GAY TIMES Issue 507

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a note from us.

It goes without saying that this isn’t the summer issue I thought we’d be putting out this year. When I first started speaking with Anne-Marie at the start of 2020 about shooting her first-ever GAY TIMES Magazine cover, it was initially for a very different themed issue entirely. At that point, no-one had yet fully grasped the extent to which this pandemic would affect our everyday lives. For us all, the lockdown hasn’t been easy, but it has been a vital measure to protect our family, friends, key workers, and care workers on the frontline, as well as ourselves, as world leaders, medical professionals and scientists grapple with this virus in search of a solution. Until that day, life as we know it will continue to be uncertain. But one thing…

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the love list.

JESSIE WARE: WHAT’S YOUR PLEASURE? (out 19 June) Are you ready to feel the fantasy? That’s what Jessie Ware promises with her highly anticipated fourth album, What’s Your Pleasure? Through a tracklist of slick grooves, infectious disco riffs, and beats destined to play well into the night, Jessie will transport you to that smoky nightclub packed with hundreds of bodies dancing the hours away. Considering the current global situation right now, it’s a reality most of us yearn for but won’t get to experience any time soon. At least with this record, you can go there in your mind. Mirage (Don’t Stop) will have you spinning in Studio 54, Ooh La La has all the throwback funk its title hints at, while the pure love spilling out of Adore You threatens to…

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why apple’s 2020 ipad pro has the magic touch.

It’s been a decade since Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s boundary-pushing new device, simply known as the Apple iPad, to the world in January 2010. Tablet technology was still in its infancy, but the Cupertino company launched a product packed full of potential that captured our imaginations and laid the foundation for the decade ahead. Ten years on from shipping the very first iPad, Apple says they are on track to sell their 500 millionth unit of the device in 2020, so it will come a little surprise that it has become one of the most successful consumer electronics ever. While the years have seen the iPad get thinner, lighter, and packed with more power, the iPadOS software has continued to reimagine how we use the touchscreen display, from advanced photography and…

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At just 21 years old, Los Angeles-based MEZ is quickly becoming one of the coolest DJs on the queer scene. He regularly plays underground parties, bringing his slew of musical influences to the decks, and was recently booked to open for music and fashion icon Honey Dijon. To get to know him better - and to offer some inspiration for your own playlists - he shares here the music that’s inspired him through his life, his favourite festivals, and what he think is the biggest queer anthem of all time. What’s the biggest inspiration for your work? When I was 19 I went to my first REAL gay dance party. It was Battle Hymn in NYC and Honey Dijon and The Carry Nation were playing. The party was sexy, dark and liberating…

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Music is the ultimate form of escapism. Very little else takes you into worlds of your own in the same way. For queer people and the LGBTQ+ community at large, it has offered sanctuary over the decades. Our idols and anthems have created communion amongst us, whether the music has been used as protest, social acceptance, queer visibility or just downright pure entertainment. It has made us feel connected when we have felt alone. Music is part of the fabric of queerness and has been for centuries. It’s something that has remained at the forefront of GAY TIMES’s editorial mission; celebrating, supporting and applauding the queer pioneers of music who have faced adversity to overcome the greater challenges faced by LGBTQ+ artists. From British band Bronski Beat featuring on one of…

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how covid-19 will change our community forever.

In March of this year, Matthew Walton, the chair of Pride in Hull, had to make the decision to cancel this year’s event. Like many event organisers, he had been monitoring the increasing threat of COVID-19 and he had hoped that it could be postponed. Yet, as the severity and long-term implications of the pandemic became apparent, cancelation became inevitable. “It’s always a difficult decision to cancel an event,” he says over the phone. “But we had an in-depth conversation with our board of trustees, talked through what all the options were and, ultimately, felt that we were in a good position of where we were in our planning process to be able to put a halt on preparations without leaving us out of pocket.” Pride in Hull is one in a…