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Jeanne d'Arc Living 2nd issue 2021

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A lifestyle magazine filled with creative DIY ideas, simple recipes, captivating articles and beautiful photography of inspiring homes, vintage flea market décor and crafts, nostalgic European garden designs and flower arrangements – all in the French and Nordic country decorating style.

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dear reader

Mornings are magical. Almost no matter where you live, there’s a special kind of peace in the morning. I’m one of those people who can’t sleep in – also not on weekends. Many people find that absolutely terrifying because they love staying in bed for an extra couple of hours in the morning, but I don’t feel that way at all. I enjoy getting up early because then I’ve got the entire day ahead of me, and I really enjoy the peace and quiet in the house when I sit down on my own with a cup of coffee and watch the day come to life. We live in the countryside and there are lots of animals around. Funnily enough, as I get older, I appreciate the animals more and…

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a love for vintage

Esther Horneman-Steringa, who’s an interior stylist and a teacher, lives with her husband Hans and their two daughters, Femke and Meryam, in a beautiful, self-built house in Opende in the Netherlands. The house is idyllically located in the countryside, surrounded by fields, and Esther enjoys this location every single day. She loves working in the greenhouse and in the kitchen garden, and if the weather doesn’t play along, she moves things around in the house. Her interior design style isn’t only brocante but a mixture of old and new which has developed over the years. She’s always had a passion for old things – particularly things with a history from her own life such as a bench from her aunt or a present from a neighbor. As the couple built the…

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new style with a make-over

Stine was tired of the big, black cupboard because it just seemed to be sucking up all the light from the living room in her apartment. She started looking for an alternative but she couldn’t find anything that was just as spacious. Stine’s a creative woman so she decided to paint the cupboard in a lighter color to make it look smaller. She found some interesting DIY ideas on the internet where people would exchange panes for French wicker materials. She really liked the idea – especially because it would look less messy if you could no longer see what was in the cupboard. She bought some French wicker materials by the meter and cut it into pieces that would fit the window frames. Using a stapler to attach the…

4 min.
grandma food with a twist

Here’s a delicious version of a modern Grandma menu featuring three fantastic spring dishes. The appetizer is a modern version of the traditional scrimp cocktail, including a tasty avocado cream and fresh lumpfish roe which is in season right now. The entrée is one of the very old dishes that we’d almost forgotten about – pork jowls. They’re just so tasty and this is a perfect slow-cooking dish. We’re serving them with a wonderful root vegetable mash. Our dessert is an almost traditional mille-feuille. All recipes serve 4. We’ve laid the table using Rikke’s service that she’s inherited from her grandmother. The cute winter aconites were painted onto the set and they add a perfect atmosphere oozing of spring and Easter. All the home textiles are from JDL Home. The curtains…

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natural and calm atmosphere

This single-family home from the 1930s is located in an old residential area in Soest, the Netherlands, where you’ll find lots of history and beautiful houses. The owners of this house, Sonja and Frank, had been looking for a new place to live for a long time before finding this charming house. It wasn’t love at first sight because the house was very old and the garden was overgrown. Right after the first showing, they weren’t really interested, but overnight, the dreams and ideas started to occur and they made an offer for the house the next day. They’ve been renovating for five years so far and they keep coming up with new ideas and finding new opportunities. Sonja doesn’t feel that she’s following one specific style because she likes…

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beautiful simplicity

Adding flowers to your interior design doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult at all. In my opinion, a simple bouquet, which might be small or large, with just one sort of flower is enough and very beautiful. Just take a look at these lilac stems with their sophisticated, purple color – they’re so fine and they smell heavenly. Sometimes, a small twig doesn’t last long in a vase but my tip is to cut off the stem and then scrape a bit at the end of the coarse stem. That’ll make the twig last longer. Virgin in the green, Nigella, is one of my favorites and it’s much easier to make it grow in the garden than most people think. It also comes in various colors. It’s a good…