House Beautiful March 2018

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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from our editor

recently, I saw the term self-investment used instead of self-improvement—and I liked the ring of it. The latter is a chore, the former a treat, and yet the outcome is the same: better living, plain and simple. I’m passionate about design, but I also fiercely believe that it’s a means to a greater payoff. Sure, it’s fun to fawn over color palettes and fabrics—and this is a good issue for doing just that!—but there are deeper reasons for us to feather our nests. HB’s newest endeavor, the Whole Home Project, explores these reasons, recognizing the home as a powerful tool for enjoying life in 360 degrees, all 365 days of the year. To wit: A thoughtfully planned kitchen can help you eat more healthfully. A super-dark bedroom can help you sleep more…

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the new spring palette


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color crush   spring trio

1. Canyon Chair Leather. In Vine. 29″ W × 34″ D. $2,158. serenaandlily.com 2. Block Print Bandanna By Nani Pani. Indian cotton. In green. $32. shopterrain.com 3. Adelie Shoulder Bag Leather. In green. 6″ Sq. $275. frankcleggleatherworks.com 4. Stanbury Glasses In Bottle Green. $380. claire goldsmith.com 5. Monogram Wax Seal Set Includes seal and wax stick. $59. markandgraham.com 6. Cercle d’Ecailles Cup and Saucer Hand-painted porcelain. In Vert Forte and gold. $165 for set. mariedaage.com Items without prices are available through a designer PHOTOGRAPHER THIS PAGE: BOTTLE GREEN (2, 6), MARIGOLD (1, 2, 4, 5, 6), BLUSH (1, 5): STUART TYSON/STUDIO D…

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palette   floral notes

GOLDEN GATE SW 7679 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS HUNT CLUB SW 6468 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SMOKY SALMON SW 6331 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS MORNING SUN SW 6672 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CONTEST NAME THIS COLOR AND YOU COULD WIN! 1 Come up with an evocative name for the color above. Describe it in a sentence or two (50 words or less). BE CREATIVE! 2 Go to HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM/ NAMETHISCOLOR to enter, from February 2 through March 8, 2018 3 The winner receives $100! Three runners-up will each receive House Beautiful’s newest book, Style Secrets. DEC/JAN 2018 WINNER SMOLDERING EMBER LYNN McSWEENEY; BOSTON “It’s the color of embers beneath ash-covered logs, still hinting at their time as cherry-red flames.” Go to HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM/ COLORWINNERS for the three runners-up. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. NAME THIS COLOR CONTEST. SPONSORED BY HEARST COMMUNICATIONS, INC. BEGINNING AT 12:01 A.M. (ET) ON FEBRUARY2, 2018, THROUGH 11:59 P.M. (ET) ON MARCH 8, 2018,…

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paint   dying to try

STARMAN PORTOLA PAINTS & GLAZES “The London restaurant Sketch Gallery made me fall in love with pink. Portola’s Starman is more subtle, less public-space pow. It comes in a specialty finish called Royal Satin that has mica in it, so even though it is a blush color, it has a silvery sheen, like satin ballet slippers. I can’t wait to try it in a kitchen with brass cabinet doors.” TARA SEAWRIGHT AWESOME VIOLET SW 6815 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS “While visiting the Art Institute of Chicago last summer, I fell hard for this delicate violet in one of Monet’s water-lily paintings. It was like a sweet melody standing out among the other colors on the canvas. It would be a perfect accent to a navy blue or charcoal gray, or as a splash of color within a…

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nursery school

Don’t Fear Going All-In Frank de Biasi is such an enthusiast for the power of plants— “They bring literal life to a space”—that he didn’t skimp on the greenery in the living room of his Park Avenue apartment. To create a tropical-garden vibe, he anchored the corners with arcing palms, sprinkled in short snake plants, and defined the area with a philodendron climbing a screen. Combined with the room’s floral prints and bold strokes of color, “it’s an escape from the city’s drab grayness.” Know the Limitations For the foyer of a Los Angeles home, Peter Dunham chose boxwood— the classic garden shrub—for its low, compact shape: “In this busy entry, anything tall would be intrusive.” Set in a rustic terracotta pot and pruned into a ball to echo the circles on the…