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Ideal Home Sep-2018

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Ideal Home is Britain's best-selling interiors magazine and has been empowering home-owners to make the most of their properties for over 80 years. The magazine covers every aspect of contemporary living, from a wide range of transformed houses, kitchens and bathrooms.

United Kingdom
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Good storage solves everything! It’s like a good bra or ‘foundation garment’ (as Ma Richmond calls them) – it makes everything you put on top look better. The same is true with storage – get it right and your home will look more ‘put together’ and feel calmer, too. This is something you learn quickly if, like me, you’re a hoarder with a serious Primark habit, who’s always lived in small homes (or even rented small rooms in small homes)! But storage isn’t a size issue. If anything, big homes are more susceptible to clutter creep. So, whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist by nature, enjoy discovering all the stylish, practical and downright game-changing solutions we’ve stuffed into this issue! STYLING CAROL WORTLEY-BISHOP PHOTOGRAPH DOMINIC BLACKMOREBUBBLE VASE, £60, KELLY HOPPEN…

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These fresh flowers last for YEARS The Magic Flower Company has found a way to banish wilting bouquets. It all sounds a little sci-fi, but real blooms and foliage are selected at their peak and have their natural sap replaced by a non-toxic glycerine mixture, meaning the stems are frozen in time for months – even years. Try wallpaper before you buy If you’ve ever suffered from wallpaper regret, then the new Graham & Brown app may be for you. Unlike a hard-to-visualise A4 wallpaper sample, the app uses the magic of augmented reality to project the papered area in your home onto your iPhone or iPad screen. Measure up the area, pick your favourite designs from Graham & Brown’s library and voila – you can see how the repeat will look across…