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InStyle April 2019

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The first time I met Karl Lagerfeld was in Paris in 2013. I worked at Harper’s Bazaar then and was going to interview him for a show I was doing. I was nervous as hell because Karl was smart, and you don’t want to look dumb in front of smart. On the way there I remember my driver noticing my twitching. “Are you in stress?” he asked. “Oui, Guillaume, I am in stress.”The great surprise was that I didn’t need to stress at all. In his office at Chanel, Karl took one look at me and said, “Do you want to see my bathroom?” A quick zip through a side door and suddenly he was showing me his preferred brand of dry shampoo for that mythical ponytail.After that, it was…

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Cannot wait to dive into this!!! So much badassness awaits! #LivingYour BestBadassLife—@BADASSWOMENS BOOKCLUBEYES ON THE PRIZEWhaatt?? Honored to make @InStyle top 50 #Badass Women list! TO ALL YOU GIRLS: BELIEVE in yourself. It’s OK to be kind& sweet, but it’s as okay to be TOUGH&DETERMINED. YUKON-DO-IT!—DR. MICHELLE OAKLEY, via TwitterTruly honored to make @InStyle’s list of The Badass 50. What an amazing feeling to be among these incredibly powerful, influential, and inspiring women. I’m so grateful.—LYNZY LAB, via TwitterWORKING WONDERSThank you @InStyle & @laurabrown99 for lifting up #BadassWomen across industries whose collective work makes our economy strong. I am proud of this story & honored to be part [of] it. Shout out to my sis @meenaharris for letting me sport her #PhenomenalWoman shirt for this shoot!—MÓNICA RAMÍREZ, via Twitter (pictured…

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real style

Sofia Carson in Michael Kors Collection.Veronica Beard blazer.LESLIE THOMPSON, Toronto @slimsilvahINSPIRED BY The Look: “Go Big … or Go Plaid” (February 2019)HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN Thompson juxtaposes her plaid with polka dots, but the sunny tones pull everything together. “Gray winter days call for a pop of color to chase away the gloom,” she says.LAUREN RECCHIA, New York City @northofmanhattanINSPIRED BY Instant Style: “Groovy, Baby” (January 2019)HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN Recchia adds a metallic clutch to her retro-inspired stripes and leather jacket to create a decidedly modern look.ROCHASOSCAR DE LA RENTAYULIA F. KIRPALANI, New York City @fomenkojuliINSPIRED BY “Spring Flings: Puff Pieces” (January 2019)HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN Kirpalani opts for a bolder, flamingo-pink version of the feather gown, cinching it with a sparkling belt.AG (left) and…

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“I’m a prank virgin—in both ways. I don’t even know what people do. But I’m going to Google some pranks now!”MIRANDA KERRMODEL “Kerr-Boom,” p. 146“Zach Galifianakis bought a birthday cake for a crew member on Keeping Up with the Joneses, and the icing on top read, ‘This cake is from everyone on the crew—EXCEPT Isla.’ ”ISLA FISHERACTRESS, Beauty Mark, p. 94“Tyler Labine once put a whole bottle of oregano oil in my water bottle during a rehearsal day of Mad Love. I took one big swig and promptly but quietly—I am a professional—spit it all out. Jason Biggs, Sarah Chalke, and Tyler all exploded with laughter.”JUDY GREERACTRESS, Why I Love, p. 170“I once went as Courtney Love to a dress-as-your-fave-celeb-themed party on Sunset Boulevard and convinced paparazzi I was her. A…

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the cover

GOLD RUSH Foundrae necklace, $7,995; & Co. ring, $1,200; THE CLOCK Cartier watch, $27,100; at Cartier.WORD PLAY Chanel earrings, $1,000; at select Chanel boutiques.TALL ORDER Sergio Rossi sandals, $730; NUDE Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow n Arrow, $20;’s a universal consensus that Ciara can make anything look sexy, and with the singer’s help, we put that theory to the test at our Los Angeles shoot. Arriving straight from the airport, she was full of energy and excited to pose in a steady stream of retro-inspired looks from designers such as Chanel, Michael Kors, and Richard Quinn. Between shots, we challenged Ciara to apply her seductive dance skills to an anything-goes playlist, featuring disco, salsa, polka, and her hit single “Level Up,” for…

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her style

SIGNATURE SHADESRay-Ban sunglasses, $153; HIGHLIGHTDanessa Myricks Beauty Enlight Halo Powder in Angel Wings, $20; SHOPPING SPOT 10 Corso Como ( for locations).2. WARDROBE MVP Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, $100; ESSENTIALRevision Skincare DEJ Face Cream, $140; Mara top.TIMELESS CARRYALL“I need a purse with space. Mom life!” Chanel handbag, $6,100; at select Chanel boutiques.BEST BINGE WATCHYou on NetflixBALMAINSAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO3. GO-TO DESIGNERS “Anthony Vaccarello [for Saint Laurent], Olivier Rousteing [for Balmain], Peter Dundas, Riccardo Tisci, Donatella Versace, Tom Ford, and so many more!”DREAM HOTEL Aman Tokyo (1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, EYELASH ENHANCERReady to Wear Every Last Lash Amplifying Mascara in black, $25; ICONS André 3000 and The Cosby Show’s Denise Huxtable (played by Lisa Bonet)HOT PLATESpinach-artichoke dip at Houston’s in Atlanta ( for locations).EYE-SHADOW…