turns to astonishment as they launch one bowl from the end of their foot to their head in one swift move.…

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reclaiming the world queer: what does it mean in 2019?

The numbers don’t lie. In a study conducted by Ditch The Label in 2017, more than half of young people (13-26 year olds) in the UK and US said that they don’t identify as exclusively straight. It shone a bright spotlight on a new generation of people who are more open about their sexual identity, refusing to conform to the status quo and more confident than ever to be true to their authentic selves. It’s likely what has helped turbo-boost the reclaiming of the word ‘queer’ from a derogatory term used against LGBTQ people from the end of the 19th century through to the 1990s, when LGBTQ groups – such as New York City activists Queer Nation – started to identify using the once pejorative word. At the turn of the millennium,…

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queer by numbers

20% 20% of Millennials in the US identify as LGBTQ. Source: GLAAD 63% 63% of non-LGBTQ 18-34 year olds in the US identify as allies. Source: GLAAD 8.85% In 2018, out of 857 regular characters on television, 75 (8.85%) identified as part of the LGBTQ community. Source: GLAAD 40% 40% of LGBTQ pupils are never taught anything about queer issues in school. Source: Stonewall 76% 76% of LGBTQ pupils have never learnt about bisexuality in school Source: Stonewall 77% 77% of LGBTQ pupils have never learnt about gender identity or what ‘trans’ means at school Source: Stonewall 57% 57% of young people in the US and UK don’t identify as being totally heterosexual. Source: Ditch The Label 90% 90% of young people in the US and UK agreed that the internet has made it easier to explore your sexuality. Source: Ditch The Label 93% 93% of young people (13-26yo) said they felt it’s OK to…

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tom rasmussen.

It takes but two seconds of being with Tom Rasmussen – or Crystal Rasmussen, if you’ve met them in drag – to fall in love. Their vibrant personality, outrageous life stories and positive outlook on life have become their greatest assets. That is, after their skill with a makeup brush. Have you seen that drag contour? But alongside the pleasing aesthetic is a tough, but justified, approach to the world they navigate. A proud voice for the non-binary community, Tom’s taking a first step into the world of publishing by snatching that byline and releasing their own memoir, Diary of a Drag Queen. Following a year in the life of Crystal, it covers everything from the hilarity of being a PA – which involved being a ‘personal sexter’ to their boss’…

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our lady j.

Last year, FX drama Pose – the latest show on Ryan Murphy’s ever-expanding roster – premiered to universal acclaim and made history with the largest cast of trans actors on television. The series, which follows the world of ball-culture in 1987, was renewed for a second season and subsequently received nominations at the Golden Globe Awards and Critics Choice Awards. Writer and producer, Our Lady J – who has also provided her talents to the Amazon comedy-drama Transparent – caught up with her friend and activist Munroe Bergdorf to discuss the success of Pose, and how she drew from her experiences as a HIV-positive trans woman to create one of the most authentic shows on television. Munroe Bergdorf: Hey babe! So you must be over the moon with the reception Pose…