Land Rover Owner

Land Rover Owner

August 2021

LRO is the world's biggest magazine dedicated entirely towards the Land and Range Rover enthusiast. Every issue you'll find our team of experts writing inspirational features on: - Adventure! Off-road adventures in some of the world's most spectacular countryside - Restoration! Inspiring tales of old Land and Range Rovers lovingly rescued and restored... - Maps! Tough tracks with OS maps for you to try - Rare models... find something unusual in every issue - Land Rovers and spare parts for sale... a fantastic range of parts & vehicles for sale, every month Plus the latest club news and events from around the world. Love Land Rovers? Love LRO!

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used & abused

USED BY NEIL WATTERSON EDITOR TESTED FOR ONE MONTH PENDLE W4 FOUR-BIKE RACK £489.99 ● pbr.co.uk/ Rating: ★★★☆☆ This rack couldn’t be any easier to fit – it simply attaches to your towbar. It’ll then accommodate four bikes – three if you have a door-mounted spare wheel. It can be fitted between a standard UK/EU two-bolt ball and the towbar (though some combined ball/pin hitches may need a spacer), or it can clamp over the ball itself. Because my Defender is fitted with an adjustable hitch, I chose the latter method. Like some others who’ve considered this type of carrier but never actually tried one, I had concerns about it moving about on the ball. So, after torquing up the bolts correctly (spanners and hex keys are supplied, but I found it better to use ‘proper’…

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the adventurer

With overseas travel still so uncertain because of the pandemic, a lot of UK-based readers will be contemplating taking their Land Rover on trips within the British Isles this summer. With that in mind, it may be worth talking about a couple of issues that affect wild camping and vehicle-based camping around the UK – campfires and ‘wild loo’ techniques. The British Isles are small and crowded. We don’t have huge areas of wilderness like Canada or the Sahara to explore. Most land is owned by someone, and much of it has trespass regulations of some sort that affect it. Wild camping is illegal in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, and land that has been camped on often bears the scars – rubbish, vehicle tracks and abandoned equipment. Take care to ensure…

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basic bush craft

1 Assessment If you’re changing your Land Rover’s suspension bushes, you’re more than likely doing it for a reason - maybe they’ve failed an MoT test, emitting a knocking noise or are causing poor handling. Or, maybe you’re fitting new ones as a matter of course as part of a rebuild or upgrading to a Polybush kit for more precise handling. In any case, inspect the old ones and the components they fit into first. If the bush has delaminated completely, this may actually work to your advantage when it comes to removing them. Start by wire-brushing around the socket that the bush is located in to remove flaky paint and rust. 2 Im-press-ive By far the easiest and most efficient way to remove old bushes is with a hydraulic press. You’ll need…

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the disco that muscled in

WHEN WE FIRST PUT THE CRANE ON, IT NEARLY BOTTOMED-OUT ON THE REAR SUSPENSION I‘ve been fascinated by Land Rovers and especially Land Rover cranes since childhood. I blame Corgi Toys’ iconic diecast 109-inch recovery truck that wasn’t quite a Series I nor exactly a Series II. It didn’t matter – in my eyes, it was and still is perfect. Meanwhile, in the real world, everything has its limitations. But when Matt Page sent me a photo of his magnificent Disco 2 crane, with its huge telescopic, folding boom, I began to wonder. Clearly, here is a chap with an unlimited imagination and the skills to turn his ideas into reality. I just had to see this amazing machine in the metal, and in action. THE BACK STORY Matt’s partner, Leanne Elia, spills the…

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lockdown land rovers

Series IIAin’t! Friend of the mag Rory Lowther suffered a temporary loss of forward motion when his Series IIA, Laurence, ran out of spark. Fingers crossed it’s a simple fix, mate. ‘55’s shade of grey (soon…) ‘I’ve bought my next project but haven’t had a chance to get stuck in yet,’ says Craig Theobald of his 1955 Series I 86-inch. ‘Lots of chassis and bulkhead work lies ahead of me. It’ll be stripped right back to basics and fully restored in the original Dove Grey colour.’ Adam gets brave with the drill Adam Wormleighton has wasted no time taking his new Defender to bits to fit front and rear mudflaps. ‘Drilling holes into a brand-new car is something that makes you wince a little,’ he says. ‘Though, amazingly, there’s no rust… yet!’ A new leaf of…

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HOW HARD? Where relevant, we’ve rated the difficulty level of workshop jobs from one spanner (beginner) to five spanners (expert), to give you an idea of what you’re letting yourself in for! STAY SAFE When working on your Land Rover, you should always… ●Wear boots with reinforced toecaps ●Use disposable or mechanic’s gloves ● Wear safety specs to guard against stray sparks and harmful liquids ● Wear clean overalls. They don’t just smell better - oily ones are bad for your skin and catch fire more easily WORKSHOP EDITOR I’ve got more welding to do on my Series III, which provoked a bit of a dilemma. The bulkhead is done now, but I was changing the gearbox and axle oils on it a while ago and noticed a rear spring hanger had some pinholes in the front edge. A…