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Harper's Bazaar India June - July 2020

Harper’s Bazaar is the oldest, continuously published fashion magazine in the world; Harper’s Bazaar has been the bastion of fabulous fashion for more than 142 years. As the 29th international edition, Harper’s Bazaar India matches the exacting standards that its cousins have set around the world in the areas of fashion, editorial content, and photographic superiority. Harper’s Bazaar India is a magazine that celebrates the best in luxury, design and style. It’s where fashion gets personal. While it’s a fashion magazine, and the emphasis is on fashion, it is also a champion of personal style. Harper’s Bazaar understands that women want to know the latest news and fashion trends, yet encourages a very personal expression of that style. It believes women are fabulous at every age, and is committed to celebrating that in every issue.

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the mirage

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the year in beauty

ORGANIC MAKEUP Over the past five years, skincare has cleaned up its act. Now it’s time to focus on makeup as well—think non-toxic nail polish, organically-sourced lipstick, and vitamin-enriched natural foundation. VIRTUAL FITNESS Demanding schedules have encouraged people to find modern ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s meditation, custom meal plans, or personal trainers, the new wave of fitness is online via apps, social media, and YouTube. ETHI CALLYSOURCED I NGREDI ENTS With documentaries exposing the inhumane conditions that workers endure to source certain ingredients, shoppers are more cognizant of cruelty-free sourcing. Ingredients like mica and cocoa are just two that have been directly linked to child labour, causing buyers to be more aware. AYURVEDIC BEAUTY As the industry champions natural products, Ayurvedic ingredients and rituals have taken centre stage, ahead of K-beauty. The crop…

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beauty of in a time recession

THE COVID PANDEMIC HAS CHANGED THE WORLD FOREVER. As many economists were quick to point out at the outset, the grand recession it has caused—which is already worse than the 2008 crisis—is something that will alter consumer habits in dramatic ways, while eternally restructuring traditional retail models. The beauty industry is certainly not exempt from this turn; its ripples can already be felt far and wide. Beauty experts and business heads from across India report a crisis in the industry, a narrative that fractures the longstanding ‘lipstick effect’ theory, which suggests that beauty is recession-proof. Even after 9/11—when lipstick sales purportedly doubled in the US—experts affirmed data patterns from the Cold War to make sense of the fact that while women were spending much less money on luxurious handbags and…

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the dirty dozen

OUR SKIN ABSORBS ROUGHLY 64 PERCENT OF INGREDIENTS that are applied to it, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health. And while we focus on our diet and the importance of what we put into our body, what we put on to it is equally significant. With several factors playing a part in how our bodies react to these ingredients, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the compositions of formulas. ABSORPTION RATE How efficiently a product enters into the body depends on its molecular weight. “Ingredients with high molecular weight penetrate less efficiently, while those with lower weights pass through much more readily,” says Dr Stacey Shillington ND, a naturopathic doctor in Toronto. One with a molecular weight lower than 500 daltons (g/mol) will be absorbed…

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in safe hands

While the cosmetic industry is ever-changing, so are environmental and lifestyle impacts. One common link between the two is the shift towards clean, non-toxic formulas. Bazaar explores the most effective natural products to treat and protect your skin against new-age concerns. STRESS AND A NXIETY Hectic lives trigger daily stress, which “can cause skin inflammation, exacerbate eczema, and result in hair fall,” explains Dr Aneesh Sheth, Mumbai-based dermatologist and co-founder of Dr Sheth’s. YBP Cosmetics’s fouringredient Plant Remedy Skin Elixir features geranium, a plant with a fresh, sweet scent, that helps relax the nervous system and improve overall skin regeneration. The Dew Face Mist by Sapphire Botanics has rose, chamomile, and lavender water so you can treat and calm skin on the go. Exposing your senses to calming fragrances, like in Vanaveda’s…

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chase the goose (berry)

IF THERE WERE A FILM ABOUT THE WORLD OF INDIAN BOTANICS, amla would be a leading protagonist, and deserving of many solo scenes. Many ancient myths—and Ancient Living, a contemporary beauty brand—would probably be happy to give the plant centre stage, recalling that it was under the amla tree that the god Vishnu often nestled, and it was the amla fruit that was the final gift to the Buddhist Sangha by the emperor Ashoka. Signifying immortality, this was the endless gift that could keep on giving. And how it has given on and on, despite its deceptively simple appearance. Nothing remarkable marks the plant or the fruit—it has a greenish-yellow shade that is not pretty enough to notice, nor strange enough to remember—and its strong, bitter taste makes many people think…