Land Rover Owner October 2018

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editor’s welcome

It’s nearly time for the Land Rover event of the year, the LRO Show. Held on the weekend of 15-16 September at Peterborough, it’s a feast of Land Rover fun – check out just some of the exciting attractions you can expect on p20-21. Come along, meet up with friends and enjoy the best of the Land Rover scene. While you’re in the area, why not follow in our wheeltracks along the local greenlanes of Rutland and Leicestershire (p32) and make more of your time in the area? They’re suitable for all Land Rovers, standard or modified. Talking of modified Land Rovers, it’s good that companies are still interested in improving currrent models, as Mark Saville finds with Matzker’s Discovery 5 DC8 (p10). Even when the standard vehicle is very capable, subtle…

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world of land rovers

1st prize DAVID EMERSON WINS A SEALEY 13-PIECE ½in DR METRIC SOCKET SET (AK2745) ‘David’s expertly composed shot amid the grandeur of Norway’s Lofoten Islands, captured during a family camping holiday, is well worthy of top spot this month.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR A power station is a great backdrop to JOHN PICKWORTH’S 2015 Disco 4 Commercial XS. Alex Morris’s 1988 3.5 V8 Ninety is at the Hanworth Classic in southwest London. His father-in-law MIKE STOKES captured the moment. MICHAEL WHALE’S freshly painted, Phoenix Orange Td5 90 looks stunning alongside this street art in Norwich. Those 18in black Sawtooth alloys are perfect for it, aren’t they? This imposing Defender 110 is called ‘Twitch’, says owner STEPHANIE HOWE . It may be over-equipped for gentle greenlaning, but still looks right at home in leafy Hertfordshire. STUART CROMBIE is amazed at…

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sealey gear in the next issue of lro

1st PRIZE Ratchet Crimping Tool Interchangeable Jaws (AK3857) WORTH £83.94 2nd PRIZE Auto Probe 6-24V (PP1) WORTH £41.94 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send it to wolr@lro.com. Include a description of the vehicle and where the photo was taken, plus the names of anyone in it. Send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, it’s well done to first-placed David Emerson, who wins a Sealey 13-piece ½in dr metric socket set. Second prize, a Sealey 44pc screwdriver, hex key and bit set, goes to David Cull.…

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desert storm

Soft, powdery, axle-deep sand fans out from all four wheels. The Disco 5’s exterior bodywork is almost too hot to touch beneath this blazing sun; the under-bonnet temperatures must be furnace-like, yet still this unassuming family 4x4 refuses to bog down or get stuck. Believe me, I’m really trying – never has an envelope been so enthusiastically pushed in search of its limits than by me today in this overland-prepared Matzker DC8. For those of you not already familiar with the work of Cologne-based Matzker Technology and Accessories, you should know that the company’s upgrades are so highly regarded by Land Rover Germany that the modifications it makes don’t affect the vehicle’s warranty; and some of those modifications are pretty significant too. Matzker is also a franchised Jaguar Land Rover dealer. So,…

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tech spec

• Model: Matzker DC8 TD6 • Engine: 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel with TR6 programme • Power: 306bhp at 3750rpm • Torque: 670Nm (494lb ft) • Max speed: 235kph (146mph) with speed de-limiter • Suspension: Electronic Handling and Off-road Kit -28mm on-road and +30mm off-road, and seven other height options • Tyres: 255/55 R20 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac • Wheels: 20in alloys with 25mm spacers • Expedition roof rack: Front Runner • Second fuel tank: 90-litre mounted in spare wheel recess • Winch: Warn M8000 3600kg with 30m synthetic rope with split-charge system • Driving lamps: grille-mounted Hella Luminator 130 X-LED…

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the land where land rovers rule the roost

Land Rover’s year-round 70th-anniversary celebration reached new heights in the Himalayas. The company sent a film crew to Maneybhanjang in West Bengal, the eastern Indian province that lies between the Bay of Bengal and the Himalayas, to capture the story of a village whose inhabitants rely on a fleet of Series Land Rovers dating back to 1957 to survive. It is known in the Himalayas as the ‘Land of Land Rovers’. The resulting short film is a captivating watch. It follows the arduous 19-mile trip along rough mountain tracks that villagers have to endure to reach the next town. The combination of the appalling weather conditions and the hair-raising mountain tracks puts you in awe of the skilled, unflappable drivers. Take a look on LRO.com or just type ‘Land of Land…