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a note from us.

As LGBT History Month comes to a close in the UK, I hope like us you’ve enjoyed discovering more about the queer pioneers who came before us – or even been made aware of someone who has had a profound impact on our journey to this moment that you weren’t familiar with before. For me, it’s been a period of reflecting on the people who are making a difference now – the historical figures and stories that will be looked back on in the future. Over the past month, three conversations in particular come to my mind that have showcased people working hard to ensure a better future for all LGBTQ people. The first, I’m proud to say, is in this very issue of Gay Times Magazine. Last September I was lucky…

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the love list.

THE WHITE CROW (in cinemas from 22 March) From director Ralph Fiennes, this biopic of famous ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev follows him from his poverty-stricken childhood in Soviet city of Ufa, to his escape from the clutches of the KGB and defection to the West during the height of the Cold War. Ukranian ballet dancer Oleg Ivenko makes his acting debut in the role of Nureyev, working with a screenplay by esteemed playwright Sir David Hare. But it’s elegant ballet performances and a graceful score here that will captivate, as audiences find out Nureyev’s heartbreaking ultimatum. For those who don’t know much about the legendary performer, it serves as a stylish introduction to the man who changed ballet forever. LC HEARTSTOPPER (graphic novel out now) While Hollywood continues to drag its feet when it comes…

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It’s been impossible to escape the sound of Mabel over the last few years, be it 2017’s hit track Finders Keepers, 2018’s Jax Jones collaboration Ring Ring, or her latest single Don’t Call Me Up, which kicked off her 2019 by becoming her highest charting single to date. With the recent re-issue of excellent mixtape Ivy To Roses, Mabel has cemented herself as one of the most exciting (and consistently great) rising British talents, with not a single dud track to her name – and trust us, we know a pop banger when we hear one. As she adds the finishing touches to her upcoming debut album, we caught up with Mabel to talk about chart success, touring with Harry Styles, and why it’s so important to empower her queer fans. You’ve…

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sundara karma.

When an album contains songs about an extraterrestrial being discovering love on their final night on this planet (One Last Night On This Earth), and modern enlightenment in the world we currently live in (Illusions), you’d be forgiven for thinking things might start to get too lofty. But on Sundara Karma’s second studio collection Ulfilas’ Alphabet – out on 1 March – they have married big philosophical ideas with classic songwriting, tying it neatly together with a sprinkling of pop. Led by their gender-fluid frontperson Oscar Pollock, the band worked with Everything Everything’s Alex Robertshaw and legendary producer Stuart Price (Pet Shop Boys, Madonna), so that should give you a sense of how exciting it all sounds. We met up with Oscar in a South London cafe to speak about the band’s new…

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mj rodriguez.

“I’ve always been drawn to telling real and authentic stories,” Mj Rodriguez opens up to me, just a few days after having the honor of announcing the 30th annual GLAAD Media Award nominations with Crazy Rich Asians star Nico Santos at Sundance Film Festival. She’s only been back on the East Coast for a few days, and I patiently wait as she traces her memory for the first time she used storytelling to express herself. It’s late winter in New York, but she moves gracefully across a naturally lit studio coat-less in a vibrant pink gown hugging her body. She opens her mouth to speak, then gestures her hands towards the sunlight, slightly adjusting the gathering fabric around her ankles. She elaborates: “It all started at a very young age…

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jeremy o. harris.

After it opened at the New York Theatre Workshop last December, Slave Play quickly found itself enveloped in controversy. Social media was alight with criticism, think pieces were unleashed, and a change.org petition calling for the production to be cancelled was launched. For playwright Jeremy O. Harris, the volume of reactions was unexpected. “I thought the people who would have opinions on the play would be people who interacted with it in a theatrical space, but the majority of the people who have interacted with this play have only interacted with the title and some PR images that were found online,” he explained to us. “That was surprising to me, because I didn’t take into account that the internet would intersect with my world.” In the aftermath of the show’s whirlwind run,…