Land Rover Owner March 2020

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editor’s welcome

We’re already a few weeks into the new decade and there’s a lot to look forward to – new Defenders are starting to roll off the production line and owners will be eager to get behind the wheel. But what if you want one of Land Rover’s existing products? We’ve crunched the numbers and come up with a Land Rover for every occasion, from a project to keep you occupied in the workshop to a luxury barge to whisk you away for the weekend (p30). It may be that you’re one of the many considering making the move towards electric vehicles, but don’t want to be left stranded – have a read of our review of the Range Rover Sport PHEV (p60). It may be just what you’ve been looking for;…

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world of land rovers

1st prize CHRIS GIBB WINS A WINS A SEALEY RECHARGEABLE 360° SLIM INSPECTION LAMP ‘On the Berkshire Downs, escaping light pollution in his 300Tdi Defender 110, Chris beautifully captures Orion’s Belt in this shot.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize STEPHEN DAY WINS A SEALEY RECHARGEABLE PORTABLE 20W COB FLOODLIGHT & POWER BANKHANDLE ’Stephen is clearly enjoying getting his Storm-tuned Disco 2 filthy in the mud run at the Billing off-road course.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR…

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win! sealey gear in the next issue of lro

1st PRIZE Sealey Black Series 1/2in sq dr Calibrated Micrometer Torque Wrench (AK624B) LIST PRICE £87.54 2nd PRIZE Sealey 5W CREE XPG LED Rechargeable Head Torch (HT107R) LIST PRICE £53.94 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send it to wolr@LRO.com. Include a description of the vehicle and where the photo was taken, along with the names of anyone in it. Please send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, it’s well done to first-placed Chris Gibb, who wins a Sealey Rechargeable 360° Slim Inspection Lamp. Second prize, a Sealey Rechargeable Portable 20w COB Floodlight & Power Bank, goes to Stephen Day.…

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mighty mercedes

Shoe-horning a big, powerful engine between a Land Rover’s chassis rails has become one of the most common upgrades carried out by DIY driveway heroes and workshop warriors up and down the country. If your wallet can’t stretch to a crated LS3 Chevy lump, could be that a big bruiser from a German saloon car may fit the bill. I’ve come to see the results of one such transplant. With the help and encouragement of his mates, Reece Collier binned the 12J normally aspirated diesel that his 1985 C-reg Ninety came with and installed an OM606, donated by a Mercedes E-Class 300TD. Needless to say, Reece wasn’t satisfied with the Merc engine’s standard 180bhp and has modified accordingly. Willingly led astray Reece’s Cornflower Blue Ninety is the result of a team effort involving…

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reece collier

Reece is a 26-year-old sales supervisor at well-known supplier, John Craddock. He’s worked on his own cars for years, and his first foray into Land Rover ownership was at the age of 19. ‘I was looking for a cheap car to insure; and because we keep horses, I looked up the premium for an old Ninety to tow the horsebox with. It came up cheap, so I bought my first Land Rover, an F-reg Ninety. It had a normally aspirated 2.5-litre 19J diesel engine. Later, I put a 300Tdi into it and changed the wheels and tyres.’ Reece’s Land Rover modifying career had begun.…

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tech spec

• Model: Ninety hard top • Year: 1985 • Engine: 3.0-litre six-cylinder (W210) OM606 Mercedes turbodiesel, TO4E turbo, stage two ECU remap, reverse drop sump • Power: 280bhp approx • Transmission: Four-speed automatic, two-speed transfer box, four-pin rear diff • Suspension: Range Rover Classic red/white springs, adjustable Terrafirma +5in dampers, Britpart +2in turrets, Britpart high-articulation fulcrum bracket, QT3 front arms, single cranked rear trailing arms, adjustable Panhard rod, front and rear dislocation cones • Steering: Terrafirma HD steering bars, adjustable Terrafirma steering damper, ORE 4x4 steering guard • Tyres: 285/75 R16 Radar Renegade R7s, imitation bead lockers…