House Beautiful November 2017

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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from our editor

back in 1941, when House Beautiful declared plaid taffeta all the rage, boom—there it was, on the shelves at B. Altman & Co. and in the windows at Lord & Taylor. Like magic, we were always right! Those were the days. Then, as today, our editors attended the big trade shows, where the major retailers told us then and there exactly which products the buyers had pounced on. Six months later, those items hit the stores—but not before we magazine editors could publish our spot-on “predictions” for the season. It’s not quite as simple anymore. “Post-trend” is how Jeff Lincoln, this month’s cover designer, describes today’s climate, but I’d say it’s poly-trend. With a zillion clickable products to buy and a deluge of diverse ideas for the taking, it’s harder…

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out in front

LITTLE BOY BLU SW 9054 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CORAL REEF SW 6606 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS WELL-BRED BROWN SW 7027 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SUNRISE SW 6668 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CONTEST NAME THIS COLOR AND YOU COULD WIN! 1 Come up with an evocative name for the color above. Describe it in a sentence or two (50 words or less). BE CREATIVE! 2 Go to HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM/NAMETHISCOLOR to enter, from October 13 through November 16, 2017. 3 The winner receives $100! Three runners-up will each receive the newest House Beautiful book, Style Secrets. SEPTEMBER 2017 WINNER SANGRIA SUNSET JESSICA DZIURA STAMFORD, CT “This wine red is the color of my tempting, end-of-day glass of sangria, sweetened with fresh berries.” NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. NAME THIS COLOR CONTEST. SPONSORED BY HEARST COMMUNICATIONS, INC. BEGINNING AT 12:01 A.M. (ET) ON OCTOBER 13, 2017, THROUGH 11:59 P.M. (ET) ON NOVEMBER 16, 2017, ENTER AT HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM/NAMETHISCOLOR AND COMPLETE THE…

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hue new?

NANCY’S BLUSHES 278 FARROW & BALL “For the closet of an über-fashionable client, I threw a curveball with this retro revival pink. It’s fresh but it has a vintage quality, reminiscent of the bubble gum I loved as a kid. When I commit to vibrant I take it to the max, so I used it on everything from the trim to the shoe shelves. The best part: It’s super-flattering to her complexion—and to almost anyone else’s!” ANDREW HOWARD GOLDFINCH SW 6905 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS “Exotic, uplifting colors that inspire joy are hot right now, a reaction to all the neutrals prevalent everywhere. This is bright and vivid, like sunshine for your home. I first saw it in Jaipur, India, when I spotted a man at a festival wearing a marigold necklace. The merriment and liveliness…

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for 2018

1 | TREAT YOUR FINGERTIPS It’s high time to invest in new flatware. In this age of incessant tapping and swiping, there’s nothing more luxurious than actually feeling. To awaken digits dulled by digital devices, introduce a tantalizing texture to something you handle several times a day—be it a doorknob, a coffee mug, or a dinner fork—then set your phone down and enjoy. 2 | MOODY BLOOMS Coming soon to your bouquet: beautifully gloomy flowers. Inky blossoms in deep purple or burgundy verging on black are the new fave of next-wave floral designers. When grouped with similar hues, they evoke the melancholy of a Brontë heroine haunting the moors. But a few stems added to whisper pinks or soft peaches simply underscore the delicate nature of pale petals. Call it the art of…

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bright young thing

“WHY BE AFRAID?” asks Erick Espinoza. “The outcome is infinitely more interesting when you take a leap.” The 26-year-old Miami native, who often looks to the funky spaces produced by the Memphis Group for inspiration, knows a thing or two about fearless decorating, given his meteoric rise up the ranks at Anthony Baratta, where he interned at 19 while studying at the New York School of Interior Design. In 2014, he was named creative director. Espinoza’s joyful personality, singular talent, and similarity to Bill Diamond did not go unnoticed by Baratta: “He reminds me of my late partner— both are painters and have a brilliant passion for color.” HIS FAVORITE THINGS 1. MILLES PATTES FLOOR LAMP BY JEAN ROYÈRE “It’s six feet tall—it has such great scale.” 2. PROTRACTOR SERIES BY FRANK STELLA…

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a dapper family salon

FURNITURE 1 & 2. ARMCHAIR PILLOW TRIM AND PILLOW “Tape gives a pillow structure by helping to accentuate its shape.” Chenille Braid in Ruby. By Passemen-terie. 212-355-7600. King’s Velvet in Sapphire. By GP&J Baker. leejofa.com 3. ARMCHAIR “The lighter blue counteracts the heavier, more saturated sapphire and scarlet hues.” Alexandre Linen Blend in Turquoise. brunschwig.com 4. OTTOMAN “This fabric nods to a rug found in an old library but reimagines it in a fresh way.” Old Taddington Wool- Cotton Blend in Jasper. $336 per yard. ralph laurenhome.com 5. SOFAS “Velvet is luxe but comfortable. It envelops and embraces you.” Opera Velvet in Cardinal Red. hollandandsherry.com 6. BANQUETTE “The high sheen looks like liquid silver, while the tufting catches the light.” Heavenly Cotton Blend in Heron. villanova.co.uk 7. SLIPPER CHAIR “Contrast woven textures and plush velvets with…