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Jeanne d'Arc Living 1st issue 2021

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A lifestyle magazine filled with creative DIY ideas, simple recipes, captivating articles and beautiful photography of inspiring homes, vintage flea market décor and crafts, nostalgic European garden designs and flower arrangements – all in the French and Nordic country decorating style.

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dear reader

The new year has begun, along with all its expectations and dreams. It’s time to turn a bit philosophical and that’s a natural thing at this time of year, I think. We start off with lots of New Year’s resolutions and plans, and that’s a good thing because if we no longer dream and plan, we stall. Still, as a wise woman once told me, don’t let whatever you’re longing for wait. That goes for the small moments of joy in everyday life and for the big decisions. Spend some time and find the courage to be yourself and do whatever you’re dreaming of without listening to other people. And do it now. There’s no recipe as to what you’re supposed to do for a living, what your home should…

2 min.
the designer’s own home furnishing style

We’re visiting Miranda who lives with her husband Hugo and their three sons in the quiet part of the town of Hilversum in The Netherlands. Miranda’s a graphic designer and she also offers home furnishing consultancy services. The family home is a beautiful, old building that the couple bought in 2003. Back then, the house was completely inhabitable and the family renovated it step by step. Dating back to 1899, the house features many original details such as en suite living rooms, very tall walls and beautiful ceilings. When the couple took over the house, it had no bathroom and no central heating so they had to install that themselves. They also did all the painting and other projects themselves. Miranda loves a relaxed atmosphere at home. As she works…

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winter flowers

When Christmas is over and all the decorations and decoration items have been packed away, it’s often a relief. You just wanted to get rid of it again. Still, the home might feel a bit strange and empty afterwards, and it feels as if something’s missing. You can change that by spending a couple of hours making small arrangements with spring bulbs and other plants for your home. Most florists already sell all kinds of flower bulbs but new, green plants can also make a difference and add a feeling of change. They fill up the empty spaces and add a sense of freshness to the home. Here in the kitchen, Rikke has prepared a tray full of flower bulbs. They’re kept in shades of white and they’ve been planted in…

5 min.
grandma food with a twist

We’ve got lots of traditions in Denmark – not least when it comes to food. When we talk about "grandma food", everyone knows what we’re talking about. These are traditional, Danish dishes that have been passed down through many generations and they’re very popular in Danish restaurants and coffee houses. Preparing these dishes often takes a bit longer but on the other hand, they all have quite intensive tastes. We all associate lots of memories with such dishes and that’s why preparing these articles is so much fun. We attempt to add a modern twist to the food by adding another type of accompaniment than in the original recipe or changing the ingredients a bit. This time, our menu offers a salmon appetizer, meat loaf as entrée and a lemon…

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rough style with junk & art

Meeting people who’re really passionate about what they do is always incredibly exciting and inspiring. It doesn’t really matter what their passion is because any passion inspires and creates joy, but still, it’s even more exciting if you’ve got a shared interest. The man behind "Junk & Art", Henning Jeppesen, is a trained blacksmith who enjoys using his creative talents by make one-of-a-kind furniture according to his own ideas and design. We met up with him a couple of times and did this article together, furnishing a home mostly with Henning’s furniture, combined with a few bits and pieces from the JDL Home winter collection. The materials are a combination of recycling materials and new steel and wood. The style is both rough and rustic and it fits perfectly to the…

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kitchen theme

As the option of travelling and exploring the world has been restricted for a while, many of us focus on our home instead, feeling a need to change things and be creative. Perhaps your kitchen needs renovating? You can do that in many different ways. You can go all-in and order a new kitchen from a kitchen company or you can take a less drastic route and just give your kitchen a makeover by painting doors or walls or carry out smaller changes that’ll also make you feel that you’ve gotten yourself a new kitchen. We hope that the following pages will inspire you to renew your kitchen.…