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The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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open house retail edition

WANT TO TALK? E-MAIL ME AT EDITOR@HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM. Jo Saltz: It feels as if people are always shopping for their homes. But why? What’s the draw? Paloma Contreras: If design is something that you absolutely love, your home will never be finished. You might get to a place where a room is finally “done,” but then you randomly find something you fall in love with or get the itch to change out a piece of art. Amy Kehoe: Shopping for one’s home is so emotional. When people find something—if it’s curated in a way that speaks to them—they’re usually going to find a place for it, even if they don’t have one. A lot of people, myself included, just love the thrill of the hunt, and collecting things to make one’s home feel really…

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4 instagrammers to follow in december

@the_shopkeepers The prettiest storefronts around the world to help you forget about going to the mall. @etsysuccess Need gift inspiration? Meet the makers behind some of Etsy’s most popular shops @rolfsny Live vicariously through the feed of this NYC restaurant, which is famous for overdecking its halls. @scullyandscully Unabashedly fancy table-setting ideas from a Park Avenue store that’s been open since 1934. PHOTOGRAPHERS: DAVINA TAN (THE SHOPKEEPERS); O&Y STUDIO (ETSY SUCCESS); AMY GRAPPONE (SCULLY & SCULLY)…

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the designer’s guide to shelving

STORAGE: WE ALL want more of it. And whether you’re into clean lines or organized chaos, a wall of shelving displaying treasured belongings all in their own places is the visual equivalent of ASMR for most of us. “It’s important to think about the depth of your shelving,” says designer Natalie Myers, who recommends shelves at least 10" to 12" deep for stacks of plates or books, and 6" to 9" deep if they’re just to display ceramics and leaning artworks. Select built-ins or a removable model depending on your priorities: “Sophistication and permanence are almost always costlier than stand-alone,” says designer Susan Yeley. “But you can take stand-alone shelves with you to your next home!” Floating Best for: “Those times when you’re trying to preserve sight lines,” says architect Emily Farnham. “I…

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18 burners and a view of alcatraz

IF YOU THINK YOUR KITCHEN WORKS HARD, HERE’S SOME tough love: It’s got nothing on the test kitchen at Williams Sonoma’s San Francisco headquarters. A team of chefs tests some 25 food products and 20 recipes every week. With a design inspired by Auguste Escoffier’s kitchen for the Ritz in Paris—a favorite of Williams Sonoma founder Chuck Williams—it’s always photo-ready for events with guest chefs. No inch is without purpose, a lesson its manager, Isabelle English, thinks all homeowners should learn: “Don’t let the daily functionality of your kitchen be compromised to achieve a certain design aesthetic,” she urges.…

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close to home

DECADES BEFORE SHE became a designer, Laura Hodges discovered the joy of shopping from local vendors as a child growing up in England and traveling with her family. “You realize that there are all these gorgeous things that are handmade and really tell a story,” says Hodges, who worked for designers Jamie Drake and Thomas Jayne before moving to Baltimore to open her interior design practice, Laura Hodges Studio, in 2016. She built her business creating globally influenced spaces that reflect her clients’ passions. Last June, Hodges translated her knack for treasure hunting into a brick-and-mortar store, Domain, where she stocks goods from nearby makers. It’s a manifestation of her lifelong interest in sustainable design, and commitment to supporting ethical, fair-trade businesses. “We have a responsibility to not only improve a space but…

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five easy ways to decorate more responsibly