Land Rover Owner December 2018

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editor’s welcome

Autumn is the time when many classic cars start to get shut away until the bad weather passes. But that’s not the case with Land Rovers – they can continue to be used right through the winter, making them the ideal classics to buy now. We asked TV classic car resto star Fuzz Townshend to share his knowledge of the classic scene, picking out the models to go for. His choices may surprise some – but when you think about it, they’re very valid. The Discovery hits 30 years old next year, while the Range Rover P38 will celebrate its 25th birthday – more reasons to buy one of these great vehicles. And, if you buy one as a project, you’ll have something to keep you occupied during the long winter evenings,…

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world of land rovers

1st prize DARRYL HOPWOOD WINS A SEALEY THREE-DRAWER PORTABLE TOOL CHEST ‘Looks like a film. An asteroid’s exploding – and Darryl’s Defender is the only vehicle rugged enough to survive the fall-out at South Queensferry on the shores of the Firth of Forth!’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR Crossing the Great Australian Bight is a rite of passage for Australians. CHRIS CASEY , owner of this 2015 Defender, has done it twice – even more rewarding! JON ECCLESTON stops his SVX Defender for a ‘Come on, England!’ moment while driving the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District. Even on an overcast evening, the majesty of the Lake District dominates stage two of the the Green Oval Convoy Club Tour of Britain in SIMON CHAPMAN’S moody photo. Meet ‘Lennie’, SAM WILLIAMS’ 300Tdi Defender 90. After lying unused in a farmer’s…

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sealey gear in the next issue of lro

For stockists, to order a free catalogue or to buy online, go to sealey.co.uk 1st PRIZE Sealey Rechargeable 360° Inspection Lamp 7 SMD + 3W LED Black Lithium-ion (LED3602) WORTH £61.74 2nd PRIZE Sealey Auto Retractable Ratchet Tie Down 50mm x 3mtr (ATD50301) WORTH £33.54 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send it to wolr@LRO.com. Include a description of the vehicle and where the photo was taken, along with the names of anyone in it. Please send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, it’s well done to first-placed Darryl Hopwood, who wins a Sealey Tool Chest 3 Drawer Portable with Ball Bearing Slides – Hi-Vis Green. Second prize, a Sealey Automatic Brake and Clutch Bleeder, goes to Gill Chandler.…

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classic buys

Land Rover’s products of the past have become perennial favourites on the classic car scene. Superb support from scores of parts suppliers, combined with inbuilt home repairability, makes many of them an owner’s dream. Naturally, there are pitfalls with every model – and prospective owners should consider their abilities to own and maintain such vehicles. However, I believe that there’s at least one Land Rover to fit everyone’s bill; and the whole family can benefit from having a ‘pet’ car that can help create wonderful memories of fabulous weekend jaunts, high days and holidays. Here, I’ve made a beeline for three different vehicles that will give their owners the warm glow that comes from owning a Green Oval classic – if you buy a good one to begin with. And that’s why I’m here! SERIES…

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discovery 1 (a good one)

The Discovery 1 has been a 4x4 family-favourite right from day one. It combined all the refinement and comfort of the Range Rover Classic and the frugality of the then-new bulletproof 200Tdi, and at a fraction of the price of its upper-class big brother. The soft, long-travel coil springs give the Disco a very roly-poly ride on twisty roads; think mutant Citroën 2CV. But, like the French peasants’ chariot, a Disco 1 will cling tenaciously to the tarmac long after your nerve has failed. It’s the same story off-road – this is a ‘proper’ Land Rover with all the terrain-mastering ability the hairiest-chested off-roader could want. If you can find a solid example, grab hold of it and don’t let go. What to pay: Bottom of market: £925 A decent one: £1300…

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p38 v8 range rover

Should you forget all the scare stories about the P38’s legendary unreliability and sky-high running costs? No; that would be silly. Should you buy one? Yes, but take care when choosing one. Find one like this example and you’ll have a great machine that will transport you in luxury, anywhere you choose to go – on- and off-road. Many of the gremlins that often beset these Lode Lane limos stem from the circumstances in which they were conceived and built: cutting-edge technology on a shoestring budget is not an ideal combination. Follow this with years of indifferent servicing and maintenance, and you have a recipe for trouble. Fortunately, many issues can be traced to poor earth connections or faulty sensors. Get these sorted out, and – like this fine example…