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editor’s note

We Love Winter Hit the ice this winter. As much as you can. Fish places near and far. Getting out there accomplishes several things. First, it beats the winter doldrums that wears a northern-dwelling person down. Lack of vitamin D, lethargy from being inside, breathing the same re-heated air—all of that will vanish when you step out onto a frozen lake and take in that crisp, cold air while the bright sun warms your face. If you don’t believe me, read Tom Gruenwald’s essay at the beginning of this magazine. Fishing through the winter keeps both your skill level and your momentum up. Ice anglers are regular open-water anglers, too. I never met a person that only ice fishes (which would be kind of cool and odd at the same time). Ice…

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simply ic e fishing

A FROSTY, PRE-DAWN MORN, THIRD IN A ROW WITH TEMPERATURES PLUNGING INTO SINGLE DIGITS AND NO DAYTIME HIGHS ABOVE FREEZING. The deep, early winter chill envelops placid stillness in a piercing, permeating grip. Leafless hardwoods silhouette the moonlight, a ghostly combination casting dark, phantom shadows across lightly snow-covered ground. There is no sound. Nothing moves. Even my own breathing somehow feels invasive, each exhalation forming wispy apparitions hanging in the air before dissipating into the cold, lost forever. Heart racing, I leave the security of shore, each successive step hesitant as my feet cautiously test the strength of four inches of frozen water—a sole, fateful shield between me and an icy bath of potentially life-draining cold. These aversive thoughts are suddenly interrupted when the frozen surface, forming an increasingly icy grip, expands then creaks…

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put more fish topside

I’VE YET TO MEET AN ANGLER WHO DOESN’T GET FRUSTRATED WHEN THEY LOSE A FISH. But, folks with a strong mental game will quickly recompose themselves and learn from the error to make sure they don’t make the same mistake twice. To get the goods on proven fish fighting and landing techniques, I spoke with several hardcore ice anglers about their experiences and lessons learned. Here’s a rundown on what they shared. 1. BET ON A BALANCED COMBO Chicago-based ice guide, Tony Boshold is emphatic about using a balanced combo. Key characteristics are that the rod must deliver the proper amount of backbone to drive the hooks home, yet be soft enough to properly play the fish you’re targeting. “Essentially don’t fish ‘eyes with a crappie rod and don’t fish crappie with a…

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pike evolution

IN TODAY’S ICE FISHING WORLD, A LIMITING FACTOR ON WATER PRODUCING BIG PIKE IS HARVEST AND FISHING PRESSURE. In today’s ice fishing world, a limiting factor on water producing big pike is harvest and fishing pressure. Pike by design are an opportunistic predator. The question isn’t when the fish will get caught because pike will eat until they get caught. The most important question is how will a big pike be handled and will the fish be released. Big pike fisheries are typically either remote where angling pressure is diffused enough to where some pike avoid getting caught by a lack of pressure (big water or remote obscure water) or big pike fisheries have size limits that protect big fish. Because of the aggressive nature of pike, many fish are caught…

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walleyes at high noon

THE THOUGHT OF TRYING TO CATCH WALLEYE DURING THE DAY CAN MAKE SOME ANGLERS MORE NERVOUS THAN A SQUIRREL LOOKING TO CROSS A BUSY HIGHWAY. Truth is, both tasks are doable, provided the right path and approach are taken. While walleye show preferences for hunting in low light, they will also feed during the day. What follows is a look at two proven daytime methods. One is an ambush- style approach, the other a run-and-gun strategy. Both work. Which is chosen depends on an angler’s knowledge of the lake and how active of an angling experience they want, among other variables. THE AMBUSH: PLANNING Legendary Minnesota guide and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame inductee, Tom Neustrom frequently uses an ambush approach for catching daytime walleye. Fundamental to this system is understanding walleye location within…

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the forgotten art of dead sticking

I ADMIT IT, I’M A DEAD HEAD. But long before I spun vinyl with Jerry Garcia on the turntable I was playing in the ranks of the dead -- the Dead Stickers. Even as a kid I’d get out on a frozen farm pond and with a collection of purloined milk crates, mixing buckets and even plastic bags filled with sand, I’d prop a number of “sticks,” or short fishing rods, over the frozen divots and patiently wait for bluegill and crappie to bite on my nearly still bait. Dead- sticking we called it. Honest to goodness, the first time I heard the phrase “Dead Head” on an FM radio, I thought they were re- ferring to ice fishermen. With all the emphasis on run-andgun ice fishing in recent years, the tactic of leaving…