House Beautiful May 2019

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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open house: boston

Joanna Saltz: I want to begin with the question I get most often: When you’re designing a space, where do you start? Michelle Cortizo: Many things inspire me: nature, textiles, fashion, movies. But when I meet my client, I want that to be my first inspiration. I want to hear what they need, and then take that and expand it into how I can tell their story best. Vani Sayeed: My inspiration is people. What makes them happy? What makes them get up in the morning and say, “I love my house!”? Jo: It seems so rudimentary, but it’s something no one thinks about. People wonder, “What’s a hot color, what’s a cool piece of furniture right now?” But happiness comes before all of that. Cheryl Rosenberg: The first thing I do with a…

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pave a prettier path

DRIVEWAYS ARE NOT exactly known for their good looks: Concrete ones love oil stains, and gravel can be impossible to keep smooth. But one material is pushing the whole concept forward: permeable tile pavers, the next level up in parking design. It’s a drivable surface with stormwater drainage and, best of all, grassy green good looks. Find out how they can drive up your home’s curb appeal with our tips. Here’s How It All Goes Down: 1. Choose a spot. Permeable pavers can guard against flood damage by allowing rainwater to infiltrate the ground, says landscape designer Douglas Clark. Think about putting them wherever water tends to collect. 2. Dig for drainage. To install, you need to add a base layer of compacted gravel underneath (see left). “You can’t just put them on top of…

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this entire tabletop is basically unbreakable

1 Block-Print Pink Paisley Napkin and Hampton Melamine Bowl, potterybarn.com. Arabesque Bowl by Dansk, bloomingdales.com. Studio California Zoey Melamine Plate, gibsonusaoutlet.com. Newport Melamine Plate in Plaid, williamssonoma.com. Giada Acrylic Wineglass by Mario Luca Giusti in Red, amara.com. 2 Sydney Bandana, lesindiennes.com. Dua Melamine Bowl in Yellow and Melamine Plate in Aqua, crateandbarrel.com. Textured Acrylic Goblet in Pink and Clarity Stemless Wineglass in Blue, pier1.com. Stacking Wineglass in Teal (part of a set) by TarHong, abode homewares.com. 3 Gingham Bandana, lesindiennes.com. Seaberry Melamine Bowl, gibsonusaoutlet.com. Amazon Floral Salad Plate by TarHong, abodehomewares.com. Arabesque Dinner Plate by Dansk, bloomingdales.com. Clarity Wineglass in Turquoise, pier1.com. 4 Block-print Lakshmi Floral Napkin in Green, potterybarn.com. Iznik Tile Melamine Bowl and Newport Floral Salad and Dinner Plates, williamssonoma.com. Bailey Wicker Wine Tote, ralphlauren.com. 5 Newport Floral Salad Plate, williams-sonoma.com. Studio…

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all covered in moss

“What’s not to love about this rich green? It’s like a beautiful outdoor space: Everything looks good with it!”—Phoebe Howard Options! Nine ways to work this lush, evocative color into your life. PHOTOGRAPHER LISA ROMEREIN (INTERIORS); PHILIP FRIEDMAN (TRIM, FABRIC)…

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beautiful ideas

NEW FROM VAUGHAN, THE LOCKTON TABLE LAMP Contemporary in style and crafted through traditional techniques in world-renowned pottery capital Stoke-on-Trent, this ceramic lamp has handapplied rectangular shapes in relief with a white satin glaze. Part of Vaughan’s new Ceramics collection. For more information, visit vaughandesigns.com. THE ENCHANTED HOME No water required and you will have everyone envious of your green thumb! These incredibly lifelike orchids could fool just about anyone. We offer a beautiful selection of custom florals, paired with our exquisite array of porcelain and chinoiserie tole containers. Please visit our website to see what’s blooming over at The Enchanted Home! For more information, visit enchantedhome.com/shopcustom-florals.…

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the craft fair worth a cross-country trip

ONE WEEKEND EACH OCTOBER, DESIGN lovers from New York City and across the Hudson Valley load up rental cars or pile onto Metro-North trains and head for Kingston, New York. Their destination? A craft fair. Field + Supply, the brainchild of Arkansas-born, Manhattanbased designer Brad Ford, has achieved cultlike status among elite decorators and local residents alike. Over the past five years, it has grown from Ford’s side project into a multiday design celebration that drew about 7,000 visitors in 2018. It’s become so successful that, this Memorial Day weekend, Ford will mount the first spring edition. “I come from a small town, and craft fairs were always happening,” says Ford, who, despite several decades as a New York resident, still speaks with a discernible twang. “They were an opportunity to…