GAY TIMES Issue 499

GAY TIMES Magazine is the first word on queer culture. For decades we’ve been at the forefront of the fight towards LGBTQ+ liberation, spotlighting queer talent, reporting on LGBTQ+ issues, and putting the community and its allies at the centre of our content. Our queer-first storytelling aims to bring us closer together, empathise with our queer siblings from diverse experiences, and challenge bigotry and discrimination in all its forms. Through interviews and features with people from the world of music, fashion, film, TV, the arts, and community-led campaigns, our exploration of queer culture and the power it posesses to instigate real change continues to chronicle the long-fought journey towards true liberation.

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a note from us.

A new wave is taking over. A generation of queer identifying people are occupying mainstream spaces and using it to tell their unqiue story – often without limitations. And in this digital world, that equals power. From that, it develops into people like us having immediate access to content inclusive of entertainment shows, first-hand stories without your horrible corporate filer, and it be varied viewpoint. The types of stories that our friends have, but so often don’t tell. Stories that we all know exist but are hungry for more of. These stories that dive deeper into our collective history and existence to be available for everyone – and for mainstream platforms to be embracing the content on an unparalleled level – is a clear indication of progression. In this 499th issue…

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the love list.

LANA DEL REY: NORMAN FUCKING ROCKWELL (album out 30 August) Lana Del Rey pretty much invented the ‘sad pop’ genre with her still-brilliant debut album Born To Die, and since then she’s provided the soundtrack to years of broken hearts and daddy issues with a string of broody records. Things took a turn with 2017’s Lust For Life, which offered a more hopeful outlook on life and even saw Lana smile on an album cover for the first time. Now, two years later, her sixth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell aims to continue that trend, and may be her most uplifting release yet. Venice Bitch - at over nine minutes long - remains gloriously self-indulgent, the wistfully nostalgic How To Disappear will no doubt become an instant fan favourite, and we predict…

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home smart home.

SMART LIGHTING. If you’d told us ten years ago that one of the more exciting pieces of modern tech would include a lightbulb, we more than certainly wouldn’t have believed you. But then came along the Philips Hue; a range of smart light bulbs that are stylishly brightening up homes all over the globe. The first appeal of a smart light bulb, of course, is the ability to remotely control the lighting in your home with the tap of a few buttons (or even using your voice) on your smartphone. The Philips Hue system is easy to set up through your WiFi network, and in moments you have the ability to set the mood lighting for various occasions, whether it’s a movie night, dinner party, or relaxing evening on the sofa.…

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i am intersex.

I officially discovered that I’m intersex when I was 21 years old. Why use the word officially, you might ask? Because even though the process started when I was 18, no one used the word intersex to describe my body’s natural hormonal variations or the differing function of my internal reproductive structure even though these things make me officially intersex. With all the misconceptions and misrepresentations there are about the intersex experience, I assumed that intersex people were sat down by their doctor and told: “You are intersex.” Or, more likely, “I’m so sorry, but unfortunately you are intersex.” Intersex people are viewed as a biological fluke, a mistake. Certainly not an identity to be celebrated – which is why most intersex people are never told that we’re intersex. Admitting that…

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rupaul's drag race uk

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, because the official cast for the highly-anticipated debut season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is H-E-R-E, here! This October, ten sickening queens will sashay down the runway and compete for the title of the UK’s first Drag Race Superstar on BBC Three. RuPaul will return as host and main judge alongside best squirrel friend Michelle Visage, as well as newcomers - and British icons - Alan Carr and Graham Norton. “Oh my goodness, when they see this show, they are going to flip,” RuPaul said in a statement. “And I predict that we will be doing this English edition of Drag Race for many years to come. I think also, audiences around the world are going to start to require the English version, because it’s…

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michelle visage.

After “five bloody years” of meeting with televisions commissioners and even sharing a bedroom with Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins for a month - the horror! - Michelle Visage has finally got what she wants: a UK version of Emmy-winning reality-competition, RuPaul’s Drag Race. “You’re going to die, I’m telling you,” Michelle says of the long-awaited series. “Just know we are celebrating all things British. I’m obsessed with your country so I was in my element.” Drag Race UK premieres 3 October and will feature ten incredible British queens who will sashay, shantay and compete in a variety of challenges for the title of the UK’s first Drag Race Superstar. “I don’t want them to be compared to the American queens, they have different cultures, different aesthetic, different approach,” she tells us.…