GAY TIMES October 2021

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editor’s letter

Like most queer people, I can vividly remember the moment I first saw a same-sex kiss on television. In 1996, EastEnders aired a gay kiss between characters Simon and Gary as part of a storyline that had the nation gripped. Simon was the brother of Tiffany who was, at that time, the girlfriend of Gary. In true 90s British soap opera style it was overly dramatic, leant too hard on oversimplified and damaging stereotypes, and caused an astonishing amount of hot air from the public and lurid headlines in the mainstream press. My confused 8-year-old mind was both intrigued by what I’d seen, but later disheartened by the furore it had caused. Thankfully we’ve come a long way since 1996. A same-sex kiss on primetime television does not cause the same…

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gotta have it

The newest Eau de Parfum from Gucci is a deliciously floral affair bursting with delicate sweetness and youthful joy. Evolving from the original Eau de Toilette, the heart of the intensified scent lies within the Gardenia flower. This icon Gardenia has long been admired for her intense splendour and legendary mystical powers. Apparently she was swirled around in magical potions and elixirs in a foregone era. It’s this romance, mystique and playfulness that is explored throughout the evolving notes of the scent. The White Gardenia is blended with Solar Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute, she is then wrapped in succulent Pear Blossom and finally sprinkled with Brown Sugar. A delicious recipe if you ask us. And with such a layered backstory, it’s only right that the campaign should be deliciously chaotic. Starring…

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the new pride of hollywood

Growing up, the small screen was a place of solace. Yes, the cinema became accessible in my teen years as I’d splurge on tickets to catch the latest blockbuster hit or enter the riveting worlds of streaming which allowed me to stumble across niche queer hits on MUBI, or catch the trailer of a queer cult film. But, before that, there was TV. There was the binge-watching of Ugly Betty and its groundbreaking introduction of a main trans character alongside other prominent LGBTQ+ characters. And, a few years later, there was Glee. A hotbed of controversies, of course, but the Ryan Murphy show did lead to one of the most memorable portrayals of an LGBTQ+ romance, with Santana and Britney stealing the hearts of viewers everywhere. It hasn’t ended there,…

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Netflix have never been afraid to deliver the queer. From AJ and the Queen to Special and Queer Eye (among a plethora of others), the streamer have garnered a reputation over the years as one of the most inclusive sources for content. This year, however, they delivered their gayest production to date with the premiere of Q-Force. Helmed by stand-up comedian and writer Gabe Liedman, the action/comedy stars Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes (also on executive producer duties) as Agent Maryweather, a spy who - after coming out as gay during his American Intelligence Agency (AIA) graduation ceremony - is relocated and stationed in West Hollywood. There, he tries to hold his unlikely team of LGBTQ+ ass-kicking misfits together - including mechanic and driver Deb (Wanda Sykes), disguise artist Twink (Matt…

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hannah einbinder and megan stalter

“To get a queer character is one thing, but to have them honoured is totally different,” Hannah Einbinder tells fellow bicon Megan Stalter over a one-hour Zoom conversation. “I couldn’t believe it existed because I had never seen it before. I’d seen it in various films, not on TV and not as a lead character.” The stand-up comic is speaking with her Hacks co-star about her - let’s put this in bold! - Emmy Award-nominated character Ava on HBO Max’s brilliant new series, which follows a legendary Las Vegas comedy diva [Jean Smart] as she reluctantly teams up with a witty Gen-Z writer [Einbinder] to revive her career. Stalter, who received viral fame thanks to her instantly iconic “Hi gay!” Pride Month video, co-stars as Kayla; the nepotistic yet endearingly incompetent…

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lawrence chaney

Six months after she made herstory as the first Scottish entertainer to win the Drag Race crown, as well as the first plus-size queen to conquer a season hosted by RuPaul, Lawrence Chaney is (besides bing, bing, bonging the UK as part of the United Kingdolls) diving into the world of memoirs. Drag Queen of Scots: The Dos and Don’ts of a Drag Superstar - out 23 September - is a hilarious and fresh perspective on the autobiographical drag queen format as the Drag Race UK season two winner shares some of her most intricate and personal stories, as well as her extremely professional opinion on various subjects such as concocting a drag name, mental health and dating. (The latter section alone is Pulitzer Prize-worthy.) “I do in this book what I…