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The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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kitchen edition

Joanna Saltz: For starters, what makes a kitchen designer different from an interior designer? Matthew Quinn: Interior designers and architects don’t really care where the Saran Wrap goes. They’re thinking finishes, the work triangle. But it’s so much more than that. Karen Williams: With all the technology happening in the kitchen—all the changes in appliances and materials—you really need someone with this specialized knowledge to guide you through it. Change the drapery, but change those counters? Not so easy. Matthew Ferrarini: I like to compare it to the medical world: You have your general surgeon who knows about every category, but then you have your neurosurgeons. I consider kitchen designers more the neurosurgeons. “The kitchen is like an orchestra. If you don’t have a few instruments, you really notice the difference.”—KAREN WILLIAMS Karen: My rates…

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QUARTZ Best for the low-fuss cook, quartz requires no sealing or polishing and has double the impact resistance of natural stone, but it’s still a bit sensitive to heat, so hot cookware shouldn’t be set directly on it. It’s a blend of natural stone and synthetic resins. Where to buy it: Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone. LAMINATE This nonporous acrylic comes in endless looks, so it’s ideal for those who want to go wild with colors and patterns. “It can shape itself into any design concept,” says Gerri Chmiel of Formica. New technology has made it tougher, but laminate is still a budget option. Where to buy it: Corian, Formica, Wilsonart. BUTCHER BLOCK Calling all minimalists: Food can be prepped directly on the surface of a butcherblock counter. An occasional oiling is worth it if you love…

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The Best Basic: Subway Available for as little as $1 per square foot, this classic option is still a huge favorite. And it’s versatile: Just swap up the pattern. Get the Right Grout White is the most obvious choice, but “there’s an entire grout spectrum out there,” says Jake Rodehuth-Harrison of ETC.etera. Take your pick. AMY BARTLAM, COURTESY OF JENN FELDMAN DESIGNS;…

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take it to the next level

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whole home concept house

House Beautiful Back by popular demand, House Beautiful’s Whole Home Concept House will be an innovative showcase of products and design cues that underscore how wellness in the home is becoming a universal living priority. Working with Wellness Within Your Walls, we will explore solutions to healthier interior environments. Gather restorative tips for your home and stay up to date on our Whole Home Concept House at HouseBeautiful.com/whole-home-2019-announcement WHOLE HOME CONCEPT HOUSE PARTNER: castlehomes.com…

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A KITCHEN IS UNQUESTIONABLY the biggest storage area in the house. And what’s on the outside of the cabinets is as important as what goes inside. Colors That Will Never Look Dated In Defense of… Three designers fight for their favorite kind of kitchen storage. WESTEND61; THE CONTENTED NEST/GAP INTERIORS. HARDWARE PRODUCER: EMMA BAZILIAN. SCHAUB PULL: COURTESY OF DELAWARE VALLEY PLUMBING SUPPLY…