GAY TIMES Issue 494

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a note from us.

Hello queer friends and welcome to Spring, where, we’ve had a bit of a spring-clean. Have you noticed? I started the year welcoming you to our first printed issue of 2019 against a backdrop of political chaos, changing landscapes and world-changing stories. It feels like not much of that has changed (I write this as the United Kingdom enters yet another delayed vote on our membership status to the European Union.) What Spring does bring though is brighter days, crisper light and new hues to notice in the rainbow of our collective LGBTQ world. What has changed for us in just two months since I last wrote, is the clarity and lens in which we see that changing and shifting world at GAY TIMES. I promised to bring new voices, dimensions…

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the love list.

HELLBOY (in cinemas from 12 April) British filmmaker Neil Marshall (The Descent, Hannibal, Game of Thrones) directs the third live-action instalment in the Hellboy franchise, but this time, it’s a full-blown reboot. Stranger Things star David Harbour replaces Ron Perlman as the title character for this brand new adventure, which sees the half-demon battle an undead sorceress, played by Resident Evil’s Milla Jojovich. Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim, Brian Gleeson and Thomas Haden Church co-star. Oh, and how could we forget Laila Morse? Eastenders’ very own Mo Harris plays a gun-wielding shop employee, which, to be honest, is the scene we’re most excited for. SD THE HOXTON, CHICAGO (rooms from $199 per night, thehoxton.com) What began as the funkiest hotel in London’s glittering Hoxton has now gone all international, with trend-setting outposts in…

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watcha packin’?

TIME TO WORK OUT. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that specialises in health and fitness, it’ll come as little surprise that FitBit is your brand. Their Versa model outdoes its rivals with 4+ days of battery life, as it tracks your progress from morning to night. With a workout coach and plenty of fitness analytics a few taps away, it’s essentially a 24/7 personal trainer. (FitBit Versa available from John Lewis, priced £166.32) TIME FOR STYLE. If you want all the features of a smartwatch but don’t want your timepiece to look like a device a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger would have on their wrist, SKAGEN are masters of blending their minimalist Scandi style with cutting edge tech. With a simple command you have the services of Google Assistant, and with a tap…

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I get asked this question in every fucking interview,” Swedish pop-sensation ​Ängie says over a drink (it was four drinks) of Heineken in a Mile End, London pub. I brought up the fact that she was once labelled “the most controversial pop star around” by several media outlets, a label she vehemently disputes, while also noting that other mainstream male artists wouldn’t receive anywhere near the amount of flack as she does (for which she was grateful). “It’s so weird because there are so many men like Eminem and Tommy Cash doing it too. I got harassed by a fan two weeks ago because she thought I was too controversial and not a feminist because I said ‘motherfucker’ in Smoke Weed Eat Pussy… I’m always answering stupid DMs because I…

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riyadh khalaf. true influence.

Contemplating coming out as a teenager, Riyadh Khalaf would have been an avid reader of Yay! You’re Gay! Now What? had such a book existed. So the now-27-year-old broadcaster and YouTuber has written what he calls “a life bible for young queer guys” himself, noting: “I absolutely, desperately needed this book and everything that’s within its pages when I was younger but I was born a bit too early because I think publishers, retail sellers and the general public were afraid to support something like this in such an open way.” As loud and proud as Khalaf himself, the book is a very frank look at issues faced by gay teens. “And it’s kind of for everyone,” its author attests, “but with a lean into the very specific challenges that face…

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trixie & katya

Hello, it’s me,” says the dry, yet instantly recognisable voice of a Milwaukee-born country-folk drag superstar down the phone. I’m talking to skinny living legend and Drag Race All Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel (duh) as she walks through a Manchester shopping centre, dodging fans left, right and mothertucking centre (one of them actually interrupts the call for a photo). Katya’s late, so Trixie’s using this time to tell me what an “incredible and incomparable performer” she is, which is met with a laugh as the Russian hooker and fellow Drag Racer finally joins the conversation. “What have I walked in on? What kind of lies?” she jokes, sort of, it’s hard to tell. We’re having a three-way (chat) today in celebration of the duo’s fourth season of UNHhhh, the…