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Jeanne d'Arc Living 3rd issue 2021

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A lifestyle magazine filled with creative DIY ideas, simple recipes, captivating articles and beautiful photography of inspiring homes, vintage flea market décor and crafts, nostalgic European garden designs and flower arrangements – all in the French and Nordic country decorating style.

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dear reader

You can really feel it coming now. Summer is just around the corner and this time we need it more than ever. Following some gray, heavy winter months, we’re definitely longing for light and warmth to improve our mood. Many of us have spent more time outdoors than usual. We’ve realized just how beautiful our nature is and we’ve watched it change up-close. In Denmark, this season is simply fantastic. The aromas, the warmth, the freshness and the shades of green are everywhere, bringing true optimism and joy. I personally also enjoy eating all the fresh seasonal vegetables and I love picking the first wild flowers by the roadside because they add a special touch to any bouquet. I enjoy spending time in my garden and feeling the satisfaction –…

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brocante: a french feel

Anette Dahl Bartsch moved from Copenhagen to the island of Funen 14 years ago. Following a few years in the manor Gelskov Gods, she set up base in the town of Odense. She fell in love with this building in the street of Overgade and once it became available, she took the chance. "Dahl Falken" isn’t only a store but also a Bed&Breakfast apartment in the basement below the store. Obviously, the apartment has been furnished in the same style as Anette’s own home and her store – with a rustic touch and lots of unique, French finds. "I’ve always been interested in interior design", Anette says. And when you’re as talented as she is, it’s easy to mix various styles and trends to create a harmonious and comfortable home. The colors…

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get ready for spring in the conservatory

What a wonderful season we’re heading for! Whenever I leave the terrace door open by the end of March or beginning of April, it’s a sign that summer’s just around the corner, finally allowing us to start enjoying the long, cozy evenings outdoors. I really long for this season every single year. Overwintering plants are removed from the winter darkness and can finally be taken outside to start growing again. That’s just so fantastic. I always add lots of new plants – both big and small ones. The big fig tree is a fixture and it looks so beautiful. I like growing edible things because that’s a true luxury that also adds a marvelous, southern feel. I definitely recommend lemon trees. If you’ve got the opportunity and space, get one!…

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a love for hand-picked beautiful finds

Fredriek is working on a tight budget when furnishing her home but her head is full of low-budget ideas. In addition, her daughter is an interior designer and a stylist. A new look for the floor, gallons of white paint and some fantastic country style flea market finds sort out the rest! Fredriek (58) owns the webshop "frechic.nl" and she lives with her cat Dinges in a small detached house from the 1980s. The house measures 1,076 sq ft (100 sqm) and is located in Eibergen in the Netherlands. Fredriek tells us that when she saw the house the first time, it was very dark and seemed very small, but her daughter convinced her to move in because she saw lots of hidden opportunities. Once they’d remove five layers of…

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grandma food with a twist

This time, our menu is a celebration of spring, featuring lots of fresh seasonal vegetables. You might be lucky enough to find ramson in a garden or in the forest. The dishes are a marvelous combination of traditional and modern food. Rikke has laid a beautiful table with an equally marvelous mixture of modern tableware and nice, old roemers. All recipes serve 4-6. Enjoy! POTATO PIZZA Base: 0.3 oz (10 g) yeast, 1 tbsp oil, ¼ tsp salt, ¼ tsp sugar, 3 fl oz (1 dl) lukewarm water, 6.8 oz (3 dl) pizza flour (preferably 50% wholemeal), 6 fresh asparagus, 1 potato, 3.5 oz (100 g) cream cheese, 3.5 oz (100 g) grated Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, 0.4 cup (½ dl) pesto Ramson pesto: 1 small handful of ramson leaves, 1 oz (25 g) grated…

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big theme home offices

In the past year, setting up a home office has become more relevant than ever. Many of us have been working by the kitchen counter but this is both unpractical and uncomfortable – and not at all cozy. You might not have an entire room at your disposal for a home office but a corner of the living room or perhaps a cupboard will also do. Furnish your home office in a cozy style and make sure that you can screen off any disturbances when participating in online meetings. In this article, we’ll introduce you to one of the more creative home offices and we’ll also offer tips on how to make your own bulletin board.…