Harper's Bazaar India

Harper's Bazaar India March 2020

Harper’s Bazaar is the oldest, continuously published fashion magazine in the world; Harper’s Bazaar has been the bastion of fabulous fashion for more than 142 years. As the 29th international edition, Harper’s Bazaar India matches the exacting standards that its cousins have set around the world in the areas of fashion, editorial content, and photographic superiority. Harper’s Bazaar India is a magazine that celebrates the best in luxury, design and style. It’s where fashion gets personal. While it’s a fashion magazine, and the emphasis is on fashion, it is also a champion of personal style. Harper’s Bazaar understands that women want to know the latest news and fashion trends, yet encourages a very personal expression of that style. It believes women are fabulous at every age, and is committed to celebrating that in every issue.

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bazaar contributors

1. Sonam K Ahuja is a National Award-winning actor. She’s also one of the most stylish celebrities in India. In this issue, she interviews our cover star Sharon Stone for the first time in ‘Leading Light’. “It was incredibly inspiring to speak to Sharon Stone, and something that I never thought would ever happen. The fact that I get to speak to one of the most iconic actors out there and hear her thoughts and her views on things that are important to all women right now was incredibly enriching.” 2. Bikramjit Bose is a Mumbai-based fashion photographer who focuses on the human element in each image. With this same approach, he shoots the fashion editorial ‘Greater Than My Gender’. “I’ve always enjoyed working with Bazaar—some of my most memorable shoots…

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the 11th aniversary issue

MAGAZINES DON’T WRITE THEMSELVES. They are a careful amalgamation of thought, strategy, and planning. And sometimes, they are not. Every March, we write a mission statement for the year. The milestone of our anniversary offers a chance to reflect and review. In a perfect world, there would be pie charts and data, trends and analyses. But we live in an imperfect world. And Bazaar is an expression of that. Our year ahead is defined by all the things that touched our hearts. Only then can we create a wish list for the future. For 2020, we knew we needed optimism. When the world around you stops making sense, you have to fight back with hope. We decided to infuse joy, kindness, and mindfulness into every page. We looked for cover stars who…

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fresh start

Neon NIGHTS Bright, bold, and unapologetically look-at-me: The shade of the season is loud Summer LEATHER Modern minimalists rejoice: This sleek, sculptural jacket turns utility luxe The silk SCARF Consider Her Majesty as your style icon one more time The bucket BAG Make a beige palette more interesting by adding a playful pop of colour—pink is a vibrant choice The silk DRESS A simple button-down is the new essential: Let shirting inspire your other sartorial selections The higher HEMLINE For those who prefer a more tomboyish take on the season’s shorter length Raffia SANDALS Get crafty with rustic chic—natural is all you need The new BOHO The spirit of the 1970s lives on and on: Psychedelic patterns are a fast track into the trend The updated CLASSIC Because sometimes a handbag is made to stand the test of time Mismatched PRINTS Bring monochrome up to date by not joining…

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bazaar rewear

1 FOREVER MINE Three stylish women share the stories behind the oldest pieces of clothing in their wardrobe ROOHI OOMERBHOY JAIKISHAN DIRECTOR, RR OOMERBHOY PVT LTD THE PIECE “This dress is from my mother’s wardrobe. It’s by Zandra Rhodes, a designer she was particularly fond of. In the 1970s, Rhodes was someone who really put London at the forefront of the international fashion scene.” THE MEMORY “I think I love this dress more because I was there when my mother bought it, although it’s a hazy memory. I remember her looking so happy and chic, getting dressed up to go out in it. She kept everything so well and I’ve learned that from her.” THE REWEAR COUNT “I keep the pieces I love and wear them many times over. Depending on my mood, I can also style this dress…

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4 how to edit your closet

I’VE BEEN working in fashion for more than 15 years, and along the way I’ve collected my shiny prizes. But having lots of pretty things has never helped me get dressed. At one point I had close to 250 dresses in my closet, layered three to a hanger and stuffed so tightly together, you risked a hernia removing them. And yet I was sure I had nothing to wear. So I decided to use my professional skills to edit myself for a change. I started by trying on everything I owned. It took about five hours to zip, button, and shimmy my way through my wardrobe. I soon realised that I really didn’t like a lot of it. Sure, I loved the stories behind how I’d inveigled each item—the bag I…

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9 a singular man

It’s a slow, sunny Sunday in Mumbai when we meet costume designer Arjun Bhasin. Although he’s constantly busy, shuttling between Los Angeles, NewYork, and Mumbai, Jamshedpur-born Bhasin is generous with his time. Our portrait shoot is followed by a sandwich break at Kala Ghoda Café, after which we proceed to designer Rajesh Pratap Singh’s boutique by the sea in Colaba. We’re at the store, moving through racks of tailored blazers, bandhgalas, and wide-legged trousers because Bhasin wants to find something to wear for the Costume Designer’s Guild Awards that are held in Los Angeles in January. He was nominated for his work in the Tom Hanks-starrer A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. These are the ‘Oscars’ of costume design, held during awards season, and even though he didn’t win, a…