GAY TIMES Issue 502

GAY TIMES Magazine is the first word on queer culture. For decades we’ve been at the forefront of the fight towards LGBTQ+ liberation, spotlighting queer talent, reporting on LGBTQ+ issues, and putting the community and its allies at the centre of our content. Our queer-first storytelling aims to bring us closer together, empathise with our queer siblings from diverse experiences, and challenge bigotry and discrimination in all its forms. Through interviews and features with people from the world of music, fashion, film, TV, the arts, and community-led campaigns, our exploration of queer culture and the power it posesses to instigate real change continues to chronicle the long-fought journey towards true liberation.

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a note from us.

“What’s changed or is different about the magazine then?” A question asked more than you’d expect. It’s one I’ve had posed almost every week since becoming Editor of Gay Times Magazine last year. And actually, it’s a funny one because the complete answer doesn’t really exist. That is because it changes so rapidly and reguarly, as with all things at GAY TIMES. The fast-paced nature of the organisation evolves on a daily basis. One that puts what you want to see on our platforms at the forefront of how we communicate to our audience. It’s an attitude that’s taught me about looking outward to the world beyond what we know already, and into the hearts and minds of others. That what our neighbour can teach us isn’t what we already…

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the love list.

DR KAWASHIMA’S BRAIN TRAINING (released on Nintendo Switch on 3 JanuarY) Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training series was a worldwide phenomenon when it was released for the Nintendo DS in the 2000s, uniting young and old into the world of video games with easy to pick up but hard to master gameplay, so it’s no surprise Nintendo would want to replicate that success with their new Nintendo Switch hybrid console. The game promises new experiences, some of which will use the Joy-Con’s IR Motion Camera, as well as classic challenges and exercises from past Brain Training games that will use the new stylus accessory. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for another advert starring Nicole Kidman. DM LAST CHRISTMAS (in cinemas now) Based on Wham’s iconic holiday anthem of the same name, Last Christmas stars Emilia Clarke…

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upgrade u

UPGRADED DESIGN. The original Beoplay H4 wireless headphones from Bang & Olufsen were stylish and sturdy, giving great sound quality while encased in a simple and effortlessly chic design. The all-new Beoplay H4 headphones come with all of that along with some very welcome upgrades. There’s now voice assistant functionality so you can easily access weather reports, the latest news or skip to the next track. When it’s noisy outside there’s now an additional microphone to improve voice quality, and there’s now a dedicated button for the voice assistant on the right ear-cup. It all comes packaged up in an improved design with refined materials, proving that wireless headphones can be all style and all substance. Available from bang-olufsen.com/en, priced £250 UPGRADED EVERYTHING. In just three short years, Apple’s AirPods have been revolutionary. It’s…

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gay times honours 500

On 21 November, GAY TIMES Honours 500 took over Magazine London in the British capital to celebrate queer culture, community and entertainment. Hosted by Benny Drama, the evening played host to worldfamous queer talent, inspirational community leaders, and the next generation of artists and activists doing their bit in the fight for true equality. GAY TIMES Honours was first established in 2017 as a ceremony to acknowledge those who have made a profound impact on LGBTQ people in the past 12 months. From community trailblazers to highly-visible queer stars, it’s an event that brings together people from all across our community to celebrate, uplift and inspire. To mark our recent landmark 500th issue as Europe’s longest-running LGBTQ publication, this year’s event was named GAY TIMES Honours 500. It marked the biggest event…

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ryan russell

As queer people, we have no choice but to be brave. In a world that challenges LGBTQ identities and narratives, just being ourselves openly and honestly can come with a certain amount of risk compared to our heterosexual counterparts. But imagine that in the hyper-masculine world of the NFL at the professional level, entering a space where no openly queer person has done so at that stage of their career before. When Ryan Russell decided to come out publicly as bisexual in an essay for ESPN at the end of August, he found himself treading new ground. Many of us would consider it a significant act of bravery and strength, but that was far from the motive in Ryan’s mind. “I know at the time of coming out I was more…

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johannes radebe.

“How is this all happening because of me wearing a pair of heels?” questions Johannes Radebe, the Strictly Come Dancing pro and favourite that’s become news headlines across the globe. The South African-born dancer might have left the BBC One show this season earlier than any of us sadly expected, but his time with celebrity partner Catherine Tyldesley was anything but a quiet ride. From explosive dance numbers to making history with the first same-sex pairing when he gave a special performance with fellow Strictly pro Graziano di Prima, Johannes Radebe is the queer representation we all need right now. And while he embraces the fun, as an openly gay Black man, it counts for so much more. “Dance was special because it was my refuge,” he tells Catherine Tyldesley, who has…