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GAY TIMES Magazine is the first word on queer culture. For decades we’ve been at the forefront of the fight towards LGBTQ+ liberation, spotlighting queer talent, reporting on LGBTQ+ issues, and putting the community and its allies at the centre of our content. Our queer-first storytelling aims to bring us closer together, empathise with our queer siblings from diverse experiences, and challenge bigotry and discrimination in all its forms. Through interviews and features with people from the world of music, fashion, film, TV, the arts, and community-led campaigns, our exploration of queer culture and the power it posesses to instigate real change continues to chronicle the long-fought journey towards true liberation.

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thank you.

First of all, thank you for purchasing Gay Times Magazine. You’ve shown your support of not only queer publishing and media, but the experiences of the wider LGBTQ community. If you’d like to continue reading Gay Times Magazine, the best value can be found in our varying subscription options. As a subscriber you’ll enjoy unparalleled access to the latest in queer culture, delivered to your door (before the shops) each and every month. You’ll also make great savings - up 42% per issue in fact! Best of all - if you purchase an annual subscription today, we’ll refund the cost of your last issue for you straight away! All you need to do is use the discount code: MARCH2020 at the checkout and you will only pay £30 for 12 issues of Gay Times Magazine! But…

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a note from us.

Whether it is high energy catwalks or backstage catfights, the sassy gay assistant shading your new look, or the feared ice queen Editor, it’s not surprising that fashion has gained a reputation for being the land of chaos, caffeine and superficiality. I mean we’ve all seen the infamous belt scene from Devil Wears Prada, right? And don’t forget the trials and tribulations of Lauren Conrad working under Kelly Cutrone during The Hills era! We’re still traumatised. But for a moment, let’s step away from that scripted media circus. When you actually undress the dramatics and unravel the mystique, the industry is much deeper and more sentimental than it first appears, especially for our queer community. Fashion for decades has been an open space for queer expression and visibility. Whether it’s drag,…

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the love list.

A QUIET PLACE PART II (in cinemas 20 March) Horror sequels rarely live up to their predecessors, so when a follow-up to A Quiet Place was announced… we were hesitant, yes. But when a film becomes one of the most lauded of the decade, grosses over $340 million on a $20 million budget and ends like that… we get it. Fortunately, part two doesn’t come across as a quick cash grab. It expands the story and creates a much-bigger universe than audiences witnessed in the original, taking inspiration from The Walking Dead to show that human-eating creatures aren’t necessarily the biggest threat in an apocalyptic society. Thankfully, Emily Blunt reprises her role as Evelyn Abbott, and proves this time around that she’s much more intelligent than a woman who decided to give…

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tech, but make it fashion!

FASHIONABLY SAFE. A case for a case? Of course, all in the name of fashion. For their Cruise 2020 collection, Gucci has designed the ultimate casing to keep your AirPods safe from disappearing. The Ophidia GG AirPods case is made with the beige/ebony GG Supreme canvas, complete with brown leather trim. To add some real designer power into the mix, it also features the line’s distinctive oval enamelled Double G detail. Add to that a snap button closure (for extra protection), and a keyring which means it can be attached to your bag and your AirPods will never feel so safe from going missing. Available from gucci.com, priced £170 FASHIONABLY WILD. Considering Loewe’s signature elephant bag is a fashion hit, it comes as little surprise that the design has been reworked into an iPhone…

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tan france & alexa chung.

Workroom challenges don’t get much bigger than this. Netflix’s new series, Next In Fashion, sees 18 talented designers compete across 10 episodes for a prize of $250,000 as well as the opportunity to sell their own collection on global retailer Net-a-Porter. Naturally, it’s packed full of drama, but this is a reality show full of love and respect. With designers from all over the world – from the US and the UK to Italy and South Korea – the show thrives with its diverse and inclusive cast. It also gives viewers an insight into the creative process, emotional storytelling, and undeniable craftsmanship, showcasing a depth to the fashion industry rarely seen on mainstream shows. The series is fronted by Queer Eye’s Tan France and model and designer Alexa Chung who add plenty…

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rina sawayama.

“There’s no references to heteronormativity or heteronormative love on this album,” Rina Sawayama refreshingly admits down the phone. “I’m just… very bored by it.” (She’s not alone.) This April, the British singer-songwriter will release her longa-waited debut album, an album that is (in this journalist’s opinion) one of the most exciting and innovative debuts in recent memory. Oh, and we have to add: queer as hell. While a lot of artists tend to cater to what radio stations will play with mainstream Max Martin, Stargate and Greg Kurstin-esque produced pop anthems to achieve chart success with their first record (no shade, we stan all three), Rina has continued to flip the metaphorical script with a string of personal and socially conscious bops. “You only get a debut album once,” she…