GAY TIMES Issue 509

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editor’s letter

I don’t have to remind you what a year 2020 has been. I think for many reasons, it is one that plenty of us are ready to leave behind. The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected LGBTQ+ people. We know that. We are at a higher risk of suffering with mental health issues, our spaces have been closed down, and the most vulnerable in our community have felt the impact of lockdown the hardest. We shouldn’t forget that fact and continue to pull together to help each other in any way that we can. But this isn’t – and shouldn’t be - our only narrative as a community. This year we’ve seen LGBTQ+ people achieve remarkable things. We’ve seen queer joy, happiness and success. Queer people continue to cultivate community and connection…

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gotta have it

In these blustery Winter days the smallest of pleasures is greatly needed. So add a touch of magic and charm to your technological best friend with the new CHAOS X THE DISNEY CLASSICS collection. Chaos designers Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall were handed the Magic Kingdom keys to access the Walt Disney Archives, scanning through original sketches to select a perfect ensemble of 17 characters and personalities. Whether you’re feeling pretty in pink like The Aristocats’ Marie, want to take over Pride Rock like Simba, or you’re just a chaotic one like Stitch… there’s a case for you. Simply add your initials to create a truly custom and personal accessory that brings Disney Classic characters to life. As Walt Disney himself said: “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and…

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someone else who feels the same

Heather Glazzard is a photographer originally from Halifax now based in London. Heather Glazzard’s work focuses on tender portraits of the LGBTQ+ community as well as self portraiture. We partnered with Heather and Nora to create a short film that document trans and non-binary experiences during 2020 adressing some of the challenges specifically facing our community. The film was created with the help of eight contributors who submitted their experiences and shot content that represented their experiences and identities. Our contributors were also interviewed by Heather and Nora. Poet, Mandla Rae, translated the messages from these interviews into a spoken word performance that accompanied the videos. Each contributor was also shot by Glazzard during lockdown. We would like to thank our contributors for sharing their stories with us including Heather Glazzard (They/Them), Nora…

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miss shalae

Birthed from the ballroom community, Miss Shalae has been redefining what it means to be a trans performer. Michell's Michaels aka Miss Shalae is more commonly known as a Beyonce impersonator that took social media by strom with her viral videos and dance routines. GAY TIMES caught up with internet sensation to find out more about their act. When it first came to being a performer, Beyoncé wasn’t Miss Shalae’s first port of call, but it was something she gradually fell into. “I can’t say that initially I was inspired to become a Beyoncé Tribute Artist. It was something that just happened as a performer,” she tells GAY TIMES. “I continued to do what I love and the job title found me. I am moved by Beyonce’s passion, drive and commitment…

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what does joe biden’s win mean forlgbtq+ people?

After four tense days of manicured nail biting, Joe Biden won the US presidency in early November. The mounting intensity of this election—which brought out more voters than ever before in the country’s history—finally broke into an avalanche of tear-inducing relief and celebration across the globe. Cars honked as masked Americans flooded the streets of Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, and the like, singing and dancing in disbelief. A traumatic year ended, finally, with a win. Biden’s triumph, as far as the LGBTQ+ community goes, means things can move forward again. With Trump, our rights were being stripped away. In order to understand what this result meant for queer people’s futures, we have to contextualize with a brief look at each candidate’s past. As far as being an ally, Trump talked-the-talk but…

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honours 2020

We don’t have to remind you how much of a challenging year it’s been, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to recognise some of the best figures in LGBTQ+ activism and culture who have done remarkable things in the past 12 months. Last year’s GAY TIMES Honours was a show-stopping event in London, playing host to more than 1200 people. We had incredible performances from Pabllo Vittar, Honey Dijon, L Devine, ALMA and Vincint, as well as powerful and passionate speeches from some of our community’s most inspiring figures. We initially planned for this year’s event to be even bigger, but a global pandemic put a spanner firmly in those works. But 2020 has witnessed some remarkable moments for the LGBTQ+ community that deserve to be celebrated. Whether we’ve connected…