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Hobby FarmsHobby Farms

Hobby Farms

November/December 2019

Hobby Farms magazine helps readers realize their farming goals with expert articles on subjects such as livestock husbandry, sustainable agriculture, equipment purchasing, irrigation, pest control, new technologies, and more.

United States
EG Media
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6 Udgivelser


2 min.
mind your elders

There was a time in my life when I counted the years since I last got really sick. In my 20s and early 30s, that was maybe three times. I celebrated being forced down for a few days because it happened so infrequently. Orange juice? Check. Daytime TV game shows such as The Price Is Right? Check. Stack of magazines to read? Check. Sure, I got a little cold now and again, but for the most part, I was free of flu and other seasonal viruses. Then, I got married and started a family. Now, my preschool- and elementary-school-age sons just can’t help sharing all those wonderful germs they pick up. Now, I’m lucky if I can count the weeks between times I get hit with one bug or another. Last…

1 min.
hobby farms

EDITORIAL Group Editor Roger Sipe Senior Web Editor Keith Bowers Art Director Cindy Kassebaum Senior Executive Print Prod. Vipin Marwaha Subscription Manager Shailesh Khandelwal Marketing Lead Ajay Anand ADVERTISE WITH US! Director of Sales Rima Dorsey rdorsey@egmediamags.com Account Manager Kenrick Murrell kmurrell@egmediamags.com Account Manager Darien Boughrum darienb@egmediamags.com CEO Sandeep Dua VP, Sales & Marketing Kevin Isaacson CFO Ajay Sharma HR Director Robert Turnbo Logistics Director Alberto Chavez…

2 min.
insuring your farm’s future

Farm insurance isn’t just for farmers with thousands of acres of corn, hundreds of head of cattle and barns filled with expensive equipment. Here are four reasons you need insurance for your hobby farm. FARM ASSETS AREN’T COVERED UNDER HOMEOWNER’S POLICIES: If a tree falls on a pasture fence or your tractor is stolen, homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the losses, explains Erin Cumings, a farmer and associate vice president of agribusiness underwriting at a major insurance company. “Some homeowner’s policies will let you add an endorsement or a rider, but it offers limited coverage for property or liability,” she says. Homeowner’s insurance may also exclude farm buildings such as barns and silos, putting you at risk of having to cover expensive repairs out-of-pocket. Purchasing farm insurance helps protect your investments. HOBBY FARMERS NEED…

5 min.
help wanted

When farmers in eastern Colorado need a vet, Dr. Lora Bledsoe makes farm calls. All of the equipment she needs to provide exams, preventive care, birthing assistance, and dental and field surgical services for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and horses is in the back of her pickup truck. Until Bledsoe started Bledsoe Mobile Vet in 2017, farmers near her home base of Hugo, Colorado, struggled to access vet care for their livestock. “In our area, there was a need ... for someone to dedicate [his or her] time to large animals,” she says. “We have one veterinarian for every 85,000 food animals, and that’s me. I serve farms across 7,300 square miles.” Bledsoe is one of a dwindling number of large animal veterinarians. In fact, just 10 1/2% of veterinarians focus on treating…

5 min.
email marketing

When done well, email campaigns can help generate awareness about your farm and drive real-world traffic to your market booth, too. Of course, no one likes an inbox full of spam. To avoid alienating customers, follow relevant laws and provide content your recipients will truly value. Not sure if it’s worth your time and trouble? “Email marketing is a great opportunity for small farmers,” says Daniel Burstein, senior director for content and marketing at MarketingSherpa, a marketing research institute. “Agribusiness and the grocery store [have] become so dehumanized. By providing regular updates from the local farm — in addition to sharing their farming practices [such as being] organic, taking better care of animals and soil, etc. — they communicate a value proposition as being a product that is worth paying more…

7 min.
farm-fresh eggs

Sometimes when I scroll through my Facebook feed or peruse the bookstore aisles, I’m struck by just how popular chickens have become. No urban agrarian worth their salt would be caught dead without a plucky flock of hens, and there are more how-to books about backyard chicken-keeping on bookshelves than a person could hope to read in a lifetime. I’m not grumbling; I think it’s great, down to the rooster-themed merchandise filling big-box department store shelves. The idea of our family farm started out as a vegetable bed and four hens in a tight backyard, and I’m all for whatever softens people to the idea of growing food for themselves and their community. With doom-and-gloom predictions of a food-scarce future creeping into the news, increasing our sustenance independence is a pretty…